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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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dear droopy

January 20th 2012 6:10 pm
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hi droopster..i know i said i was going to bed..i am..just had to tell you something.. i put a new song on your page and it just says it, droopy, were my reason to change, to start over, to change who i was..i'm not perfect, but you gave me the reason to turn my life around.. to start new..
lately, at times, i think what does it matter now.. i find myself thinking of my "old" know what i mean.. but.. i stop.. there is no way, NO WAY, I WILL LET YOU DOWN!!
i want you to stay proud of me.. you put up with alot.. never left my opened my heart back up.. you brought happiness back into my life, my heart.. you just plain & simple, gave me my life back!! i will never, never, let you down.. you always took care of me.. you still are taking care of me, scootercrunch..even in my darkest moments.. i'll never go back to the way i was.. when i come to be with you..i want you to shout out.. thats my mommie!! and i want you to be proud of me.. i know i am so proud of you!! i only hope you forgive me for ever hurting you.. i never meant to, droopy..i'm sorry i missed the warnings.. there had to be something, had to be, to tell me you were not feeling well.. i missed it.. and i will never forgive myself.. i sure do love you scootercrunch!!
i sure do love you!! and you are & always will be, my reason..
see you in my dreams.. goodnight sweetheart! mommie loves you dearly, today, tomorrow, FUREVER!! i just plain love you dearly.


my friend

January 21st 2012 5:40 pm
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my love, my life.. everyone says i'll be o.k. but i'm not going to .. i'll never get over you..if people would of seen us.. how we were such true friends.. how we were bonded.. no matter what.. my life will never be the same.. i'll put my memories to rest now.. but never forgetting what i lost..
i could never forget what i lost.. cause when i lost you, i lost myself..there was no me..there was no you.. there was only "US" ME & YOU.. the perfect team, the perfect fit..
the perfect love...
I LOVE YOU DROOPY, I love you..
miss you.. no words in this world can describe how i miss you..


just mommie..

January 22nd 2012 6:16 pm
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when you have a million yesterdays like we did droopy..its very hard to say good-bye.. i haven't found the way,or the courage yet..yo say..good-bye.. i never will..
dear dogster friends.. thank you for understanding & putting up with me..
pam, thank you for what you sent me.. it was so beautiful, just precious..i'm trying.. i am.. i just hurt so much.. my droopy.. my droopy.. if you could actually hear me talk, you'd truly hear my pain..its just not real to me.. what happened. just not real.. how could the perfect match..end...


my sweet angel...too soon

January 26th 2012 1:20 am
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on angel wings you do fly...
on angel wings into the sky...
on angel wings i DO CRY...
because those angel wings took you away...
on angel wings you fly away
i pray i see your angel wings again one day..
when my time has come
on angel wings i will fly..
until i'm holding you once again
smiling on angel wings...

YOU & ME DROOPY... a bond that never will be broken
a bond that was the truest ever spoken
a bond so strong & deep
i long for back in my sleep...
a bond still strong within my heart
even though we are apart..
a pain still aches inside me deep
it pours out of me in the tears i weep..
i long to touch your fur
i ache to hold you once more..
but know this droopy
you'll forever be mommies girl...

thursday marks nine months since we had to say good-bye, droopy.
although i might smile & laugh at times, deep inside the pain of losing you so sudden still fills my heart. there is no amount of time that will ever help me heal. for deep inside i just can't accept what happened. i know you are happy & healthy, running & playing with so many new friends.. chasing balls & butterflies through the beautiful meadows at the bridge..if i close my eyes i can picture you, your big beautiful smile & big brown eyes & i sometimes reach my hand out, thinking i can feel you.. you are my love droopy. the friendship & love you gave me still runs deep in my heart & soul. forever & always
your love will live inside me. your memory , OUR MEMORIES, can never be taken from me. i'm trying droopy to make you proud of me, mommie is. but it just hurts so much. I HURT SO MUCH & sometimes i don't do very well & i want you to know i'm sorry. but just know droopy, that mommie will keep trying. you & me droopy will always have a very special bond. mommie misses you deeply & loves you oh so much!
you'll always be my one & only scootercrunch!
i love you droopy, mommie
Shania Twain Forever and for Always Live


