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my life with my mommie, by droopy

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alittle belly rub.....

October 21st 2008 6:01 am
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hi evfurbody....its me droopy here wif updates on my belly problem.well, mommy says it looks like its starting to clear up, but not enoughs fur me to go play outsides....bummer....i really wants to go helps mommy rakes some leaves or if i can't do thats i coulds just lay theres & watch mommy rakes thems. i don'ts minds doing thats fur her....but mommy says i can'ts be outsides layings on the grounds or in the leaves rights now.....this belly problem is a real bummer...only goods thing comes outs of it i lets mommy rub medicine on my belly other nights and i gets a jumbones fur being good girlYIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!! it was a nice little belly rubs, but it still hurt. mommy says inside my leg is still very bads. i hears her barking to aunt lisa that it looks likes i was burned. its very red and raw and very painful......mommy takings me back to vets if it doesn'ts looks better by ends of day today...bummer...i doesn't likes to go there. but mommy says i needs helps to feel better & this medicine isn't doing its in her minds. well, mommys mind is not always wif her, i means mommy rubbing medicines on my legs other nights singing to me whole times!!!! WOOF!!! her tryings to makes me not scared & nots thinks bout it while her doing it....well it workd, only things i coulds think of was lets please gets this done wifs so her stops singing...bol... well, mommy was crying agains last nights, her looked at my belly and inside my leg and just cryed. her so sorry i hurting so much....i try to kiss my mommy so her knows its not her faults this happens to me. but mommy loves me so muched her just gets so upsets somethings happen to me...i slepts besides mommy all nights last night to makes her feel better. i always does, but this times i didn't move, mommy helds me all nights. we slept very goods. first night my mommy really gots good nights sleep since i gots this belly problems. well everybodys, thanks so very muched fur you prayers and you is so very specials and just very good friends to me & mommy. we both loves you all so very muched. i has to gets some more medicine nows....please keep you prayers & power of the paws up fur me. i not out of troubles yets & mommy is still so very worried bouts me. i thinks i will be going backs to vets, my inside leg is just not lookings good. mommy says her don'ts mess arounds when it comes to me....i has the best mommy ever!!!! i knows you all has goods mommys too, but to me, my mommy is greats!!!! i knows how muched her loves me, i see it in her eyes and hear its in her voice....i just wish her stop feeling so bad and stops crying, i will gets better, i'm sure of its and nots her faults. but mommy is just way she is and o.k. wif me. i loves her so very muched. i wills lets you all knows how i am doing very soons. i wuvs you all very muched. you guys have funs & behaves...BOL!!!!! i hopes you all gets a bigs jumbones fur halloweens!!!!! times fur medicine, mommy calling me.....barks at you all soon. much loves, droopster xoxoxoxoxo power of the paw !!!!


