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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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I've been tagged by Snapper Mullethead Miller & Lakota!

June 27th 2008 11:42 am
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I have been tagged by my pals Snapper Mullethead Miller & Lakota.
Here are the questions and answers about me:

Name four jobs that you have had:
1. Guard dog to alert Mom & Dad someone's coming..I do a great job!
2. Ride shotgun with Daddy wherever he goes in the car (except
when it's too hot (I hate when he leaves without me).
3. Being an excellent host to my beloved neighbor "Socks" whenever
she comes here for some food, love and sleep.
4. Being Mommy's anti-depressant when she's feeling bad.

Name four places I have been:
1. Wandering all alone for who knows how long, found in NC.
2. A kill shelter in Newport News, VA after I was picked up in NC.
3. Homeward Trails pet rescue with various fosters until Mom &
Dad came to take me home.
4. At my furever loving home with Mom & Dad since March 30, 2007.

Name four places I have lived:
1. Nobody knows where I was before I was found wandering in NC.
2. In a kill shelter in Newport News, VA
3. With various fosters at Homeward Trails Rescue in Arlington, VA
4. With my Mommy & Daddy in my wonderful furever home!

Name for four places you would rather be:
1. In the woods somewhere smelling
2. Anywhere with Dad riding in the car.
3. Ourside's too hot for me to be out much these days!
4. At the beach (I've never been) because Mom & Dad love the beach!

I'm going to tag (sorry pals!):
Spot #451718
Darby #622010
Zeus #716294
Pita CGC #297221

I'm not crazy about being tagged, myself, so to the ones I tag...I apologize if you feel the same way. It's a nice thought, but I've been tagged too many times already and it takes a lot of Mom's time (especially when she's not feeling good).



We're VERY Sad tonight~

June 27th 2008 5:25 pm
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We just heard today that our precious pal "Sam" (Dogster ID#676854) has crossed over the Bridge now and was met by his furfriends who went before him. Sam (in typical upbeat style) says it's so beautiful in Heaven and he's already enjoying makes us happy that he's no longer in pain from the cancer that took him. Sam and his family fought a valiant effort during the last few months, but he finally succumbed. Our hearts ache for Sam's family and we hope they can find peace in knowing their beloved Sam is now pain free and restored. Sam was very, very dear to us and we are heartbroken at his loss. God gained a very special angel when Sam crossed the bridge! Godspeed, dear, sweet friend...until we meet again. If anyone feels inclined to send a message to Sam's family, I'm sure they would appreciate it. (We put a picture of Sam in our Photo Plus book, you should go see how sweet he was).


Psychedelic Frogs and Buffalo Meat and Orthodics~

July 14th 2008 5:43 am
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I do NOT like the new shower curtain!

What adult person, long in the tooth, would put up a shower curtain with "psychedelic frogs" on it? Frogs that look like they're leaping right at you, with long spidery legs in colors you'd seen on a neon sign over a strip bar? My Mom, that's who!! What was wrong with our white shower curtain with pretty rainbow stripes running horizontally across the bottom??? To wake up one morning and walk by the bathroom and be frozen in your tracks when you see crazed
amphibians springing around your otherwise normal bathtub is NOT a comforting experience! I'm not real big on change of any kind (you should see me freak out on our walks at Christmas when those bulbous inflatable snowmen and Santa Claus things start to pop up in our neighbors yards!) I liked the old shower curtain, period!!

So, it's still been way to hot for me to stay in MY yard under MY tree and I've been spending way too much time in the house B-O-R-E-D
out of my knobby little skull. You can only count the fibers in the carpet so many times, y'know? Life lately has been as exciting as watching paint dry!! The most exciting thing that's happened around here lately is that I've gotten a bath, as you can see from my pictures. Mom climbed all over the bathroom like a rhesus monkey to get a lot of pictures of me being bathed..that used up about an hour, whoopee, how exciting! There might be hope on the horizon tho...I've heard Mom talking to Dad (again!) about getting me a baby pool for outside. Dad's objected so far (his stupid grass may get crushed...ask me if I care?). However, Mom's constant requests ("nagging") have apparently broken him down and he told her the other day to go ahead and get one...YEAH!! Of course, they have NO idea if I'll like it (I've got a feeling you'll see my Mom sitting in it more than me), but since I've been jumping into the bath tub on my own, Mom's convinced I love to be in water and the pool will be just peachy for me....we'll see about that!