dear droopy

January 26th 2012 6:31 pm
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my best friend.. today is the day i brought you home..
HOME.. 8 yrs. ago.. you came ..home.. it was a day i'll remember forever..i was scared.. excited.. nervous..but most of all..full of happiness & love.. from the vey first day i met you, before you were mine.. i knew you were something so special & i loved you.. yes.. i would think about you & wonder if you were o.k., seeing your face..every time i shut my eyes..
that day.. when the person that had you said you were going to the pound..well..i was just blown away..i was angry, hurt, scared.... it didn't take me long.. i made the call & said ..i'm coming to get droopy...she had the nerve to tell me.. you can't take care of her.. i just said.. watch me..
oh i brought you home and i was so excited.. but also.. , yes, scared..i thought what did you do??!! you can't take care of her!! but.. my love for you was SO strong..and i knew how you loved sure didn't take long for you to make yourself right at home, lol.. its like .. NO..i know.. you were meant to be with me all along.. we sure had some
crazy, fun, exciting.. sad.. everything possible..
through it never left my side..
droopy.. I LOVE YOU!! you will furever be my SCOOTERCRUNCH!!
my love for you continues to grow..everyday..i will not talk about..your passing today..i want you to be happy..i don't want to upset you with my tears..although they are raining down right now..this is a day to celebrate..even though i can't hold you.. i hold you in my dreams..and i know..i day soon.. i'll be holding you so close... for real..
droopy..mommie loves you!! forever & are the greatest gift to ever happen to me!!
happy gotcha day, beauiful brown eyes...mommie loves you ..
yesterday, today, tomorrow.. ALWAYS & FOREVER..
droopy... you are a kind, sweet & loving soul..
mommie misses you deeply..i hope i see you in my dreams tonight..i'll write more tomorrow, pumpkin..
you get some rest.. MOMMIE LOVES YOU DEEPLY!!
furever, always & after!! YOU & ME, DROOPY!! this bond will LAST A LIFETIME...


my dear droopy

February 7th 2012 4:24 pm
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God decided to bring you home today, my four legged angel. For you I pray. Spread your wings and fly away.. heaven is such a beautiful place. Your pain will dissolve.. your fear will become joy. All the times we shared will never fade; it's time to go back to the place you were made. I will hold you in my heart and may every beat give me a memory of what you have given to me. My four legged angel it's time to sleep. I pray when you awake, you realize
how much you mean to me.

i do pray that you always remember how much YOU MEAN TO ME!!
yesterday, today & tomorrow.. always & forever..
you will ALWAYS be not just a part of my heart..but.. MY WHOLE HEART.
scootercrunch..I LOVE YOU!! my god how deeply i love you & miss you!!you will be my "big puppy" furever!! see you soon droopy!
LOVE YOU more & more everyday, mommie



