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Hope's Hopes and Dreams (and Shadow's in the Night)

Today is my Birthday .... I'm Four Years Old!!!!

August 20th 2005 12:04 pm
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WOW!!!! This is exciting to write in my own Diary. Shadow, my roommate and very best Pal, and I have had an exciting year.

Mommy and Daddy were invited to a very special wedding in Maine in July. They tried really, really hard ... but they couldn't find a truly "dog friendly" motel. Lots of places said we could stay there, BUT we weren't allowed to stay in the room by ourselves. We were all pretty insulted because we are crate trained and well behaved. When Mommy and Daddy go out, we sleep quietly in our crate. There was no question that we were all going to Maine together, so Mommy and Daddy rented an RV. It was really cool .... we stayed at a nice campground, and we got to meet dogs from several far-away states like Texas and Virginia. We even got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. We had seen Long Island Sound before when we went fishing with Mommy and Daddy, but we had never seen the real BIG ocean before. We all had a really nice little vacation. Mommy and Daddy liked it so much that they want to buy an RV so we can all go to lots of other places.

On August 5th, Mommy got an e-mail from Dogster saying that I had been chosen "Dog of the Day." We were all so excited ... Mommy was like a crazy lady calling up all of her friends and telling them "HOPE is Dogster Dog of the Day." I got a whole bunch of e-mails from dogs all over the world congratulating me and asking me if I wanted to be their Pup Pal. I sat on Mommy's lap in front of the computer while she answered all my mail. Then Daddy asked Mommy to register Shadow with Dogster. Now we each have our own webpage ... and we've made lots and lots of Pup Pals.

We got an early birthday present from Mommy and Daddy last week ... they signed us up for Dogster Plus .... so now we have cool frames around our pictures and captions and we can send Rosettes to our friends .... and all kinds of additional neat stuff. Today I got a Dogster e-mail wishing me "Happy Birthday." I'm in today's Birthday Stroll. Shadow's birthday is on August 27, so she's going to get a nice surprise, too. Tell your Guardians to make sure your birthday info is added .... I guess the Birthday Stroll is something new on Dogster. Shadow and I came home on the same day ... we came from the same breeder, but we have different dog Moms, so we are exactly one week apart in age. We usually have one big party for both of us half-way between our two birthdays.

Well, I have to close now ... Mrs. Peacock is walking up and down on our back porch asking Mommy to feed her .... and I'm not allowed to stay on-line by myself .... I crashed the computer once by putting my paw on the wrong key.

Love and Woofs,

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