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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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i miss you droopster

October 31st 2011 8:21 am
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Look not where I was
For I am not there
My spirit is free
I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe
In the sounds that you hear
Don't cry for me Mom
My spirit is near

I'll watch for you
From the other side
I'll be the one running
New friends by my side

Smile at my memory
Remember in your heart
This isn't the end
It's a brand new start



October 28th 2011 4:31 am
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droopy, my best friend & love of a lifetime, i hope you had a wonderfur & pawtastic birthday!!! i'm sure you did!! i know all the angels gave you a pawty fit fur a queen!!! i know you took a break though, last night, and came to me.. i was sitting there quietly, i had two cupcakes, one for me & one for you,yours had a big number 8 candle in it... i sat there and waited...i felt you were there... i sang you happy birthday, i tryed so hard not to cry, afterall, it was your special day, i did not want to upset you...but again, i failed... the tears just came pouring out.. i heard myself scream your name & just collasped into a sea of tears... i composed myself.. it was your day..i would not upset you.. i sat there ..quiet tears running down my face.. i again sang happy birthday to you & blew your candle out.. i miss you so much sweetheart!!! we had big plans for your birthday... but i know the angels took care of you & you were in heaven singing & celebrating with all your new pals.. i'll stop back later droopy.. i'll write you more, i promise.. you know mommie will never leave.. have a wonderful day sweetheart!!! get some rest, o.k. i know you are tired..i know you played all day, so rest some...don't worry bout me, mommie will be o.k. i just miss you so much honey.. so so very, very much!!!! words can't describe how much i miss you or how much i dearly, deeply love you!!! go rest now... then have a day full of fun & surrounded by all your pals that i know love you so!!! you will always be my scootercrunch, my precious puppy, my droopster... my love... always know, MOMMIE LOVES YOU!! ALWAYS & FOREVER< I WILL LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!!


hi scootercrunch!!!

October 24th 2011 7:13 pm
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droopy, my scootercrunch, my precious angel... I MISS YOU!!!! i want to write you so much more.. and mommie will will.. but right now sweetheart..i just want you to know how much I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!!you are & furever will be my puppy, my bestfriend, my love & my life...thank you droopy.. you gave me so much.. so much.. dear god how i ACHE inSIDE & MISS YOU!!!
i'll stop back tomorrow sweetie.. just can't do this right now..
but..droopy, you know I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU, FUREVER!!!
i'd give anything to have you right here beside reach out & touch you.. feel you next to me in bed.. WHY!!?? WHY??!
yes, i still ask??? could i please just have one more chance to feel you..hold you, kiss your nose..snuggle you?? PLEASE!!!????!!??? no..i won't get that chance.. but..i will furever keep asking & day i WILL!!!!
goodnight sweetheart... i will stop by tomorrow.. promise you sweetie!! MOMMIE LOVES YOU DROOPY!!! FUREVER & ALWAYS!!!
i'll see you in my dreams, sweetie..i'll hold you close in my heart..all night lobg.. you will never b ALONE, droopy///


thank you droopy, for taking me on this journey

October 14th 2011 6:13 pm
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The Journey

The Journey
"When you bring a dog into your life, you begin a journey. A journey that
will bring you more love and devotion than you have ever known, yet will
also test your strength and courage. If you allow, the journey will teach
you many things, about life, about yourself, and most of all, about love.
You will come away changed forever, for one soul cannot touch another
without forever leaving its mark.
Along the way, you will learn much about savoring life's simple pleasures --
jumping in leaves, snoozing in the sun, the joys of puddles, and even the
satisfaction of a good scratch behind the ears. If you spend much time
outside, you will be taught how to truly experience every element, for no
rock, leaf, or log will go unexamined, no rustling bush will be overlooked,
and even the very air will be inhaled, pondered, and noted as being full of
valuable information.

Your pace may be slower, except when heading home to the food dish, but you
will become a better naturalist, having been taught by an expert in the field.

Too many times we hike on automatic pilot, our goal being to complete the
trail rather than enjoy the journey. We miss the details: the colorful
mushrooms on the rotting log, the honeycomb in the old maple snag, the hawk
feather caught on a twig.
Once we walk as a dog does, we discover a whole new world. We stop; we
browse the landscape, we kick over leaves, peek in tree holes, look up,
down, all around. And we learn what any dog knows: that nature has created a marvelously complex world that is full of surprises, that each cycle of the
seasons bring ever changing wonders, that each day has an essence all its
Even from indoors, you will find yourself more attuned to the world around
you. You will find yourself watching: summer insects collecting on a screen;
how bizarre they are; how many kinds there are; or noting the flick and
flash of fireflies through the dark. You will stop to observe the swirling
dance of windblown leaves, or sniff the air after a rain. It does not matter
that there is no objective in this; the point is in the doing, in not
letting life's most important details slip by.
You will find yourself doing silly things that your dog-less friends might
not understand: spending thirty minutes in the grocery aisle looking for the
exact brand of food your companion must have, buying dog birthday treats, or
just driving around the block an extra time because your dog enjoys the