cupcakes & bellyrubs

October 22nd 2008 6:11 am
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hi all my friends in dogster land...its me, the droopster!!! welll first i wants to say mommy has to call my vet tomorrows. him not in fur some reason till thens, mommy not very happy bouts that and her only wants me to go to hims cause my vets knows me & how i am. so i just stay on medicine i on now till her talks to dr. in, lets me tells all my friends and all my groups i sorry i hasn't been arounds fur awhile. my mama had been dealing wif some her own problems and now i am hurts so its just been a rough times rounds here lately. but i be backs real soon. nothing can keep the droopster down fur too longs...although this dumb infection is trying its best....but i stills wants to tells evfurbody thats monday oct. 27 is my woof-day!!!!! yippppppeeeeeee!!!! i gonna be 5 years olds. mommy gonna makes me cupcakes fur my woof-day this year. i so exciteds. cousin layla is gonna come and we is gonna eats cupcakes and mommy says if my belly is better i'll gets the biggest and longest belly rubs in history!!!! mommy also gonna gets me a new ball!!!! i hears her talkings to aunt lisa, thats cousin layla's mommie...its a ball that flashes when you throw its...i knows i hads 2 befores. i dropped one outs the car windows one days i had my heads out and it just fell out of my mouths...i doesn't knows how it happened i tells mommy. you should see her running down the streets trying to gets it!!!! the funniest thing i ever saw...bol she looked like a crazy duck wobbling side to side trying to catch this ball!!!! i thoughts i was gonna pee right there in da car!!!!! i tryed nots to laughs when her gets back in da car...her just looked at me and i had my "i didn't do it" look on my face....mommy says well you'll have to waits awhile now till you gets another one....yeah, cause i hads 2 of them but the first one mommy was playing wif me at aunt lisa's and SHE throws it over the fence down a big hill in the woods!!!! hey, i thoughts we was just playin ball, didn't knows my mommy was trying out to be a pitcher fur the world series!!!!!! good grief........well the time has come my friends....i am getting my flashing ball backs......i thinks i will just tuck it away and keeps it from mommy....BOL!!!! i has other balls, but that my favorite...this belly infection is a real bummer but i sure is gettin spoiled over it!!!!! cupcakes & belly rubs,(maybe) and a new ball....oh, and i'm sure a few jumbones will be given out is good!!!! i wish i coulds has all you friends at my birthday party!!!! that woulds be GREAT!!!! but i knows you all will be thinkin bout me and thats great too!!!!! well gotta go, mommy callin me, must be medicine time......hmmmmmm, i think this morning is a meaty bone morning!!!! coming mommy!!!!! gotta go friends!!!! i loves you all so very muched!!!! thanks fur you prayers, please keep them going...barks at you all very soons...loves, droopy


kisses & belly rubs...

October 28th 2008 7:18 am
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hi there all my wonderful dogster friends!!!!! me, the droopster here barking at ya......guessed whats??? i has the best birthdays ever!!!! mommy makes me cupcakes and i gets jumbones & i gots birthday ice cream and i gets a new ball!!!!!!! and i gots lots of kisses and i gets lots of belly rubs!!!! YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!! cause guess whats belly and my leg is doing greats!!!!! its almost all gones!!!!!! mommy had to gets me more medicine fur my skin infection & now its better and almost can'ts even see it. mommy says i has to takes rest of medicine till gones to makes sure bad infection stays aways from my belly.....i wants to say a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS FUR SENDING ME GOOD WISHES AND PRAYERS AND GIFTS TO GETS BETTER SOON!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST FRIENDS THIS DOGGIE EVER HAS & I WUVS YOU ALL SO VERY MUCHED!!!!!mommy crys when her see how many doggies and they mommies & daddy's cares....its so nice to has so many wonderfuls friends likes all of you...YOU ALL ARE THE GREATEST!!!! mommy evens puts me in the coolest dogs & cats contest....don'ts knows if i win, but its funs doing its..cause da mommy not so bright on doings things like thats but her gots me entered in some of its..maybe some you friends votes fur me...if you in its, tells me and i votes fur you too!!!! mommy says we gets backs to doings more on here since things is goings better fur us you looks fur the droopster more, cause i gonna be arounds lots more!!!!!!!!! so anyways friends, i thinks i go see if i cans gets a cupcake fur breakfast...mommy says we celebrates my birthday all week!!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! WOW!!!!! a birthday party all week longs, i gots the best mommy ever!!!! it feels goods to be betters & nots sick & in pain no i ready to pawty all weeks longs...mommy says we gonna go play wif my new ball today...oh boy, i'm just so happy rights nows i just don'ts know whats to do wif i thinks i go eats a cupcakes!!!!!! i reall LOVES ALL YOU FRIENDS FUR YOU PRAYERS & GET WELL WISHES, THANKS SO FURRY MUCH TO ALL YOU!!!!!! i barks at you all real soons again...take cares and has a fun day!!!!!! see you soons, love, droopy


