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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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My friend "Socks" came for an overnight!

April 15th 2008 6:09 am
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I forgot to tell you that the night of my vet visit, my best pal "Socks" came over and spent the night!!

"Socks" is an old gal (golden retreiver) and she was "Buddy's" best friend for all his life, so Socks means an awful lot to Mom and Dad, too. She, sadly, lives in a home where she's tied outside and neglected all the time by her family. Mom has wanted to call Animal Control on her Dad so bad, but my Dad has had several encounters with him and Dad thinks he's the kind of man who would know it was us who called and possibly do something bad to hurt us. She has been coming here whenever she could break free for about 12 years now and Mom and Dad always feed her, give her vitamins, pet and love her to pieces (which she makes me kinda jealous, but I tolerate it). She's stayed with Mom and Dad through all kinds of weather (her family doesn't even look for her), real hot weather, snowstorms, you name it! She'll be here for a few days at a time and then Mom will call her family and tell them she's here (they already know that and don't care). The young son is the only one who seems to care about Socks, and he's a really nice boy. But, he's away now at school a lot and when he's gone is when Socks usually comes here for some "spa" treatments and loving. My Mom and Dad even asked her Dad many years ago if, since they didn't seem to want her, we could adopt her.
He said "NO!", so we just all try to do the best we can for her when she's here.

I enjoyed her overnight stay and Mom and Dad were sure to give both of us equal treats and affection. She's really a sweet dog and doesn't rile me up, so Mom and Dad were awfully glad when she came. She left on her own the next morning and Mom had a weird feeling that she might have just come to say goodbye...she's looking very skinny and frail. We pray that she's ok and we'll see her again soon.

Please pray for "Socks" as she's not as lucky as all of us who have great, loving homes!



Exciting yesterday...not so much today!

April 19th 2008 4:13 pm
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One of my favorite people, my Uncle John (Mom's brother) came to see us yesterday with his new motorcycle! I heard him coming and got really exited (I know the sound of motorcyles, 'cause he has a Harley, too). Whenever I hear a motorcycle I think it may be Uncle John (whom I love very much...he always brings me cookies). But, Mom was the one who really got a thrill, cause she jumped on the motorcycle and Uncle John took her for a ride. Mom loves motorcycles and has been riding them for years, but Dad hates them (he's afraid of the danger) and so we don't have one of our own. Mom had so much fun (riding without a helmet, which she really likes) and was really happy when they came back...she felt the wind in her face and hair and loved every minute of it!!

Then later on Uncle John came back with his friend (who I like very much, too) and my parents and them ordered Chinese food for dinner. We had a nice visit (everybody petted me a lot and I laid right in the middle of the floor to be near everybody)!

Then this morning, things didn't go too well. That "itchy" spot I've got on my tummy started really bugging me again (I've been on antibiotics for a week now, so Mom and Dad were really surprised when they looked at it and saw it was getting bigger and more raw). Sooooo, another Saturday morning started with a quick trip to the vet's office...but they were closed!! Right next to the vet's office is a "Pet Suites" where they board animals when their parents go away. So Mom walked over there to see if they had anything to help me. Sure enough, a nice girl names Ashley opened a drawer and pulled out a spray bottle (called "Hexicane") and came out on the porch where Mom and Dad laid me down and Ashley sprayed the stuff all over my "hot spot". It must have worked really well (it numbs the area, too) because I haven't been itching all day. Mom and Dad tried to buy some, but she didn't have any to sell, so we'll have to go back to the vet on Monday and buy some. I've felt much better all day since Ashley put that spray on me!!

Then, to our surprise and delight, my friend "Socks" came to visit again (just like last Friday...her family went away and left her again)! She's probably going to spend the night here...I like it when we have sleepovers, just as long as "Socks" doesn't get more attention than I do.

Well, that's my latest I'll bark at y'all later!



New Photos! See My Dogster Plus Photo Book!!

April 20th 2008 5:25 am
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Well, Mom decided that since yesterday was such a gorgeous Spring day, she'd take some more picture of me (and my best friend "Socks) and put them up on my page. To see more of the pictures my Mom added, click on the link above my first picture to my Dogster Plus Photo Book! Mom thinks they're great pictures...well, I guess I do too!



Full Moon Madness~~

April 21st 2008 7:47 am
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WOOF everybody~

Do any of you guys go as crazy as I do every time there's a full moon??
Well, there was one last night and I had the best time keeping Mommy up ALL night long while I whined, barked, went in/out, in/out, in/ was my monthly MOONCRAZE! Mommy is exhausted this morning, hehehe, but I'm fine, thank you~!

