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"Sully's Story So Far & Socks Comes Home!"

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Takoda Could Use Some Special Attention from Us~

March 18th 2009 6:39 pm
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One of our good pals, "Takoda" (ID #762637) the beautiful, blind Doberman, has been through so much lately that we'd like to ask anypup who can to stop by and show Takoda and his Mom & Dad some special comfort & Power of the Paw (you can read Takoda's story in his diary). Takoda is always lending support to other pups, now it's his turn...let's all make 'em smile...pawlease!

Many thanks~

Sully & Socks


Today is Sully's "Gotcha" Day~

March 26th 2009 5:02 am
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Today is our boy, Sully's, 2nd "gotcha" anniversary..the day the sun came out for us again after a long period of sadness. We had lost our beloved "Buddy" (an Australian Shepherd mix) to cancer on October 1, 2005 and were buried in grief for a seemingly endless time.

About 6 months after we lost Buddy, we could no longer stand the emptiness in our hearts & home. So, we searched Petfinder and saw a darling little red & white husky mix named "Rascal" whose smile invited us to come see him. We fell in love with him on the first day and adopted him on the spot. Rascal was an impish, affection, playful, joyous little dog and we grew to love him very quickly. We had had Rascal for about 6 weeks when out of the blue one day, he charged & bit the UPS man on the arm (he was on his leash, but it was so sudden Mom couldn't stop him). He had never shown signs of aggression toward any person or dog until that day and we were shocked. The UPS man reported Rascal to the Animal Control Department of our County Sheriff's office and they came out and issued us a warning and put poor little Rascal on quarantine in the house for 10 days (drove him wild as he loved romping & playing outside). A follow-up visit from Animal Control informed us that should Rascal ever bite again, we would be subjected to a lawsuit and could lose our home. Mom & Dad struggled for about a week to decide what to do and finally, after sitting up one long night thinking things over, all the while petting & loving Rascal, they decided they just couldn't take the chance of losing everything and had to return Rascal to the shelter, a heartbreaking but necessary decision. Mom wrote a long letter to anyone who decided to re-adopt Rascal and asked them to call when they brought him home. She called the shelter nearly every day to check on Rascal and, finally, after about a month, he was re-adopted by an active family with children and they were thrilled with him (which made Mom & Dad feel much better about having to part with him). The new family was in a position to hire a trainer for Rascal and Mom & Dad followed his progess at the vet's office (the same one we'd taken Rascal to) and all reports were that he was happy in his new home, doing very well and the family loved him.

About six weeks later, Mom was again searching Petfinder and saw a precious little mixed breed pup, light golden with lots of white and the cutest face (always smiling). They drove to West Virginia where they met the pup and were immediately taken with him. They brought him home that day and named him "Spirit" (he was so lively & fun & loved riding in the car everywhere Mom & Dad went). Then, on October 15, 2006 after a road trip, Spirit bolted out of the car (never before had he done this) and took off running around the neighborhood as fast as he could. Mom & Dad & neighbors ran frantically trying to catch him (he looked so full of joy while he was running) but he was too fast to catch and was, tragically hit by a car and killed instantly (the driver never stopped & no one saw the car). Mom & Dad were devastated and decided they were receiving some sort of message that they were not destined to have another dog.

Friends tried to convince Mom & Dad to try again, but they refused (not willing to go through any more heartbreak). The had just resigned themselves that it was not meant to be and tried to learn to live in the house which felt so empty with out a furbaby.