My Tail of Devotion for Droopy

November 21st 2008 5:12 pm
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droopy, i had no idea the bond we would form together. i loved you before you were mine, and when you were facing going to the pound i knew there was no way i could let that happen. i have no regrets. i love you more than i ever loved anyone. you have given me such joy and happiness. you have given me true friendship and trust. you have also given me my life back. i know if you could talk to me droopy, i know you would say how much you love me too, i see it in youe eyes. i see it when you greet me, i feel it when you lay next to me with your head on my lap. droopy i hope somehow you know you saved my life. when i was going through my pain and torment, you never left my side. you were still right beside me, always. no matter how sick i may have got, you were there with me. droopy, you are my light, my angel, my protector and my hero. my very dearest and best friend. you mean so much to me droopy, i never knew i would feel like this, that i could feel like this. you showed me what love is, what true friendship is, what fun is. you brought joy and happiness and fun times back into my life. i somehow know you must feel the same. its how you look at me when we are together. or how you look at me when i get up, like you are saying, mom, please stay here with me....and i always tell you, i'll be right back sweetheart. droopy, i made you a promise along time ago, i said you'd never be alone in the dark. i know you hate the dark. well droopy, my little scooter crunch, you will never, ever be alone in the dark. no matter what i ever have to do, that is a promise to you i will keep, somehow, my love. i know u are scared of the dark, just remember what i always tell you, don't be scared, mommy's here. and here mommy will always be. i love you droopy. more than i can actually put in words. the bond we have and the feeling of a true love i never felt before till you, is furever deep inside my heart and soul. i love you sweet girl, i will love you furever and i will never leave you. don't ever be scared, i always tell you, you will never be alone and nobody will ever hurt you. i love you my hero, my best friend, my soul-mate, always, mommy

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snow angels...

November 22nd 2008 4:35 pm
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hi efurbody, me droopy here & my mommy here too. i asked mommy if we coulds share wif all my friends a poem that we read in our paper other day. mommy saids that would be very nice and a goods thing to do. i has to tell everybody we didn't writes this, but we feel we have to share with all our friends at dogster so maybe it gets passed arounds and we can all helps these poor doggies and any other pets that has to go through this. please note, my mommy crys very hards when her reads this, you will too. "where's my owner?" it's sad that i have no voice. i can not talk, i have no choice. i sit here day after day, Cold and hunger so deep in my stomach it hurts, people walk past me day after day, Not even a pat on the head, I wonder when someone will come put something in my bowls. There's my neighbors i know that they see me, But they just turn their heads. I wag my tail when i see my owners pull in the driveway. Nope, no "hello" today. My owners are too busy with the hustle and bustle of their lives. I lay back down on the cold ground. Maybe tomorrow....My belly hurts i wish i had something to eat or drink. It's getting colder , the snow begins to fall. I curl up in a ball, i have nowhere to go. It's freezing now, it feels like hours have passed, i lay here thinking my owners know i'm their best friend. I love them unconditionally, I would give my life if anyone were to try and hurt them. Wait, I'm getting warmer, I can no longer feel my legs or paws, I'm very sleepy now. I'm not going to make it till morning. Good-bye, my family, I love you. I will watch over you from heaven. o.k. all my pup pals, mommy is crying so very hard right now, see, mommy tryed everythings her coulds to help two doggies that lived by us last year. they were kept outside in the heat & freezing cold. now the bad people moved away and mommy sad her don'ts know how them is. i tell mommy we needs to share this poem wif all you so we can helps any poor doggie goings through this, somehow we must stop this. its so cold outside right now, i knows how lucky i am to has my mommy who loves me so much, keeps me in the house. this is so sad, but it is so true its heartbreaking. me and mommy don't understand how people can be so uncaring, unfeeling and mean to hurts an animal like this, or anyway. it makes my mommy very sad and very angry...her gets so mad...well, dogster buddy's, i just wants to share so we can helps anyway we can. its winter, and there will be alot of "snow angels" out there who need our help. we didn't puts this in my diary to upsets anyone, makes them sad, just wanted to share it, we felt it was worth sharing. god bless all my pup pals!!!!! and they mommy's & daddy's!!!! if everybody trys, we has to be able to stop this abuse!!!! goodnights now, my friends. i love you all very much, mommy does too. talks to you soons, love the droopster......