So, Dad, being a grrrreat cook (good thing he is...Mom hates it and the only reason we have a kitchen, according to her, is that it came with the house)...where was I? Oh, yeah, so Dad's always looking for new stuff to cook and he ordered some Bison burgers and steaks (that's right, folks....buffalo meat!). He was all excited when the big white styrofoam box arrived (via the despicable UPS man) with his buffalo (they cut it up to fit it into the box I guess) and thawed some out to cook that night. What a disappointment that turned out to be for Mom & Dad...tasteless & fatty (yucky)...but guess who got the burgers? Yup, I ate buffalo burgers like they were going to stop making food tomorrow and I'd never get to eat again! Mom took some pix (well, of course) which we'll put up maybe later today, and one shows just how my eyes bugged out at this fabulous new treat!! Of course, Dad didn't pace himself in giving it to me and I prolly ate half the whole former plains grazer in about 3 minutes flat (Mom's objection went unnoticed)! I'm tellin' you, pals, that was some tasty meat....until several hours later. It didn't taste as good coming back up (ya think maybe Mom gave Dad that "I told you so look"?). I think that's prolly the last time I'll ever see the high plains drifter come in a big white box again!!

My Dad has to wear orthodics in his shoes to help with his sore legs.
So, Mom ordered two new pairs of thick rubber ones to replace Dad's old ones...Dad liked them a lot. However, my Dad is not responsible (according to Mom) about picking up his things and putting them back where they belong so he can find them easily. Thus, my pawrents spend a great deal of time each and every day looking for things Dad can't find (Mom usually finds whatever is missing 'cause Dad gets all ruffled up and can't think straight when he can't find something and Mom tells him to go sit in his recliner and she'll find whatever the daily missing object is). Are ya beginning to smell trouble here with the orthodics? Mom & Dad were sleeping and I was up early, looking for something to do....then I spotted them! So, it gave me something to do for a change and when Mom got up later she saw one of Dad's new rubber orthodics chewed into pieces on the floor by Dad's side of the bed. Yup, I really did a good job on it!
She picked up the pieces and left them right on top of the rest of the pile of junk on Dad's dresser so he'd see the results of his carlessness (leaving the orthodic on the floor). Dad said nothing, but later Mom noticed the pieces of the new orthodic weren't on Dad's dresser any longer, but now in the trash can (did Dad REALLY think Mom wouldn't notice?). I won't go into the, ummm....discussion that followed, but you can pretty well imagine it, I think!

Let's see, what else? Oh, several days ago I was out front on my lead and suddenly Mom & Dad hear a lot of hollering to them through our open window. A loud, but very sweet lady who lives down the street from us had me by the collar out in the middle of the street trying to pull me back to MY yard. Yup, a temporary jail break had taken place! Dad went out and retrieved me with my leash and brought me back into the house. Apparently, the metal hook that holds me on the lead had broken and set me FREE! Couldn't blame this one on Daddy...just the crappy construction of the lead. I mean, they make these leads out of rubber coated wire that would prolly stop an F-14
landing on a carrier deck and then put a cheap hook on the end of it (yeah, makes no sense does it?). So, a disaster was averted when the lady saw me wandering in the street and snagged me. Mom & Dad were really thankful she caught me (I can't say I was thrilled) and Dad went down to Petsmart and bought a new lead immediately. We're going to have to keep a close eye on that hook from now on for sure!