BUT, in March 2007 a friend sent Mom a link to an Australian Shepherd named "Sully". Mom didn't want to look at first, but the friend kept saying "You'll know why I'm insisting when you see this dog!". So Mom cautiously took a look and, sure enough, there was Sully's picture (he looked stunningly like Buddy). Sully had been adopted before by at least one family who returned him, saying he was too destructive when left alone. Well, Mom & Dad were retired by then, so they didn't figure that was a problem as they'd be home with him or take him with them all of the time. When they saw "Sully" both broke into tears...tho smaller than Buddy, the resemblance was unbelievable and there was no turning back then.
He immediately took to Mom & Dad, played with them and was so affectionate that Mom & Dad filled out the papers on the spot (that was March 23, 2007). On March 26, 2007 The shelter sent a volunteer to bring Sully to our home for a check of his prospective new environment and we passes muster with no problems, so Sully stayed with us and has brought us unbounded joy, healing, unconditional love, all of what we'd missed so badly.

Sully is an extremely intelligent dog, friendly with all people & dogs & has never once been destructive (well, there was the time when Dad left his cell phone on the floor and Sully thought it looked like something good to chew...didn't swallow anything, but Dad had to replace the phone, BOL!). We couldn't ask for a better companion and furkid than Sully. We have grown together and the love between the three of us has healed us all. We can't imagine life without him now...he's our dearest little friend and brings light and love into our home every single day.

So, Sullyboy, here's to you and two wonderful years together! Mom & Dad are so grateful you came into our lives and you've given us much more than we could ever give you. We love you dearly, sweet boy! Happy "gotcha" day and we pray for many more!

Mom & Dad


Our new page~

March 28th 2009 3:19 am
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We've got a brand new look to our Dogster page and just wanted to tell everyone it was done for us by Flicka's Mom who's recovering from surgery on her hands...she's one strong lady for sure & is always there for all us pups to lend a helping hand (even if she's in pain!).

We love the look of our page and appreciate all the work Flicka's Mom did on it...stop by and take a look if you get a moment! On the right side of the page (down a ways) you'll see an "illuminated" initial "S", also hand painted by Flicka's Mom. These beautiful letters are just another side of her creativity!

Thanks a million, Flicka Mom, for all you've done for us!

Sully & Socks


"Angus the Warrior" is Dog of the Day!!

April 7th 2009 6:55 am
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OMD, we're SO excited that our dear pal, "Angus the Warrior"
(Dogster ID #173508) is Dogster's DOG OF THE DAY!! Angus is such a dear, sweet pal who is living with IMHA and we couldn't be happier for him & his Mom cause they sure deserves this honor!! You go, Angus, sweet boy!!!

Much love~
Sully & Socks



April 11th 2009 9:03 am
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We want to wish all our pals & their families a very Happy Easter!
We wish everyone good health, good friends and a joyous day!

Sully & Socks


A Dear Friend of our Went to the Bridge Today~

April 12th 2009 6:00 pm
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"Boss" a beautiful boxer suddenly passed away and went to the Bridge today...he was fine this morning, the family went to Walmart for a short time and when they came home they found him in the yard.
It appears he may have been poisoned. The loving family of "Boss" and many other dogs live in KY and are very sad at this loss.

If you get a chance, try to stop by "Boss's" page (Dogster ID#606334)
and send some comfort to the family. We are so very sad for them.

Sully & Socks


Watch Your Pups like a hawk...there's DANGER afoot!!!

April 25th 2009 12:17 pm
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This is a horrible message, but one we must all be aware of (we borrowed this from Pita's diary and thank them for posting it). We have been hearing this on the news, but want to be sure every pup pawrent knows about it:

It is Spring and warmer weather is coming. I would like to remind everyone: NEVER EVER leave your dog(s) outside when you’re not home. Keep them in the house or a safe secured place out of the view of the public eye.

There are what is called “B-Dealers” 0r “Bunchers” that are continually out patrolling for dogs and “your” dog is not an exception. B-Dealers steal family pets. When they get a “bunch,” they sell them to research for $200-400 per dog. Domesticated dogs make the best dogs for experiments. These ruthless people monitor your area, your routine and watch for dogs for when they are left outside. They normally travel in pairs, one buncher drives, the other jumps out and snatches the dog.