You will roll in the snow, wrestle with chewie toys, bounce tennis balls
till your eyes cross, and even run around the house trailing your bathrobe
tie with a puppy in hot pursuit, all in the name of love.
Your house will become muddier and hairier. You will wear less dark clothing
and buy more lint rollers. You may find dog biscuits in your pocket or
purse, and feel the need to explain that old socks adorn your living room
floor because your dog loves an impromptu game of tug. You will learn the
true measure of love--the steadfast, undying kind that says, "It doesn't
matter where we are or what we do, or how life treats us as long as we are
Respect this always. It is the most precious gift any living soul can give
another. You will not find it often among the human race. And you will learn
humility. The look in my dog's eyes often made me feel ashamed--such joy and
love at my presence! She saw not some flawed human who could be cross and
stubborn, moody or rude, but only her wonderful companion. Or maybe she saw
those things and dismissed them as mere human foibles, not worth
considering, and so chose to love me anyway.
If you pay attention and learn well, when the journey is done, you will be
not just a better person, but the person your dog always knew you to be--the
one they were proud to call beloved friend.
I must caution you that this journey is not without pain. Like all paths of
true love, the pain is part of loving. For as surely as the sun sets, one
day your dear companion will follow a trail you cannot yet go down. And you
will have to find the strength and love to let them go.
A dog's time on earth is far too short, especially for those of us that love
them. We borrow them, really, just for a while; and during these brief years
they are generous enough to give us all their love, every inch of their
spirit and heart, until one day there is nothing left. The dog that only
yesterday was a puppy is all too soon old and frail and sleeping in the sun.
The young pup of boundless energy now wakes up stiff and lame, the muzzle
gone to gray.

Deep down we somehow always knew that this journey would end. We knew that
if we gave our hearts they would be broken. But give them we must, for it is
all they ask in return. When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a
place we cannot see, we give one final gift and let them run on ahead, young
and whole once more. "God speed, good friend," we say, "until our journey
comes full circle and our paths will cross again."
Author unknown



October 12th 2011 8:07 pm
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my droopster girl... mommie here... i have so much i want to write to you.. but right now my mind is just not, its just not ready to , well, my mind is just very confused & overwelmed right now, sweetheart. so for now i just want you to know how very much i love you!!!
droopy, you did so much for me.. so very much.. you showed me the true meaning of love.. you made me feel the true meaning of love...i never would of thought i could fall in love with a "dog" but oh how i did.. head over heels in love with you i fell, droopy . completely,.. my whole heart & soul i gave to you... and i know... you gave me your heart & soul also...
i think of you every minute, every second of every day..i miss you like i never have missed anyone or anything..
droopy, you opened my brought life..LOVE, back into my life.. you saved me... you taught bed time fut now..sweetie.
I LOVE YOU!!! oh dear god HOW I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!!


for my sweet droopy...

October 8th 2011 9:10 am
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I miss you so much; my four-legged friend
I ask myself each day; if the pain will ever end
Your loss is so hard; for one person to bear
because we were a team; an inseparable pair

You were by my side; when I got up each day
waiting so patiently; to go out and play
You were there each night; when I got home
waiting to go to the park; where you could roam

You always knew; if I was having a bad day
so you'd snuggle up close; and try to get me to play
If that didn't work; you'd put your head in my lap
then make yourself comfortable; and take a nap

One way or another you; would brighten my day
like only you could; you had a special way
You gave me a lifetime; of memories to hold
through all the years ahead; till I'm gray and old

I promise I'll see you; again one day
when we'll be together again; to go run and play
Your loss is a cross; I will just have to bear
because you and I know; we're an inseparable pair


i miss you so much, droopy!!!

September 27th 2011 10:21 am
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When I am gone, release me, let me go.
I have so many things to see and do,
You mustn't tie yourself to me with too many tears,
But be thankful we had so many good years.
I gave you my love, and you can only guess
How much you've given me in happiness.
I thank you for the love that you have shown,
But now it is time I traveled on alone.

So grieve for me a while, if grieve you must
Then let your grief be comforted by trust
That it is only for a while that we must part,
So treasure the memories within your heart.

I won't be far away for life goes on.
And if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can't see or touch me, I will be near
And if you listen with your heart, you'll hear
All my love around you soft and clear
And then, when you come this way alone,
I'll greet you with a smile and a "Welcome Home".

~~Author Unknown


my droopy..