playin hookey

September 16th 2009 6:18 am
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hi all, its me the "droopster" comin at u from my puter... bol!!! i has a secret to tells u, my mommie is playin hookey from works today!!! i thinks that the right word... BOL!!! WOOF!!! Shhhh, don'ts tell nobody, cause its a secret. so guess whats i playin it too... i'm gonna just lay arounds all day, watch some tv & just chill out.. oh, thats very funny mommie. yes, her is sittin rights besides me... a girl can'ts get no privacy...well, guess whats her says to me, i does them things everyday!!! the nerves of her sayin that. what her tryin to say, i'm lazy??? i tell u i does more works round here than da mommie does. i mean let me tell u what a job it is havin to eats mommie "new" cookin. her says to me, guess whats droopy, i'm gonna makes somethings new fur supper tonight. oh my goodness i say to meself, what is it gonna b now.?? why can't we just has a normal dinner, like chicken nuggets or spagetti or a cheeseburger?? why must mommie try & makes supper "interesting" only thing i'm interested in is eating... i don'ts wants to has to sit there & looks at my foods & try to figure out what it is b-fore i eats it... thats alot of works... and mommie asking me, do u likes it , well do u??? GEzzzzz, don'ts know yets mom, i still tryin to figure out what it is... i mean, hey i know i'm a "dog" & i'm really supossed to eat whatever, but i do have certain taste u know>>> and some of the "new" food mommie likes to try out, well, i'm just not too sure i wants to taste it...WOOF!!! so u see, thats alot of works fur me to sits there & b like, WOW!! this is da best dinner u ever made mom!!!!can i has dessert now??? (i know i'll get a tasty snack & then i can furget about my "new" meal i just had) hey don'ts gets me wrong, i luvs my mom & i appreciates everythings her does fur me... but there is just somethings u don't mess with or try to "experiment" with...and thats FOOD!!!! just give me some nuggets or a pizza & let me go at it mom!!!! if u wants to experiment on something, why don'ts u experiment on you hair do!!!!! try somethings new there fur a change....or go buy some new underwear or somethings!!!! but mommie, please, fur the sake of my tastebuds, please just makes us a "normal" dinner tonight!!!! well, i better gets goin, i hear pots & pans downstairs & i wants to reminds my mommie her is playin "hookey" i thinks her shouldn't do ANY work at all today... that includes cookin... i'm gonna see if i can gets her to just order us a pizza or cookouts some burgers & hotdogs maybe.. i knows, if i times it just rights & go runnin down the steps & into da kitchen just when mommie is takin the "mystery" meal out of fridge , i might take her by surprise & Oooopps, sorry mommie, didn't mean to make u drop "supper" on da floor... oh boy, thats a great plan...hey, i hear the fridge opening, i gotta go friends!!!! the "DROOPSTER" has a job to do!!!! barks at u all later!!! have a great day!!!! luv to all my wonderful pup pals!!!! hehehe guess we'll be ordering pizza fur supper tonight!!! hehehehehe BOL!!!! BIG WOOFS!!!!!