They’re also used for Dog Pelts: Last month in Ohio, 14 dogs were found skinned and animal control believed their pelts could have been the reason. Pelts are put on cloths and are popular in many foreign countries.

There are also dog fighters that gather dogs and cats and use them as baits to get their fighting dogs practice on them. Dog fighting purses range from $20,000-$50,000 per fight.

There are also ruthless people that would snatch your dog and sell him/her on the black market for pets, especially if the dog is a purebred and/or unaltered.

The economy is an issue and many are looking for ways to make money. I can’t stress enough how important it is to secure your pets when your not home and watch them when you are home. A dog can be snatched in a matter of seconds.

One of my neighbor’s dog was stolen from her yard – they cut the padlock and took her dog. Luckily, our friend came home just as a "buncher" was walking away from the house with her dog! When she shouted, the guy dropped the leash and ran away.

For the same reason, please do not tie your dog in front of a store. People reported to us that their dog was gone while they were inside the store for 20 seconds. One in particular case, which you may have seen in the news, was the dog who was stolen while the guardian watched through the glass window of a store. He rushed out of the store, but they quickly drove away.

We hope this story will make everyone aware before we actually hear the news that it has happened to one of our beloved furs!!


Love the new "comments" feature!

May 7th 2009 12:07 pm
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We sure are happy to have the ability to leave comments on the diary pages now as Mom's time on the computer is so limited!! Thanks to Dogster HQ for making this available to us pups! So much easier than going to each individual page and forgetting what we wanted to say by the time we got there!

Hope all our pup pals are doing great and heavy hearts for those who have recently had a loss in their family...too many this year already!!
Their families are in our prayers.

Sully & Socks


To All The Wonderful Mothers~

May 8th 2009 1:37 pm
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We wanted to wish each and every one of our pals' wonderful mothers a Very Happy Mothers Day on Sunday and we hope all of you give you Moms special licks & extra lovin' cause they do the very best for you they can each and every day!

Everybody have a fantastic weekend!

Sully & Socks


Zippety Doo Dah, What A Wonderful Day!!

May 30th 2009 12:02 pm
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What a wonderful day today has been!

We had our very first visit with one of our dear Dogster pals, "Takoda" and his Daddy who came to our house this morning. Takoda, as you may know, just won the "Adopt 09" Contest and was so deserving of that honor! His Daddy is an ardent activist against puppy mills and pets stores that sell puppy mill dogs and Takoda has been through so much that they really earned that win!

We've been pals with Takoda and his Dad for a long time now and have been trying to meet up for quite a while, so this visit was a long time coming but simply wonderful! We had coffee & doughnuts (and of course each of the pups got a few pieces of the doughnuts...hey, it was a very special day for us, so treat were warranted)!

Sully and Takoda became instant pals...Takoda even gave Sully a kiss! Socks was a little standoffish, but Sully couldn't get enough of Takoda and even tried to get into their car when they left. He barked and barked as they were driving away!

Takoda is a gorgeous Doberman (who happens to be blind & have diabetes insipidus) and he had a little trouble navigating our stairs which you have to go up as soon as you enter our house (oh, we wish we had a one story home!). But, his Daddy carried him up the stairs and then Takoda was comfortable and is the sweetest and gentlest dog! And when they left Takoda navigated going down the stairs just fine!

We all had great conversation and Sully & Takoda really bonded. We took pictures & put two on our page (though getting 3 pups to even look at the camera, much less be still was like trying to nail jello to a wall)!

Takoda's Daddy had a fantastic surprise for us when he left. He is an artist who carves eggs with special dental tools and does lots of pups & kitties and just about anything else you could dream up. He gave us an egg for each Sully & Socks and you wouldn't believe how they look exactly like them. If you ever want to check out these beautiful carved eggs (and you really should), go to this website:

This has been such a special day and we were even blessed with beautiful weather!

Just PAWSOME!!!!

Hope everpup is doing well and enjoying the Springtime!!

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