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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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May 22nd 2012 5:34 pm
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Oct 27, 2003 ---- Sep 21, 2011


My dearest Droopy..

You were & forever will be, my dearest best friend..but also, much more than that. you are my true love, my puppy soulmate & I miss you so much! The pain is more than I can handle. You gave me so much love..we were together everywhere, everyday. I am so proud & honored to be your mommie. You changed my life.. you saved me from despair & filled my heart with warmth of love. How I long to hold you one more time. Kiss your ball.. just have you laying beside me, with your head on my lap.

Droopy, you will forever be in my heart & memories.. death may have torn us apart, but our bond of deep love will always keep us together.
You will always be mommie's scootercrunch, my big puppy, my pumpkin & my LOVE! You will always be..MY DROOPY! I LOVE YOU HONEY SO MUCH!!!

Miss you & love you forever,




May 24th 2012 5:41 pm
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They come into our lives for such a short time
A time we wouldn't trade not even for a dime
Then before you know it the years have flown by
And then all of the sudden we're saying good-bye

It wasn't that long ago i said my good-byes
I held on to you tight as you closed your eyes
Your spirit has flown home on the wings of a dove
Into God's loving arm's; in heaven above

Over the days i've shed many tears
But the memories i have will live on for years
I feel your presence and i know that your near
You're keeping me safe and calming my fear

I think about memories from years past
When you were young and strong and ran so fast
I remember all the great times that we had
How you always made me happy never made me mad

They were the best and happiest years i had
I'll always look back on them and never be sad
I look forward to the time we'll be together again
And i thank the Lord for such a great friend

Now you run and play up in Heaven above
Cradled in God's arms covered with his love
Playing by the Bridge waiting for the day
I come down thru the meadow to the bridge to stay

The love that you showed me i'll never forget
Because to me you're one very special pet
You're like a star in the dark of night
Always watching over me with the Lord's light

So now i take time to remember my best friend
Who will always be with me even to the end
I'll always remember you the way you were
One big lovable huggable pile of fur


from the bridge...

May 26th 2012 7:13 pm
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hey pals!! its me, angel droopy!!! i just wanted to fly by & let you all know how much i thinks of you all & how much i miss you all so very muches!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
guess whats!!!??!! mommie was walkin round in her t-shirt & BOXERS yesterday after her gets home from works!! yup, dats right, my mommie wears boxers, BOL!! her said it was SOOOoooo hots, when you walk outsides & blink, you broke into a sweat!! i remember one summer wif mommie likes this.. it was so hots.. we finally get an air conditioner fur our bedroom & it was SOOOoooooOOOO NICE!! yup, i remembers...
i also remembers how my dear friends here at dogster loves me..and how them thinks about me & keeps me in them hearts!! i wanted to let you pals know how much it means to me & mommie dat you all keeps me.... "alive" in you memories & hearts!! mommie loves that so much!
i has a very special favor i wants to ask you all...will you please keep my mommie in your prayers & hearts?? her just not doing very well since i had to leave.. her cry all da time & is so sad & just not doing great.. i sends her rascal & them is getting closer, but.. mommie just can't get over what happened.. her just don't understand & its just hard for her.. i know lots of you mommies has been through this pain too...and we loves you pals so much.. and ALL dogster pups..
its just my mommie really needs you prayers.. you all has been so great & i THANK YOU ALL for being there for my mommie!!
well i has to head back to da bridge now..but i always be close by, to all of you!! if you feel a gentle breeze, its me hugging you...and when you feel raindrops on you face, its me giving you a kiss!!
I LOVE YOU DEAR DOGSTER PALS!! EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU!! you made me a happy pup & my boxer-wearing mommie a happy mommie, BOL ARRrrrrrOOooooo
mommie even used to take me outside to pee in her boxers on a hot day, bol!! hehehehe
dear dogster pals & all dogster pups..i watch over you..I LOVES YOU!!
barks back soon!! angel hugs & kisses, droopy


HELLO from da bridge!!!

May 28th 2012 7:20 am
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hi pals & all dogster pups!! its me, droopy here.. i wants first to take this time to wish you all a very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! may you have a beautiful, blessed & SAFE DAY!! remember all our heros, those that gave their lives & those who still risk their lives everyday,
4-legged & 2-legged heros, so that we may be FREE & live our lives SAFE
GOD BLESS THEM ALL!! also a day to remember all your loved ones...
so god bless you all & has fun...but please... B SAFE!!
us angels are havin a BIG PICNIC today in da meadow!! we are gonna swim, play games & eat lots of good food!! its gonna be a great time!!
guess what!! i gets to run da BBQ!! yup, me, DA DROOPSTER, is gonna be da BBQ pup today!! BOL!! i gets to flips da burgers & hotdogs & we havin chicken & steak too!! i has to use all my willpower so i don't flips too many of them hotdogs right into my mouth!! BOL!! hehehehe
my dogster pals & all dogster pups, I LOVES YOU ALL DEARLY & I MISS YOU! i also wants to say to all my friends, thanks for keeping me in your hearts & memories!! you all is right here, in my heart, forever!
i'm honored to has so many wonderful, special dear friends!
to my mommie... i miss you so much!! i hopes you can get through today wifout too many tears..i so wish you wouldn't cry so much.. take this day to remember all da fun we remember dat one time we has a cookout?? you made us hotdogs & set da plate down to gets something & you turn around & i was eatin the hotdogs, bol!!!
i had two of them in my mouth at same time!! BOL!!! you was laughin & smiling at me.. you didn't even gets mad!!! you even made me my own special hotdog, on a bun wif ketchup, i loved dat!! i know you is so sad mommie & i see you tears pouring out your eyes right now..but i also see you smile through all them tears.. i loves dat see you smile!! i'm always wif you mommie, i never left you..
remember me wif laughter mommie...and love...our bond will never break.
well, time to go get ready for da cookout!! remember, i always watching over you pals!! i am honored to has you all for my friends!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY & B SAFE! bark more later!! loves droopy


