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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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April 25th 2008 1:55 pm
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WOOF, all you pals!

So many of you have asked me where to get Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream) that I'm going to try to help you: The manufacturer of Frosty Paws (Frozen Treats for Dogs) is Purina....their website address is: or Phone 1-800-225-3636 (10am-8pm EST)

Maybe you can have your folks check out the website for local retailers who carrry them, OR, do as my Dad did and ask the supermarket Manager to order them! I really hope you guys can get them because you'll luv 'em and they are good for you, too (as a treat)!

Good luck to all of you...Frosty Paws are worth the search!


Happy Sunday, Everyone~

April 27th 2008 9:01 am
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WOOF to all my pup pals~

Well, it's another rainy Sunday here in Virginia...we've had quite a bit of rain lately and I''m tired of it. When it rains, I don't get to lay outside in my front yard and commune with the elements (and ward off strangers). Also, my walks aren't as long and when I get all wet it takes Mom & Dad two full bath towels to wipe me off and then I'm still damp.

Mom went to Walmart yesterday and brought me home two full bags of new treats and TOYS!! The coolest toy is a rope with two hooves on it...Mom and Dad say is smells really bad, but they don't mind as long as it makes me happy. I spent most of last night gnawing on those hooves until Mom heard a "crack" and realized a shard had broken off and was in my mouth. She got it out real fast (it was sharp) and put my great toy away. She promised I could play with it some more today (under her close supervision).

The vet called Mom yesterday before she left for Walmart and said he wanted us to do a water deprivation test tonight and bring him a sample tomorrow.
OMD...they have to take all my water up tonight around 9pm and not let me have any more until they take me out at 9am tomorrow and get a sample. Mom and Dad feel awful having to do this to me, but the vet said it was important because my last pee sample showed my blood sugar was kinda low (it was 63 and it's supposed to be 70). So, even though I don't know what's coming tonight, Mom and Dad are dreading taking my water away for that long (it seems so mean!).

I've been having some nice chats with some of my new pup pals that invited me after they saw my Diary of the Day award on Friday. I couldn't believe how many pups wrote to me, gave me presents and asked me to be a was so sweet of everyone to take the time to congratulate me and now I have many more pals.

My Aunt Kathy came over yesterday and took Mom to Walmart. Then they came home (right in the middle of a big thunderstorm) and unloaded the car. I was VERY interested in the bags, 'cause I know that Mom never goes anywhere and comes home empty handed for ME! After they got the car unloaded (with Dad's help), everyone got dried off and then Mom and Aunt
Kathy dyed each others hair (they've both got too much grey, so they bought the same color and now their hair is auburn. Aunt Kathy's is much lighter and brighter than Mom's, but that's ok (at least all the grey is covered)!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day today (a special WOOF out to Shiloh and Faith Lynn)!



A Dear Furiend Needs Our Prayers and Help~~!

April 28th 2008 4:33 pm
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WOOF, everybody....

I was looking around my corral updates this evening and saw something that really upset me and I'm going to ask you all to do me and HUGE favor. A wonderful German Shepherd has a tragic story (hard to read, but you need to in order to try and help) and needs all our prayers for her (HANNAH) and her Mom. Rather than tell you all about it here, I'm begging you to go visit HANNAH's Dogster site and offer whatever encouragement you can AND read her Blog and sign the petition to punish the "law enforcement" K-9 handler (still on the job!!) who so abused poor HANNAH. Her site is at:

You're going to be upset by what you read, but imagine how HANNAH's Mom feels (we need to all pull together and offer them our support).

Thanks you're all PAWSOME!
WOOFS, WIGGLES tonight (too sad)...


Oh, my...The Good and The Bad!

April 30th 2008 9:51 am
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WOOF, all my pals~


Thanks a million to Shiloh's Mommy for making the soooo cute graphic of me and my bestest pal in all the world, Shiloh, eating spaghetti together!! Isn't it the cutest thing!! Shiloh's Mommy is a graphic wizard, for sure!!!


Sorry I haven't updated my diary for the last few days, but I've been feeling a bit poorly (I'm FINE now)! Mom got me that great rope toy with hooves attached to it when she went to Walmart last Friday and I LOVED it (chewed on it all night). But, a few hours later, I threw up and Mom & Dad found shards from those darn hooves in the mess (naturally, they threw that toy away immediately). So, for the next few days I felt really puny and threw up my food. I was also breathing real weird and Mom and Dad were up all night with me Saturday night because I was so restless and my breathing was real fast and through my nose, not panting. This really scared Mom and Dad, so they put me between them on the bed (none of us could sleep) and petted and comforted me till dawn Sunday morning. On Sunday, I seemed to feel ok as the day went on...Phew!!! I thought for sure another vet visit was coming (they had planned to take me Monday, but the vet was closed) and by yesterday (Tuesday) I was just fine.

I SO appreciate all the beautiful gifts you guys have given me and the letters you've sent...but I'm really ok now!

And we can't thank Shiloh's Mommy enough for the graphic of me and Shiloh eating just took my Mom quite a while to remember enough HTML to get it spaced right on my page (Shiloh has one on her page, too!!!).
We think it's so PAWSOME!!!