We are praying hard for our Dogster friend "Nikaya" (a gorgous husky with ice blue eyes) and his Mommy. Nikaya was chasing a football and hit a wood post that hold up his Mom's clothesline full blast! His Mom said he immediately collapsed, had a cut over his eye and was being non-responsive to her and hardly able to walk. We are praying as hard as we can that Nikaya will be OK (his Mommy would be lost without him). Would you guys pray for him, too?

Well, gotta go eat breakfast (I think there's a vet visit about my "itchy hot spot" coming again this afternoon...YUCK!). It's been raining here for two days straight with no end in sight and I'm real tired of it "cause I'm not outside as much and don't get as long walks from Dad!

WOOF at you guys later!


WOOF WOOF!!! HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!! But, then again....

April 21st 2008 10:40 am
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Oh, we got some PAWSOME news this morning about Nikaya!! Our new pal,
Faith Lynn, who is best friends with Nikaya, wrote and told us that Nikaya was so ok the day after his accident with the clothesline that you'd never know he was hurt...all the prayers worked!!! Thank you, God and all the pals who prayed for Nikaya and his Mommy!! And we can't thank Faith Lynn and her Mom enough for sending us this GRRRREAT news!!

I also got two presents on my page today...can you believe it?! I got a forever rainbow star from Faith Lynn and a trophy from the family of Charlie and Sam!!! I also got a heart from Sunny over the weekend...oh, happy, happy me!

Ummmm, remember I said in my last entry that I thought a vet visit was being discussed today....that'ssss right, folk....I'm on my way now with Dad!
Oh, geeze, I should start paying rent after the last few weeks to the vets office!
Well, my "hot spot" infection in my "private" area started flaring up again this morning and Mom and Dad had just given me my last antibiotic and 2 Benadryl, plus Mom squirted some anti-itch stuff we had around the area, but I still kept digging. So, I was right, off to the vets office again for more medicine and some of the good spray stuff they have (Mom also told Dad to have the vet take my temperature (NOT my favorite thing) because my nose was real hot). Well, I know they're just trying to help me, but I'm pretty sick of getting all excited when I get my harness and leash put on (thinking I'm going for a nice walk...who cares if it's raining, not me!) only to end up being put in the truck and hauled to the vet yet AGAIN!

Will bark at you guys later if we get any news.....



Geesh, back to the vet YET again & Some News About our Best- Pals~~

April 23rd 2008 5:45 pm
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We just got back from the vet (for the third time in as many weeks...BARGH!!!!). My itchies are better, but not gone yet, so Mom wanted more antibiotics. Mom's also been concerned because I've been kinda lethargic in the mornings, with a hot nose and paws AND I've been
eating everything in sight and want MORE, MORE, MORE...even waking Mom up during the night wanting food. I've also been drinking TONS of water (as soon as they refill the bowl, I drink it and want more). Since Mom & Dad saw the same things with their precious angel "Buddy" (1995-2005) before he was
diagnosed with Diabetes (and eventually went blind), my Mom insisted that we do a Diabetes check at the vet. To our surprise, it came back that my blood sugar was actually LOW...weird!

The vet also did a urinalysis which showed that (oh, what's the term the doc used), something that means my kidneys aren't processing the urine right 'cause I'm peeing it all out as soon as I drink all the water. (The GOOD news is that the vet didn't see any strange blood cells in the urine which would indicate something horrible, like the big "C"!)

I was a VERY good boy when the vet stuck the needle in my paw and then shoved a swab all the way through my "thing" (OUCH!!) to see if there was any puss or other indication of internal infection, there wasn't!! I got some treats after all that indignity~!!

The vet said I don't need antibiotics any more (since there's no sign of infection), but he's sending my blood work off to be analyzed (which he said would tell a lot about my kidneys & bladder and some other stuff). He is going to call us on Friday with the results.

Also, he told Mom and Dad that they have to deprive me of water for 12 hours (oh yeah, right!) on Thursday night, then take me out first thing in the morning and get a pee sample and bring it to him. The tests will tell him more about how my kidneys are processing my urine...that's gonna be a lot of fun for Mom & Dad as I want water all the time and plan to spend the night Thursday begging for it!!! Oh, well, who needs sleep anyway when it's for
my benefit!

So, even though my itchies are better, they have some other things to look at (vet said he didn't think it was anything serious) and we'll know more on Friday...via yet ANOTHER vet visit! I should start paying rent there!!!

Anyway, this stuff is pretty expensive and Mom and Dad are really glad we bought that pet insurance policy to help defray the costs of my last 3 visits! The vet was good about filling out the forms, so now we just need to send them in and see how good this pet insurance policy really is!