my sweet droopy

May 29th 2012 6:54 pm
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hello my sweet love.. i'm realy missing you super bad tonight.. i miss you everyday..just tonight.. i'm missin you extra super bad...
i put a new song on your playlist..bridge over troubled water..
you know why?? because you were my bridge & i was the troubled water.
you surrounded me with your love droopy.. you saved me from so much despair & sadness...and darkness. i will never forget how you saved me droopy.. how you turned my life around.. how you filled my empty heart with warmth, happiness & love.. you gave me so much love.. you were the friend i always dreamed matter what.. you never gave up on me.. even in my darkest moments, you stood right beside me.. you would lay beside me in bed when i was in so much pain & you would comfort me.. you never left my side.. and that true love of yours is what made me finally pick myself up & turn my life around.. you took my pain away..i will always be ever grateful to you, my sweet scootercrunch..
no words can ever describe my gratitude to you for all you have done for me.. droopy, I LOVE YOU.. if not for you & your sweet love.. chances are i would not be here.. how do you say a simple "thank you" to the one who truly saved your life..??? is that enough to say???
no.. its not...but right now.. thats all i have.. but i want you to know droopy.. those words, "thank you", are FILLED WITH SO MUCH LOVE!!
i would not be the person i am today if not for you..oh, i'm still far from being perfect... but.. now i have a heart...thank you droopy..
i love you & miss you deeply!! i will forever & you will live in my memories & my heart forever!! god bless you my sweet scootercrunch!!
thank you for looking down on me & keeping me in line..only for you droopy...i will not let you down..time to call it a night now honey..please remember how much mommie loves you & how deeply i miss you!! my heart will never heal.. your loss was a shock that i will never get over..this pain inside me will last till the day i see you again..I LOVE YOU DROOPY!! you are now & forever will be my true love!goodnight my dear love...I LOVE YOU PUMPKIN!! and...THANK YOU, THANK YOU DROOPY!!! David Kersh - Goodnight Sweetheart


my dear droopy

June 8th 2012 6:17 pm
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on angel wings you do fly...
on angel wings into the sky...
on angel wings i DO CRY...
because those angel wings took you away...
on angel wings you fly away
i pray i see your angel wings again one day..
when my time has come
on angel wings i will fly..
until i'm holding you once again
smiling on angel wings...

YOU & ME DROOPY... a bond that never will be broken
a bond that was the truest ever spoken
a bond so strong & deep
i long for back in my sleep...
a bond still strong within my heart
even though we are apart..
a pain still aches inside me deep
it pours out of me in the tears i weep..
i long to touch your fur
i ache to hold you once more..
but know this droopy
you'll forever be mommies girl...

thursday marks nine months since we had to say good-bye, droopy.
although i might smile & laugh at times, deep inside the pain of losing you so sudden still fills my heart. there is no amount of time that will ever help me heal. for deep inside i just can't accept what happened. i know you are happy & healthy, running & playing with so many new friends.. chasing balls & butterflies through the beautiful meadows at the bridge..if i close my eyes i can picture you, your big beautiful smile & big brown eyes & i sometimes reach my hand out, thinking i can feel you.. you are my love droopy. the friendship & love you gave me still runs deep in my heart & soul. forever & always
your love will live inside me. your memory , OUR MEMORIES, can never be taken from me. i'm trying droopy to make you proud of me, mommie is. but it just hurts so much. I HURT SO MUCH & sometimes i don't do very well & i want you to know i'm sorry. but just know droopy, that mommie will keep trying. you & me droopy will always have a very special bond. mommie misses you deeply & loves you oh so much!
you'll always be my one & only scootercrunch!
i love you droopy, mommie
Shania Twain Forever and for Always Live


i miss you

June 23rd 2012 3:30 pm
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I MISS YOU DROOPY!! i just miss you! the tears keep falling..i never thought i could cry so much, could weep so much..could SOB so much.,,
but i can..i do everyday, every heart is lost, it went away with you droopy..until i find you again, it will remain lost..


my mommie

June 23rd 2012 5:43 pm
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hi pals... my mommie is just not doing great tonight.. her misses me everyday..but tonight..well mommie is really bad.. her just keeps crying & crying..mommie just can't even type anymore.. i guess its just a really bad night for my mommie..