Well, gotta go for a walk with Daddy since the sun is FINALLY shining again today....YIPPEE!!!!

Bark at you guys later~~



WOOF...I've been tagged by DieSel!! Now it's your turn :)

May 1st 2008 10:02 am
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Here are the rules to this game of tag :

It's pretty easy! Each player just needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Then, choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or by a rosette that they've been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play! Have fun and keep the tag going!

Facts About Me
1. I'm a "van ride lovin" pup
2. I'm a good boy except when I pull too hard on my leash on walks !
3. I love to go everywhere with Mom & Dad!
4. I love to chase cats and rabbits!
5. I love to eat real fast (Mom & Dad have to split up my food or I'll upchuck!)
6. I LOVE being outside while it's cool (I'd stay out all night if they'd let me!)!
7. I love my Daddy and my Mommy!

I Tag;
1. Blackjack (769637)
2. Mason Layne (42406)
3. Ziggy Moonbeam (148154)
4. Wesley (45333)
5. Skyler (752950)
6. Zoe (211263)
7. Zeus (716294)


ANOTHER K9 ABUSE CASE IN NORTH CAROLINA (we gotta take- action)!

May 3rd 2008 1:59 pm
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This is from our precious "Hannah"s page and requires ALL of our IMMEDIATE action. If you know "Hannah", you know she was severely abused by a K9 handler in Georgia and was adopted (nearly dead of starvation and abuse) by her wonderful Mom. Many of us here on Dogster have signed the petition to prosecute the officer who so badly abused Hannah. NOW, upon reading Hannah's diary this morning (copied below), we find out there's another case in North Carolina!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

IF YOU DON'T KNOW HANNAH's STORY, you can read all about it at her page:
************************ ******************************************
This is directly from Hannah's Diary (PLEASE take action & sign the petition)!!

Hello to all my pals. I am feeling better and better by the day. I want to ask each of you yet another favor.

There is another pup in need of justice. This pup was a police dog and another case of K-9 handler abuse. Please visit and sign this petition. Let us help the pup get justice for his abuse. og s-full-prosecution-for-sgt-charles-l-jones

Thank you my friends in advance. My humom is going to try and get some updated photos of me this weekend. I am looking so GOOD!!
Take care my friends!
************************************************** ******************
So sad.....


I've been tagged by Takoda, so now it's your turn (this is a- different game)

May 4th 2008 9:12 am
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Hi, I've been tagged by Takoda and was asked to join in the game. Originally it was to tell seven things about yourself and list them in your diary, then tag seven of your friends and ask them to read your diary and then tag seven of their friends and continue the game.

Well Mirra, along with some help from Mica, wanted to change the game some and have everyone they tagged tell three things they've done to help dogs, or any furbaby. So, here goes.

1) Mommy and Daddy are very active members of a bunch of animal activism groups (HSUS, Defenders of Wildlike, Save the Wolves, ASPCA, etc.) and do a whole lot on online work writing legislators and other officials responsible for the safety and welfare of domestic and wild animals.

2) Mommy and Daddy adopted their precious angel (now at the Rainbow Bridge) Australian shepherd mix "Buddy" from an abuser. Buddy was very sickly during much of his life, but Mom and Dad never gave up on him (he was their heart!). He had diabetes which required 2 insulin shots a day, went totally blind at about age 5 (but you've never have know it...he was perfectly ok with it as long as he was always with Mom and Dad, and they never went anywhere that they couldn't take Buddy with them. Losing him left a huge hole in their hearts for a very long time (still isn't easy to talk about).

3) About 6 months after losing Buddy, my pawrents adopted a little Husky from a shelter, but after a few months of being the gentlest and sweetest little dog, he bit the UPS man (out of the blue), who threatened to sue Mom & Dad, so they had to return "Rascal" to the shelter for fear of losing all they had (not that much!). About 3 months later they adopted a beautiful little Golden Retreiver from a Puppy Mill and named him "Spirit", in memory of Buddy.
Several months later, Spirit suddenly jumped out of the car one day and started running around the neighborhood (with everyone trying to catch him, but a car hit him and killed him immediately (unfortunately, Mom found him). After that, Mom & Dad felt they couldn't bear going through any more losses, but, alas a friend of theirs saw a picture of me on Petfinders and thought I looked just like "Buddy". When they first called, Mom said no, that they'd decided not to get another dog, but the friend insisted they just take a look at me. SO, Mom did and couldn't believe how much I looked like Buddy and the rest is history. I'm now in my furever home and Mom and Dad love me dearly (I had been found wandering on a road in NC, picked up by a dog cop and put into a shelter in Newport News, VA. The rescue group that finally got me to Mom and Dad heard I was on death row and drove down to get me before my time was up. Then they ran the ad on Petfinders...and here I am...we're all happy again!

We like this game more than most tag games!

You only need to enter three things you've done for furbabies or other animals in your diary and Tag seven friends and tell them to visit your diary and read your three things and how to play. This sounds like a fun and neat way to get to know each other. Please play along.