Then came the 4th of July! Mom & Dad (knowing how the fireworks scared me so much last year...shortly after I came to them and was afraid of everything) had made plans to spend the night of the 4th down in the basement where you can't hear them very well and watch the celebration on tv. So, the kids in the neighborhood start firing off their firecrackers early in the day and guess what? I was out in the yard resting up under MY tree when it started and I didn't react at ALL! Mom can see me out the window from where she sits at the computer and nearly broke a leg trying to get me in away from the local explosions, only to see that I was totally unaffected by the noise.
She was astounded, based on last years total freak out. But, I wasn't ready to come in, so she let me stay out there and not once did she see me have any reaction at all (even to those screeching rocket noises that come from some fireworks). BOL...I just LOVE keeping Mom & Dad off balance by doing the unexpected!! So, we didn't retreat to the basement, and during the whole night I didn't even twitch an ear with all the sounds and sights that accompany fireworks!!

As I'm sure you know by now, I'm a BACONNNN junkie! Mom buys me those big, huge bags and doles them out to me (only two a day), broken into tiny pieces. We've been working through the last big bag and I've started to panic because I can see the bag is getting lower and lower (I'm a bit suspicious that Dad may have been into my stash, but Mom assured me he hasn't). Anyhooo, I've expressed my jaw grinding desperation at seeing my bag getting low to a couple of my most fun friends (Snapper Mullethead, Marley Bob & Elsie Mae Puddin Pie Miller)...who are charter members of my BACONNN Strip Support Group (they also LOVE them). So, the other day I get a "bluebird of happiness" gift from them and you'll never believe what the gift was....a picture of a big bag of Bacon Beggin' Strips!!! Me and Mom howled with laughter at this, thinking it was the funniest thing ever. Then, Mom Miller made a picture of Me, Snapper Mullethead, Marley Bob & Elsie Mae Puddin Pie all shooting pool for "scoobies"
(Bacon Beggin Strips). We loved the picture, too funny, and put it on my page. Mrs. Miller also made a graphic of a poem we love with my picture on it, which is now also on my page. They are the coolest pack and we're so glad we've become such great friends with these fun guys (and Mrs. Miller is way cool and has helped Mom learn how to do some stuff)! Having a BACONNNN support group with these pals has really helped me deal with my addiction!

Hannah joined in and sent me some SPAM to help fill the void until I get more BACONNNN! Hannah and her humom are such great pals and we're so happy now that Hannah is up and around, living the life she so deserves!

Mom put a new jukebox on my page, which is pretty cool. The first two songs are dedicated to me, but then Mrs. Greedbag started filling in a bunch of songs she really likes (whose page IS this anyway, MOM???)

I wanna thank all my great pup pals who have been sending me pawmails and gifts and good wishes for my Mom with her constant headaches. You guys are all so pawsome and I love all of you!!

Other than throwing up in Mom & Dad's bed at 4am the other morning, I've been feeling pretty good (Mom thinks it was from devouring that buffalo)! It was kinda funny to me 'cause Mom & Dad had just that day washed all the sheets and quilt and re-made the bed all nice and clean. I didn't mean to do it (and they didn't get mad at me) but it was kinda amusing to see them up at 4am ripping everything they'd just cleaned off the bed and having to completely re-do it. Daddy went back to sleep, but Mom was worried about me and stayed up all night watching to make sure I was ok...which was just fine with me to have the company during the wee hours, BOL!

Well, I guess by now all of your eyes are falling out of your heads reading this long entry, for which I'm sorry (yeah, sure, whatever), but it's been a long time since we wrote and I wanted to share all my doins with you guys since it's been a month since our last entry!

Guess I'll go take a nap now and try to ignore those demented frogs just waiting to pounce on me from the bathroom!



Godspeed, Remo the Red Turning White, True Blue~

July 18th 2008 12:46 pm
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Dearest Remo~

As you leave this earthly world behind and join many of your lost pals at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge, know that you were loved dearly here on earth and now in will never be forgotten.