***************************************************** ***************''
On another note, a very SAD one, we just learned that our dear pup pal, Sam has been diagnosed with cancer (all over him). His Mom and Dad are, naturally, devastated and we are all so very sorry and upset for them. If any of you know Sam, it might be sweet to send his family a note of compassion.
Sam's picture is in my Pup Pals gallery, but if you want to go to his website to leave a note or gift, his site address is: (details of diagnosis in his Diary).
We are sure any wishes would be greatly appreciated by his wonderful family!
*************************************************** *****************
Another one of our best pup pals, "Nikaya" (a gorgeous husky with icy blue eyes) had a bad accident last week when he was running to catch a football and crashed headlong into a wood post that holds up the clothesline. He collapsed immediately, had a cut over his eye and was un-responsive. The full story is in his Diary and those of us who know and love "Nikaya" and his Mommy are very concerned because we haven't seen any Diary updates since the accident happened. If you want to see Nikaya's page and send some comfort to his Mommy (as we don't know how he's doing now and are worried about him and his Mom), his Dogster page is at:
We're sure any good wishes would be greatly appreciated as Nikaya's Mommy loves him so dearly and doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him..prayers please!
*************************************************** *****************
Well, my dear Dogster pals, that's about it from me today. I know my Mom writes in my Diary a lot, but she's retired and had a lot of time on her hands and just loves to keep up with all the wonderful furfriend and their families.
We've met some of the nicest people in the whole world on Dogster!

Bark at y'all later~


Tag're it!

April 23rd 2008 9:35 pm
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WOOF you guys~

I got tagged by Shiloh and am keeping the game going by tagging YOU!

Here are the rules:

Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

1. I am sick and tired of going to the vets!

2. I never stop begging for treats!

3. I hate baths unless BOTH Mom and Dad are in the bathroom with me...then I'm calm!

4. I used to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad every night, but haven't been for the past several weeks (as a matter of fact I hardly ever even get on the bed anymore. Mom and Dad can't figure out why!)

5. I hate to be left alone!!

6. I used to have over 60 bones on my Dogster page, but they keep disappearing and now it's down to only 2 as of today (what's up with that?).

7. I have made some wonderful new friends on Dogster that we talk to almost every day!

The seven pals that I choose are:

1. Shiloh (even though I already know his answers, BOL!)
2. Sunny
3. Faith Lynn
4. Sam
5. Django
6. Blackjack
7. Mason Layne


Frosty Paws!!

April 24th 2008 3:07 pm
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WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! I am SO Dad went to the store today and finally found my very favorite "night night" treat...FROSTY PAWS!!! It's doggie ice cream and I love to be able to join Mommy and Daddy while we all eat our ice cream just before we go to sleep (real good for all our waistlines)!
Dad has been searching for them for weeks at all the stores, but I guess now that the weather is warming up, the stores will start carrying them again. He found them at Giant Food in the pet aisle in a little frozen case! Gonna be a grrrreat "nighty nite" tonight!

WOOF at y'all later!


ME??? Doggie Diary of the Day...WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!!!!

April 25th 2008 6:26 am
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My Mom finally got up after 9am today (late for her) and we had a message that I, the Sullster, am on the home page of Dogster as having the best "Diary of the Day"! Mom and I do this for fun and entertainment and have met some of the greatest new friends, so we think our diary being noticed is absolutely "PAWSOME"!!!! We are VERY honored, to say the least. Thank you voters and Dogster pals...WOOF, WOOF!!

(Check out the fantastic graphic my best friend Shiloh's Mom made for me!)


Doc Says My Test Came Back Fine!

April 25th 2008 8:46 am
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WHEW...the vet called this morning and told my Mommy that all the blood work he sent in came back ok, with one exception (a spike..whatever that my liver). He said the "spike" in my liver was probably due to the cortisone shot he gave me when I first got the itchies, but we have to re-check it in a month! We are VERY relieved, tho!

You guys are all so PAWSOME for all the congratulatory rosettes and messages you've sent me today (and I've gotten a lot of new pup pal requests, too...YIPPEE!!!). Me and Mom want to thank every one of you for who have been so thoughtful, and a special WOOF out to my best bud, SHILOH, who checks in with me every day!!

Remember I told you about Nikaya (the beautiful Husky with the icey blue eyes) that had an accident when he ran headlong into the clothesline pole?
Well, FAITH LYNN's Mom wrote my Mom this morning to say NIKAYA is no longer on Dogster (she said she'd gotten an e-mail from Nikaya's Mommy saying that Nikaya was ok, but his Mom was too busy to keep his Dogster site up. OH, how we pray that's the real reason for taking him off Dogster). In any event, our best wishes go out to NIKAYA and his Mommy...and we're so sorry FAITH LYNN's Mom lost her best pal on Dogster!

OK, guys, my Mom's gotta do some stuff now, so I have to stop writing. Hope all of you and your families have a wonderful weekend and grrrreat weather!


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