September 22nd 2011 4:19 pm
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my many, many dear, sweet loving friends.. with my heart ripped apart & my soul shattered... i must tell you all, my love, my dearest , truest & best friend, is now at the bridge.. it came without warning.. it came without warning.. i am in shock & i am devasted..AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW DROOPY!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sorry.. i'm screaming.. my droopy was fine.. we had a wonderful weekend.. we played.. we were together.. monday afternoon..droopy ate.. i took her outside.. we came in.. she walked over towards the couch & i said, whatcha doin poop head...lookin for your ball...then i was like..droopy, whats wrong.. her eyes were vacant.. I SCREAMED.. DROOPY..!!!! she stumbled.. and she just collasped into a fit of convulsions..
i was A WRECK!!! i paniced!!! i just was freaking out!! i got hold of my little sister(droopy's aunt lisa) and my one friend.. they were here in seconds.. we picked droopy up in a blanket.. by this time she had taken 3 different seizures.. i had called her vet & he was meeting us there.. we got her there.. vet gave her a sedative & of course, said she needed to stay.. well, overnight, she took 2 more seizures.. my dear sweet droopy was given anti-seizure meds.. but.. they did not stop.. her dr. feels that droopy had a pre-existing condition..
not sure how to spell..but that she was a lightned?, blightned??
epeliptic... for whatever reason.. she had seizures..
i kept hope.. until wednesday.. when i spoke to the dr, & he told me that droopy's face was , don't know how else to put it, was drooping.. the seizures had caused major brain damage on her right side.. i went to her, she was looking around, but never, not once, did she ever look at me..her eyes were ..blank..they were just, my droopy was not there.. but.. i held her.. and she snuggled next to me.. i know she may not have been able to see me, but she felt me..i held her , i kissed her, i layed down beside her & she nestled into my arms & closed her eyes & rested.. excuse me if i typw wrong, but i can't see.. through the tears,,. she could not stand, could not even eat... i had to make the hardest choice of my life & let my sweet baby free.. its not FAIR!! NOT FAIR I TELL YOU!!! i think now..what did i miss???!!! what didn't i see???!! but there were no signs!! i LOVE MY DROOPY & I DID EVERYTHING FOR HER!! i would of given my life for my sweet puppy!! 7 years is NOT LONG ENOUGH!! MY GOD!! WHY!!! WHY!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
DROOPY!!!!!! DROOPY!!!!!!!! i held my girl until she went to sleep and i collasped next to her.. we had so much more to do together.. so much more fun.. droopy loved the snow!!! loved it!!! now my puppy is gone!!! i am so full of anger!!! i have never questioned god before & i don't like it now.. but i'm sorry.. WHY!! WHY TAKE MY INNOCENT< SWEET BABY SO SO YOUNG!!!
i just am wondering around in this empty house..lost.. so lost & all alone..i love droopy, love her dearly!! please, please tell me she is safe!!! please tell me she is not scared!!
please tell me my baby knows mommie did what she did out of love!!! droopy could not of lived like that.. that was not living. her brain was damaged so bad that she couldn't even look at me or see me.. but.. what gets me the most is WHY!!! WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS THIS HAPPEN!!! i know the vet explained to me.. but right now my heart is so full of grief & , yes, anger, that i can't think... justy dear friends.. droopys dear, dear sweet pals.. go see her page.. sit & listen to her new songs & pray.. please...pray!! tell her how much mommie loves her & how deeply i am missing her.. my heart & my soul have been ripped out of me.. i have nothing left..nothing.i will never recover from this horrific lose.. when my droopy heart died.. droopy has so many dear, WONDERFUL PALS HERE!!! and you ALL ARE LOVED DEEPLY!! i'm in pain now.. please bare with me..i will not let my droopy's memory down.. but..i do need time to deal with this sudden & tragic lose of my dearest love.. karen, thank you for what you said in your e-mail.. i understand.. just please everyone..give me time.. it was me & droopy.. only us.. she was my gift , my love, my everything.. i will not leave dogster, droopy's dear sweet pals, don't worry.. my angel will be flying here everyday just has she always did.. just please, give her mommie some time.. i'm sorry for my outburst.. please forgive me.. and please, all of droopy's dear sweet pals.. don't ever forget her.. she is a great pup!! my scootercrunch & my one & only love, furever!! me & droopster will always have a bond.. always.. thank you all for your time & i love each & everyone of you !! and god bless you all for your kindness & support in this horrible time.. DOGSTER PALS RULE!!! I LOVE YOU & DROOPY LOVES YOU!!! GOD BLESS!!! LORI , droopys mommie


the past 2 weeks....