We send our deepest condolences to your family left behind and pray for them to find the strength to deal with you loss and feel comfort in knowing they did everything humanly possible for you and gave you the most unselfish gift of perfect love today by letting you go home.

Our hearts are breaking, too, as we've know that pain that saying goodbye brings, but take comfort in knowing that we'll all meet again some beautiful day.

Love, sorrow & prayers~
Sully & Family


We lost another friend today~

July 22nd 2008 6:01 pm
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"Snoopy" (Dogster ID#608755) a Boston Terrier who lived in KY with her large family of brother & sisters just gave birth to 8 puppies on Friday, July 18th. She had a total of 8 puppies, but only two ultimately survived. She wasn't acting right today, so her Mom & Dad took her to the vet and left her to be checked out. The vet called not long afterwards and said "Snoopy" had passed away (she apparently had developed an infection of some type and didn't survive). As you can imagine, her family is devastated and left with two tiny puppies to try and hand feed. We are so hurt and sad about this and feel awful for her family. We're praying for them to have strength at this time.

We really wish all these bad things would stop happening to our pals!


"Hannah the Brave" brought this to our attention...please- read!

July 23rd 2008 8:23 am
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For those of you who know "Hannah the Brave" and what she went through to become the healed and happy dog she is now, there's a very similar story about a precious German Shepherd dog named "Atticus". For all of us dog lovers it seems impossible to turn away from a dog who suffered at the hands of man and now is in such desperate need of our help. If you look up on the right side of my page, you'll see a picture of "Atticus" which you can click on to go right to the story of what he's going through and what is needed. PLEASE read the story and do whatever you possibly can to help this poor baby who's struggling like Hannah did. We pray that enough people will read this and open their hearts to "Atticus"....PLEASE!!!!!


Febreze Gifts (Here's the Problem)

August 4th 2008 5:10 am
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To each of you who showed such kindness in sending me a message via the Febreze collars, I want to thank you very, very much for thinking of me and sending me a gift. We know that all of you had nothing but the best of intentions and feel warm to know that we were being thought of...thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

BUT, we have a problem with Dogster enticing all of us pup pals to send a FREE gift...what a GREAT idea (IF it were really altruistic on the part of Dogster). Dogster has a policy of no advertising on our dog pages, which we think is great. BUT, what are these free Febreze collars but massive free advertising of their product to all us Dogster dogs? What a clever (but we feel rather underhanded) way to disguise blatant advertising for a product that has no direct application to dogs and has even been debated for years as being harmful to pets?!

Plus, all these collars push the gifts our pals have paid for with their precious few Zealies to the bottom of our gift boxes!? Please, everyone understand, that our disdain for these "free gifts" in no way negate the wonderful messages each of you have sent to us along with them, which we so appreciate.

It isn't the idea of giving a free gift (who wouldn't??), it's the underlying advertising being perpetrated on each of us so as to make us think we're really being given something great and free, but ultimately benefits Dogster and Febreze (no doubt one of their large sponsors).

We'd love to send every one of our pals a shout out, but on principle, we refuse to participate in what we consider a scam by Dogster & Febreze!

Love & thanks to all of you (and paws crossed for understanding our point of view),




August 5th 2008 9:33 am
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In our previous diary entry we discussed our reasons for not wishing to participate in the free Febreze collar offerings as we feel that these gifts were sent by loving friends with the best of intentions, but that the underlying message of the Febreze collar itself is a blatant form of advertising for a product the we do not want to endorse. Febreze is not a product that has any benefit to our beloved pets, and can even be harmful to them via airborne chemicals...certainly not a product deemed beneficial by science to our pets.

Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Febreze also does ANIMAL TESTING FOR IT'S PRODUCTS, which we are certain is a hideous practice that none of us would want to endorse.

As much as we appreciated being thought of and sent a gift by our precious pals, we just can't accept the product, but love and treasure the sentiments sent with the collars. Thank you to all pals who sent them to us!