February 13th 2012 6:49 am
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hi droopy, my sweet, beautiful angel.. i took some pictures of your memorial & i put them on your page.. i got that one of you when you were just a little pup..i always loved that one so much!! it just breaks my heart that i can't put any new pics of you here anymore.. breaks my heart.. so i'll add some old ones i have of you.. that way, it just feels better to me.. i've been really missing you alot lately.. i miss you every single day, but past few days.. its been really bad.. all the snow, the cold..i don't know..the past week was just super bad for me.. i cryed alot..i mean..alot..this whole year is gonna b rough..i feel it.. i dreaded the winter & snow, you loved to play in the snow.. now i dread the spring & summer.. you loved to lay on the porch in the sun...just relaxing & being nosy, lol..its really sucs.. just really does.. i just can't get those last days out of my mind..sometimes i feel like i'm losing it.. i do my best to keep it together for your little sister, your gift to me, rascal.. she has so much of you in her.. i mean some things she does.. its like watching you.. it blows my mind..don't get me wrong droopy, shes not you & never will be..i know that.. NOBODY, can EVER take your place..
i just think sometimes that maybe a part of you is here, with rascal.. i don't know if that makes sense.. just sometimes when i look into her eyes, its almost like i see you..looking back..
you were one of a kind droopy, tell you that.. i wouldn't of wanted you any other way than how you were.. you were & ALWAYS WILL BE, the BEST DOG EVER!!! and you will ALWAYS be my soul-mate..well scootercrunch, mommie has to get ready now to take rascal to vet..hopefully her stitches will come out today.. i'm alittle upset with myself..i feel like i didn't do a very good job keeping her still like i did with you.. i hope she's gonna be o.k. shes just a firecracker..big time.. you no doubt sent me a pup to keep mommie on her toes droopy, lol..
i'll be back later to write more, o.k. honey.. you have a good day & ALWAYS know that mommie thinks of you everyday, every second!! i miss you so much, so much droopy!! everybody says i'll be o.k. in time..but..i don't think i ever will.. how can i?? when i lost most of my heart when i lost you, so suddenly..
I LOVE YOU SCOOTERCRUNCH!!! i'll see you later big puppy!!



February 14th 2012 5:30 pm
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hey scootercrunch!! I LOVE YOU!! well, its the day that people let their feelings really show.. valentines day..
well droopy, me & you didn't need any special day for that, did we.. no, we sure did not.. our love for each other showed every single heart breaks no more today than yesterday or that it will heart cannot really break anymore.. it has been broken & lost since you left..
my dearest droopy..i miss your touch, your soft brown eyes looking into mine.. your wiggle butt going crazy when you saw me.. i miss you.. i just miss you..everything about you droopy, i miss.. you did so much for me, gave me so much.. laying beside you, was laying in the warmth of true love..
looking into your eyes was all i needed to do & the world just went away.. it was me & you.. me & you scootercrunch..
my love for you will go on furever..never will it end.. true love.. a friendship that was meant to be.. a loss that cut my soul apart.. feelings of tender moments.. happy & playful moments..zooomie moments..EVERY moment we ever shared droopy.. live still inside of me.. you were not my "dog" you were & ARE, MY BEST FRIEND!! MY KID!! the greatest love of all!!
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU DROOPY!! my sweet big puppy!,
my scootercrunch!! today & everyday is our valentines day..
for our love is that special & that memorable..
LOVE YOU SWEET GIRL!! tears are pouring from eyes..not a day goes by that i don't break down.. some days i feel i'm losing it..but just know droopy.. i know how you love me..and you know.. how I LOVE YOU, DEEPLY & COMPLETELY!!
well pumpkin.. i'll write u more tomorrow.. i can't see very well right now & i don't want to mess up..
oh droopy.. I MISS YOU!! I MISS YOU!! love, mommie


your smile...

February 15th 2012 5:32 pm
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dear droopy..when i look at your picture with that big heart melts.. of course you have so many beautiful pics.. but that one.. just makes my heart smile...and cry..
I MISS YOU SCOOTERCRUNCH!! i just miss you so much!!
sometimes i just shout.. WHERE ARE YOU?!! WHY!! WHY!!! WHY!!!
i don't want to do this tonight droopy.. i've cried most of the i'm going to just let it be tonight.. just always..
goodnight my sweet big puppy..
I LOVE YOU DROOPY!! i love you...


dear droopy..

February 22nd 2012 6:12 pm
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I MISS YOU!! this just sucks & its just not right!!
i don't care what anyone says..there is no way i will ever get over losing you.. i went through years of misery & YOU SAVED ME.
not only did you save me, but you were right by my side through it all.. you NEVER turned away from me..i never had a bond or friendship with anybody before the way we did.. i never will again..droopy.. I MISS YOU!!! i miss you so deeply & i LOVE YOU
with every single breath i take.. i just don't know where i'm going anymore, without you..i wonder if i even care..
goodnight scootercrunch.. i sure LOVE YOU PUMPKIN!!


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