I miss you droopy

July 9th 2012 6:33 pm
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hello my sweet scootercrunch.. i don't want to upset you, but i just didn't have a good day.. it just did not go like i planed..i kept lookin at your picture & i just sat there with tears running down my face & wondering, WHY?? thinking how just last year at this very time you were with me..memories flooded my mind...i could see you so good, us playing ball, you sittin on the porch..i could see you in the car, with your head out the window & smiling from ear to ear.. i could picture you laying on the couch beside me, your head on my lap, i saw you sitting beside me while i had supper, spit bubbles hanging off your beautiful chompers, lol. and then i saw you fall.. i saw that horrible day again like it happened all over.. the scared look on your face.. dear god, i'll never forget that look.. i tryed to help you droopy..i'm so sorry this happened to you.. i pray you are not scared anymore. it was just me & you, we only had each other & well, we kinda kept to ourselves, so i hope you're not scared without me.. i wish i could just see you, just look up into the clouds & see you running , playing with the other angels & i wish i could see that big, beautiful smile again.. just to rest my mind that i knew for sure you were o.k.
this pain is so horrible droopy... i set out to get some things done today & i just didn't...i just, i don't know, i just can't face that you are gone.. it came out of nowhere & happened so fast.. i'm sorry, my body, my mind, my heart & my soul just shattered on that day.. my whole world just flipped over..i felt like everything was in slow motion.. most days i still feel that way..i miss you so deeply droopy
i thank you for rascal, i do... and i love her very much..we play & she does make me smile, she is truly a blessing from you droopy, i believe that.. she hates to see me cry..just like you did & she will kiss my tears everytime ..
but i feel so empty inside that i fear i will never truly feel happy again...and a part of me is o.k. with that.. how could i ever be happy again without you??? i can fake pretty good..but when i'm home i just sob.. A dear friend sent me a couple books on dealing with grief after losing a pet.. i should say after losing a pet that was your dearest best friend, your family, a part of your very being...i'm reading them & i'm trying..but this pain, this pain is so deep inside me..unlike anything i ever felt before..oh droopy, you are my love and i just miss you so much!!! this just sucks.. i'm sorry, it just does..
so many wonderful memories & i try to smile when i think of them..i try to honor your memory & everything about you.. i try to "celebrate" your life instead of mourning your passing, like so many tell me to do...but its not that emotions just go crazy..
bottom line is plain & simple...I MISS YOU SO MUCH !! IT HURTS! IT SUCKS! I LOVE YOU, OH HOW I LOVE YOU DROOPY! i will love you forever, my beautiful brown-eyed girl! i hope this doesn't upset you to much.. i just needed to get this out of me.. droopy, you were always my sweet angel & you always & furever will be the best gift i ever recieved in my life.. i'll miss you forever until the day i get to hold you again..
droopy i'll love you, love you more & more with every new day, every breath, every tear, every pain in my heart.. every sweet, beautiful memory i will love you & i will miss you.. until the day i can hold you again, look into your beautiful eyes, see that precious smile, i will miss you & suffer an endless pain inside my heart..
you are my sweet pumpkin, never forget how much mommie loves you droopy! you were the only thing in my life that was right.. you were every breath i took...and when i looked into your eyes i saw love, pure, complete & true love.. and it was for me, something i never felt before you droopy..i pray you saw that same deep love in my eyes too.
oh god how i MISS YOU!!! just remember that i'll always love you scootercrunch!! you will always be my big puppy!
mommie loves you & misses you so much! goodnight sweetheart.. i'll see you in my dreams... just like i do everynight.

Somewhere Out There By Linda Ronstadt & James Igram w/ lyrics


i miss you droopy

July 17th 2012 7:18 am
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i was looking at all the beautiful stars & gifts your wonderful friends put on your page droopy.. i have to say i have tears pouring from my eyes. all the beautiful things that your friends said about you after you went to the bridge just touch my heart so deeply. you truly are loved here at dogster & that makes me so happy! i don't know why i was reading them over again, maybe because its getting close to the one year mark of your passing & i just can't believe it.. i still have not accepted this & my heart hurts, i think even more, than that horrible day. there are times i still call out your name, then i stop and just fall apart. although i sit here crying, i also smile, just a bit, through the tears, reading all the beautiful things your friends have said about you . reading how much they all love you & how your beautiful smile & love of life made them smile. and that my sweet droopy, gives me one more reason to be so proud to be your mommie. you brought so much love & happiness to so many pals here. and they loved you so much & they STILL & will forever love you! just like i will, scootercrunch! i will NEVER stop missing you & i will NEVER stop loving you, no matter how much time goes by. for no matter what goes on in my life, my heart will always remain broken. it will never be whole again until i have my arms around you & i look into those big, beautiful brown eyes & see that love that i so very much miss.
i have to go now droopy. just remember wherever i am, whatever i'm doing you are always with me! I LOVE YOU SCOOTERCRUNCH! mommie

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