So, we did express our thoughts as clearly as possible in our previous diary entry, believing that if one observes something they personally deem wrong, and takes no action, then "Silence is Complicity" with the problem.

CONVERSELY, we believe that when a situation is corrected, HIGH PRAISE is due to those who correct the this case, DOGSTER! We e-mailed Dogster several times about this situation and received no, realizing that Dogster receives thousands of e-mails daily and it would be difficult to reply in a proper timeframe, today, Mom called DOGSTER and spoke to a very polite gentleman named RUSSELL who, upon listening to our reasons for wanting the collars removed from my page, took immediate action to comply with our request!

BRAVO, DOGSTER, for giving those of us who wish not to participate the support we requested, in this case, removing the Febreze collars from our page. RUSSELL of DOGSTER could not have been more helpful and understanding and started removal of the collars while we were on the phone.

So, a complaint is now a HUGE "KUDOS" and THANK YOU to DOGSTER, our much loved home!

With deep appreciation,


OMD, Did I Just Join The Right Group...BOL!!!

August 6th 2008 11:36 am
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This'll be short, cause the neuro-Mom is close by, but I just joined a group called: D.A.M.N! - Dogs Against Maternal Neurosis!!

OMD, I'm about to pee myself here, me and Dad are laughing so hard.

Finally, a place for me to vent about the alien that lives in my otherwise sweet & loving Mom and surfaces if I dare to sneeze or "not look right today"....BOL!!!!!! I may never even go there...I just wanna see the look on Mom's face when she see's it on my "groups list"....outta be pawsome!!

OK, more about stuff later.....don't want her to see this!!!

Gigglin' Sully

Several hours later:

Oh, MAN!!!! My funny trick is all ruint now because for some reason the D.A.M.N. name didn't show up yet in my groups for nero-Mom to see...I'm so not a happy pup right now, MAJOR BUMMER!


Something's afoot in the neighborhood~

August 6th 2008 9:08 pm
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WHY, they ask, am I running back and forth across the front yard like a wild banshee as soon as it gets dark these last few nights and BARKING like a maniac???

WHY??? Are humans really such unobservant ignoramuses?!

Well, tonight after Dad gave up (refusing to use the calm, assertive tone when bellowing out the window of HIS den for me to "SHADUUP!!!!"), I finally had to point out to Mom, who knows full well that Dad's screeching only intensifies my excitement, came out in the yard in the dark to talk to me about what was up. All I had to do for Mom to figure it out was stand stiff as a board, tail high, chest out, fully asserting my dogdom while glaring at the house across the street intently !! Mom, immediately spotted the source of my agitation...the LIGHTS were ON!!!

Now it made perfect sense to not only me, but Mom...that house has been on the market for 2 years and new people moved in just in the last two days and now there's movement and LIGHTS over's new, it's different, and it's CHANGE!!! I am easily disburbed by change as I've discussed before when those huge blow up holiday ornaments start showing up on peoples yards...they totally freak me out! The were NOT there yesterday!! I also stop and stare when the are taken looks different...something's CHANGED again!
I know precisely where everything is and SHOULD be in MY neighborhood (particulary near MY yard) and any change gets my immediate attention. So, Mom told me she understood why I was upset, gave the house a couple of barks of her own and broght me in to try and explain it all to Dad.

Yeah, that went well with a ballgame on....forgeddaboutit! Dad's idea of training involves nothing that requires removal of his posterior from HIS leather recliner in HIS den! Yeah, I should do to HIS chair what HE did to MY dirt hole...that'd get his attention.

And, Mom's really upset because we haven't seen Socks either here or on our walks for weeks now...we worry so about her!

I'm disgusted with today overall! I think Mom feels pretty much the same way "cause she said a bad word to Daddy describing his lack of
"bad word" patience and huffed off to her bed, too. My beddy bone is in there, so that's where I'm headed now. Let Dad sit in HIS dumb den!

Sulky Sully

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