August 15th 2011 7:08 am
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hey there dogster land!!! hi all my dear pup pals & everypup out there in dogster land!!! hopin this finds you all well!!!
mommie is helpin me writes another diary story cause da last one we writes got eats up by da dogster fleas!! :O0
well, seems da past 2 weeks have been a real adventure fur me..
and not really a fun one, though... first, mommie has been noticing dat i has been walkin kinda funny.. first it was after playin.. i'd go up my aunt lisa's & when i got home, i just didn't wanna move.. mommie would has to come over & help me get up off da floor!! well, my mommie took me to da vets fur x-rays
on my hips.. now..first off, i had to get sedated..mommie was a wreck!! da vet say to her dat it was o.k. i would not b asleep, still aware of things, just very relaxed.. so there i was, my tongue just hangin out my mouth, i couldn't even stand up!!
so they put me on my back on this big machine & takes sum pictures.. after they was done & the vet didn't has to take anymore, him gives me another shot & it wakes me right up!!
like nothin even happened!! anyway, da news was not goods at all.. i has hip dysplasia!! mommie was sad & cried.. her new i had all da symptoms, but was still hopin it was not true..
but its true.. vet say i has pretty bad case already.. so i start takin some medicine.. if it not helps after a month, then i will start takin a prescription medicine.. vet tells mommie not get to worked up, dat i should still have a few good years before it really , well, makes me not walk well at all.. so dats dat.. i still get to play & stuff, just has to b more careful & i has to loose a few pounds too.. so..after that, one night we was sleepin.. well it started stormin really bad!!
i gets mommie up & her say holy cow droopy, listen dat thunder!
i knows mommie, i say, i don't likes it at all!!! da lightning was horrible too & thunder was so loud!! all of sudden we hears all this beepin & stuff & runs downstairs & mommies alarms goin off!!! her thinks da house get hit by lightning!! OMD!! her calls 911 & da firemen come & looks all rounds & tells mommie dat it was a big power surge!! dat lightning hit something & came in through to our house too!! boy was it ever scary, i tell you pups!!! we didn't has no fire, thank dog, and thank god too!!! so...a few days go by & now i am startin to go after my butt!! lickin & stuff.. mommie is startin to get worried bout this.. i will b sleepin & all sudden just jump up & go after it.. started.. the scootin.. yup, dats right pups,
da droopster was doing "da scootin butt dance"... so mommie say dat it, back to da vets!! oh know i thinks!!! but oh yes, it was true.. let me tell you this pals, it was an embrassing moment fur da droopster.. mommie got over top of me & held my head & da vet was behind me & him, dat is to say..
well lets just say this, my anal glands were impacted & needed to b "released" .. i'll just let you pups go wif it from there, o.k. i'm sure you can figure out what da vet did... oh good grief.. the embrassment.. so after he was done..he sprayed my butt... and gives me a shot to helps wif da inflamation & gives mommie pills to gives me fur 5 days.. i happy to say dat i feel better.. this was just on friday.. so i'm still goin back there somewhat, but mommie thinks its just cause i might still be alittle uncomforable.. her say wait till all da pills is gone & if i still doin it, then its back to vet... but, i sure am lots better.. i tell you pups, dat was not a fun feelin, at all!!!
i even wanted to play saturday when mommie got home from works!! my tail was waggin more & mommie say her could see in my face i was lots happier!!! so there you has it pups..
sorry this diary entry so longs, but has you can see, lots been goin on wif me past few weeks.. this gettin older isn't easy thing.. but i sure am gettin alot more spoiled lately!!! :O)
da best part out of all this!!! i gets da biggest, i mean da BIGGEST, juiciest, meatiest jumbones of all times!!!
then..after i eats it & i'm smilin & smackin my chomppers, mommie say to da diet starts, hopes you enjoyed dat
jumbone droopy, cause its your last!!! WHAT!!???!!!
then mommie laughs(her thinks her is funny..not)her say, no, just kiddin, but... we are gonna cut down on treats & stuff..
my mommie is not very funny likes her thinks her is.... :O|
mommie is just lookin out fur me, i knows this.. her very worried bout my hips & da dysplasia..i mean its very clear dat i'm not walkin like i used to at all.. but.. i not worried, cause i gots my mommie & funny or not, her loves me so much & i knows always takes care of me!!! her is da best mommie i ever could of wanted & i loves her much has her loves me!!!!
well pals..dats it.. sorry so long, but just wanted to share wif all my pals.. you know pals & all dogster pups, i loves you all so muches!!! you is all part of me & mommie family & we cherish each of you & thankful to has you in our lives..
take care all!!! be safe out there & always stay close to you mommies... they keep you safe!!! has a wonderful day!!!
much love to all, droopy... aka "da droopster"


memorial day!!!!

May 30th 2011 7:12 am
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to my dear, sweet, special cousin layla.... i hopes u knows how muches i loves you & dat i am so thankful dat i can comes up & play wif u in you yard & even though you r alittle rascal, i truly loves you!!! happy memorial day to you, layla...aunt lisa, unkle paulie & cousin josh, to all of you,
has happy & SAFE day, today & always!!! loves droopy

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