Furbabies I Tagged:

1) Shiloh #530139
2) Sunny #548631
3) Sir Snickers Alot #461732
4) Leon #447271
5) Hannah #757736
6) Faith Lynn #745651
7) Chrissy #447382


Let's help out our K9 buddies serving in Iraq!!

May 11th 2008 4:11 am
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WOOF pals~~~

We thought this was such a wonderful idea that we copied this post directly from "Zoe Kennedy's" Diary in hopes that more Dogsters will see it and send care packages to our canine buddies in Iraq:

"Our K9 Friends in Iraq Need Our Love
May 10th 2008 9:17 pm
I received an email this evening regarding our K9's serving in Iraq. I was completely oblivious to the idea that we had a group of our own kind serving our country half way around the world. They are in need of care packages just like the human soldiers are. They are subjected to the heat, dangers and lack of comforts too! There are over 300,000 dogs here and I am praying that I can reach out to as many of you as possible to send care packages over seas. There needs are as follows:

K9 Cooling Vests
K9 Cooling Mats
K9 Cooling Collars
K9 Boots
K9 Doggles
Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls
Kong 3' Rubber Ball
Large Rope Chews
K9 Shampoo and Conditioner
K9 Grooming Tools (combs, brushes etc.)
Dog Beds/Pillows
K9 Toothpaste and Brushes
K9 Advantix Flea and Tick Treatments
Towels to Wipe Paws
K9 Salves for paws/noses
Dog Biscuits (1lb. boxes)
K9 Jerkey, Beef, Rice, Vegetables

I made contact with a gentleman from the website, he in turn sent me an officer's name along with his K9 "Nero" (a beautiful German Shepherd) and the address where the package can be sent. You can find that link to email him on the website. The list above is not only what is needed....send what you can...bought or handmade. For centuries our fellow dogsters have served in wars and have been overlooked. Now is the time to take a stand and support our "K9 Heros".

The website is:

Lets do our part to help the forgotten ones!

Thank you and God bless!

******************************************** ************************

We're all such lucky doggies, being in a comfortable home where we have all our needs met by our loving pawrents...but, just think what those poor doggies over in the war zone have to endure without all the comforts we have!

Isn't this a wonderful idea (we had NO idea of the needs of these brave doggies and thank Zoe & Peanut for bringing it to our attention. Let's all try to help and send whatever we can for these fellow doggies to make their time in Iraq more comfortable!



SOCKS is back!!

May 12th 2008 2:25 pm
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I'm a happy (a bit jealous) boy today...WOOF!

My gal "Socks" (the old golden retreiver who lives a few blocks down with a BAD family, but breaks free whenever she can and comes up here to our house for much needed food and TLC) appeared at our door this morning (she'd been out in the pouring rain for who knows how long) dripping wet and very hungry.

So, Mommy & Daddy let her in (like always) and she's spending the day with us keeping warm and well fed. She ate like a horse and is now sleeping on the floor at the bottom of "our" bed. We were all SO happy to see her because the last few times that me and Daddy have walked by her house, she was (as usual) chained up pretty tight and me and Daddy felt so bad. Mommy would like to do bad things to her "family", but murder is still illegal...darnn it!! We have had this running battle with her people for about 13 years now, we even tried to get them to let us have her, but they said no. They are very nasty people and Mom & Dad just know that if they report them to Animal Control, they'd know it was us and the father is just mean enough to retaliate against me (which scares Mom & Dad), so we are forced to let it be.

Socks has been around here a lot longer than I have...she was best friends with Mommy & Daddy's beloved Buddy, who crosssed the Bridge in October she's like a member of our family. At first, when she started showing up here, I got very jealous (not mean or anything, just sulky). So, Mommy & Daddy had a long talk with me to explain Socks' situation and that she was here a lot longer than me, was Buddy's best friend and that I'd just have to deal with it. So, I've gotten a lot long as she doesn't get anything more than I get (Mom is very careful about that).

We don't know how long she'll stay this time, but we're glad for whatever time we have with her...she's so sweet and loving and deserves so much more than the neglect she gets at her own house.

Well, just thought I'd update y'all on seeing Socks again (as some of you have asked about her).

WOOF at you later~


Socks left....we cried!

May 12th 2008 8:29 pm
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Well, about 10:30pm tonight, the person who "owns" our dear "Socks" called up and wanted to know if she was here. Mommy thought about saying "NO!", but had to say she was. So, they came and took her back to that horrible existence she lives in. Mommy swore that "Socks" heard the call, because as soon as Mommy got off the phone, "Socks" came up beside Mommy's bed and started nuzzzling and licking Mommy's hand (like she KNEW and didn't want to go). Mommy held her head and spoke softly to her, told her we all love her and then started to cry, getting "Socks" head wet. Daddy answered the door and he almost had to pull "Socks" out of Mommy's arms to get her to go home.
So, until we see her again, we'll just pray for her to not be too lonely and we will miss her dearly. She doesn't deserve the life she's been dealt! So sad...

Woof at y'all later!

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