my award

September 21st 2009 7:25 am
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hi everybody in dogster land & special big woofs to all my pals out there!!!! i'd first like to say sorry been a few days since i b here, but mommie was workin & then we was doin stuffs... so here i goes... well u all knows i got dogster diary of the day award... well, i'm not the kinda girl who like to go round braggin her tail but i has to thanx my many fans & people fur such a wonderful surprise. first i'd like to thanx dogster fur giving me this wonderful award.. its a memory i will always cherish. and i'd like to say big thanx to all my many pup pals who gives me lots of presents & lots & lots of bones!!! i really wuvs bones, bol!!! i mades so many new friends cause this & being in my new groups too!!!! you pals our da best pals a girl coulds ever wants!!! i say thanx to all da pups on dogster & they mommies & daddys too!!! this is somethings special fur a simple girl likes me!!! while i was exciteds bouts it, i thoughts da mommie was gonna pee her pants!!! her comes runnin in da bedrooms(i was still sleepin) shoutin guess whats droopy, droopy, u never guess??? !!!!!! OMD!!! what now i thinks.. please don'ts tell me u finds something "new" again to cooks . (i sorta pushed mommies cookbooks behind the shelf) hey, mommie throws my ball that way & i has to gets it & well, my nose kinda hit the books & they fell behind the bookcase... i figure they can stay there till its time to make x-mas cookies, that way, maybe i'm safe froms gettin "experiment" foods... anyway, mommie finally shouts out i wins diary of the day!!!! well, wag my belly & tickle my tail!!!! i am the "droopster" afterall!!! i thinks i deserve a great big supper(of my choice) fur this!!!! well, da mommie was so prouds of me i gots to do whatever i wanted all day!!!! i gots a jumbone & then i had a cheesebuger & fries fur supper!!!! well spoil me some more dogster!!!! i can handle it!!! WOOF!!!! well, hey my friends, i just wants u all to knows how much u means to me!!!! i so thankful to b here & has such wonderful pals like you!!! da best friends ever!!!! so thanx fur the pawsents & the bones & fur beings my pals!!! big droopy kisses, licks & wags to all of you!!!!! i'm just a simple girl who loves to has fun!!! and i gots da best friends to has lots of funs wif right here!!!! and...da best mommie ever in da worlds who gaves me a great home & lots of loves & spoils me everyday!!!! thanx to u too, mommie!!!! well gotta roll friends!!!! barks at u all soon!!! takes care & keep them tails waggin!!! luvs to all u!!! big kisses &hugs from me to u!!!! droopy :O)


pawty time!!!!

October 25th 2009 7:53 am
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hi all my pals in dogster land!!! its Meeeee!!!! the droopster!!! guess whats??!!! my woofday is tuesday!!!! i gonna b 6 yrs. old!!! my mommie is makin me a cake today!!!! i so exciteds i mights pee!!!! WOOF!!! my mommie is feelin all mushy kinda... u knows... hers thinkins backs when her first gets me... she evens puts a pic of me & her on my page shortly after her gets me... i was just a puppy thens... mommie talkin all mornings bouts her members when she first took me homes... she saids her coulds holds me in her arms then... i was just a little puppy.. but mommie says i still a puppy, just a bigger ones... bol... i can tells its gonna b one of thems days, wif my mommie rememberings things all day... but thats o.k. cause i gets a new ball to plays wif & i gets a jumbones & i gets a chewnola bones & i gets cake too!!!! mom says i am one spoiled pup!!!! but her don'ts care, i be spoiled furever cause her wuvs me so muched!!!! i wished i coulds has all my friends in dogster comes to my house & has cakes wif me!!!! it woulds b a real pawty!!!! but i knows i gots the greatest friends ever & we are together in our hearts!!!! and thats means so muched to me. i just hopes my mommie don'ts get too sentimental... sometimes woofdays makes her cry & i don'ts know why... but her says that i never gets old cause i still acts too much likes a puppy... i guess thats means that i can b a spoiled little puppy & gets away wif takin the remote all i wants too!!!! works fur me!!!! WOOF!!!! hey guys, i gotta goes!!!! oh, hey, lets just hopes this cakes taste as goods has it looks... cause u knows how my mommie "cooks" gee, i sure hopes her has a recipe & not makes it out of her head... what a surprise that woulds be!!!! BOL!!!! you all takes care & has a greats day!!!! barks at u all soons!!! and if i doesn't gets to say it later...HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL MY WONDERFUL PALS OUT THERE!!!!!! I LOVES YOU ALL VERY MUCHS!!!!!! barks at u soons friends!!!! all my wuvs & hugs & lots of wet , sloppy droopy kisses to u all!!!! luv ya, droopster


