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Food a girls best friend


August 6th 2011 12:42 pm
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Oh I heard there was flea with the diary entries so MOM said I should write one up to see if everyone was having an issue...Ok I am BOL



April 28th 2010 9:11 am
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Once upon a time in a city not too far away a fluffy little golden girl was born....she lived a happy life til something very tragic happened.....although she never told her story to anyone, she somehow managed to find herself living on the streets of Philadelphia....

After dog knows how long of living out of trash cans and drinking from puddles she was taken in by the very kind people at the philadelphia SPCA.....she recieved lots of love and kindness and was given medical treatment but it wasn't a home....she had a nice bed and food and water and lots of pats from people most every day....but it still wasn't a home...

Then one day this lady and her hubby came looking for a dog...They had recently lost one and the only one they had left was sooo lonely....

The lady and her hubby patted many dogs but when the lady reached the golden girls cage she knew she had found the one she wanted...

The Lady asked the Dogs name and they told her that they had been calling her Sandy....

The Lady said I wish to take Sandy home...

The people at the SPCA were a little surprised that She wanted Sandy...It seems she had been at the Shelter for more then 6 they asked if she was sure...

The lady says I am very sure....and that is how I go my mom and dad

They took me home and I met Shadow and soon they adopted Kramer as well so I had two fur brothers.

Mom and Dad took us everywhere but.........

only 2 and a half years after my adoption I was diagnosed with breast cancer...MOM never even knew dogs could have such a thing but I had it....

I had a lump removed and Mom thought I was in the clear..the vet seemed to think that the cancer had not spread...they were wrong...

6 months later just before christmas something ruptured and before MOM and Dad could get me to the vet I passed away....

Know I and my angel brothers and sisters watch over Our Mom and Dad


Mom....How could you

October 13th 2008 7:21 am
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OMD Did you see what Mommy has done to me...she dressed me up as a little Devil....As if sweet little ol me could be such a thing....I mean really mom what were you thinking......Although I must admit I look really good in red......but that is besides the point....I'm not a devil.....I'm just spoilt rotten


I've Been Tagged

August 2nd 2008 4:04 am
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Princess Tagged me!

This is a new game so I would love to Play
I have to name 4 things I like and 4 I don't. Here goes........

Things I like:
1) All the furless Two legs
2) My squeakies
3) Food Food Food
4) Rollling Rolling Rolling

Things I dislike:
1.) Going outside at night
2.) Lightening
3) Kramer not sharing his food
4) Mom and Dad not sharing their food

I tagged:

Sandy~Rainbow Bridge Angel
Sam We Miss You August 14,2007
Amber *loved and missed*



August 1st 2008 1:25 pm
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Woo Hoo...We have plus....Thanks to our friend Roscoe we are now plus members....And I can truly brag about being a plus girl.....Thanks Roscoe



July 28th 2008 4:10 am
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Well for anyone who is waiting for us to get plus...please be patient..Mom sent my check out and i was all a waggin just waiting to be a plus girl..We waited 9 days and found our check back in our mailbox...Would you believe the mailman couldn't find the address..I'm guessing his nose isn't working properly and he just couldn't sniff the place out...In any case mom double checked the address to make sure she put the right one, which she had so she is going to take the letter back to the post office and ask them to explain why it wasn't delivered...Suvi told me to put it in a new envelope and a new stamp and try again..but mom said that if she was going to spend that much money she would have sent it fedex..In any case it will be a while longer before I can be a plus girl


Dogster plus

July 14th 2008 10:59 am
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Well it looks like I need to get Plus...Mom says I have just become too popular for my own good...Of course i always thought I was a plus but I guess mom isn't talking about my size. We should have it soon we hope...

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