my birthday

November 2nd 2009 7:47 am
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hi all my buddies at dogster!!!! its me!!! the DROOPSTER!!! :O) i just wanted to writes & tells u all how wonderfuls you mades my woofday!!!! you friends i meets at dogster are the bested friends ever!!! i hads da best birthday i ever has!!! mommie puts a birthday picture of me on my page!!!! i has to gives special thanx to my pal willey tucker fur makings the pic fur me... he done a greats jobs!!! thanx willey!!! kisses to ya!!! and my pals at dog park usa...u all is da best!!!! and my pals at boxer towns... thanx fur da pawty!!!! it was super!!! i has so muched funs i couldn'ts sleep the whole nights!!! i was all winds up mommie says!!! BOL!!! her finally gets me to lay down & i finally falls sleep cause i was worn out from all da funs!!! plus mommie says i probally couldn'ts sleep cause my belly was full of cakes & jumbones!!!! BOL!! BIG WOOFS!!! it was a greats birthday & it was cause all my friends at dogster cares bouts me so much!!! my mommie crys alittle bits cause her was so happy!!! her says she never knews so many wonderfuls nice people bfore.. her glads we r part of dogster cause its da best place to b!!!! i agrees!!!! dogster rocks!!! and so does all my friends !!! you all rock!!!! and so does all the doggies here!!! hey, lets face it... DOGS RULE!!!! anyway guys(& gals) i betters b goings now... mommie is off today & we gots to go outsides & play in da leaves!!!! i barks at u agains soon!!! thanx agains everybody!!! u mades my birthday a great one & very special one i members furever!!! and thanx to my special boyfriends snapper!!!! i wuvs you snap!!! big kisses to you sweethearts!!! big HI to the whole gang!!!! gotta roll now!!! barks at u soons!!! big hugs & lots of kisses to all my wonderful friends!!! oh, one more things...thanx to everybodys fur all da wonderful gifts on my page!!! its beautiful!!! i loves them all & very grateful to everybodys!!! lots of butt wiggles & jiggles & wet sloppy kisses & big hugs & sniffs to u all!!!! you pal droopy



January 2nd 2010 7:00 am
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hi everybodys!!! i wants to writes to tells all my wonderfur friends & they familes HAPPY NEWS YEAR!!!!! i so happy to hears bouts all my furiends hads a wonderfur christmas!!!! my wish fur da new year is fur all my friends & they families & every pup here at dogster & da dogster dog & da dogster people who takes cares of dogster & all of us , to has a very safe, blessed & wonderfur happy year!!!!! a year of playing, eating, sleeping, good times, good health & happiness da whole way throughs!!!!! OMD!!!! i can'ts believes it 2010!!! whats i really can'ts believes is thats my mommie makes it through another years!!! BOL!!! he hehehe my mommie seems to gets alittle bits more crazy every year!!!! bol!!!! i just knows this year is gonna b full of surprises & excitements wif my mommie!!! lets me tells u what her does alreadys... i sure u will gets a goods laughs(i sure does) bol!!! we was outsides on new yrs. eve nights. and its snowing pretty much!! mommie say hey droopy, lets makes a snowman!!! well, mommie snowman looks more like something from a scary don'ts has no body likes frosty does. it just one big mounds of snow!!! with sticks in its sides & a couple rocks thats i thinks r supossed to b its eyes & nose & mouths... hehehehe WOOF!!!! thats just what i does, i stoods there barkings at it cause its da most weirdest things i ever see in my whole life!!!! now my mommie not dones, her puts a scarf over its head (i guess thats it supossed to b da head)and thens puts a steeler cap on top of it!!!! her say, there , a steeler mutant snowman!!! her gets da mutant part right, thats fur sure... BOL!!!! now, i don'ts wants to hurts mommie feelings, cause her was so happy & prouds of herself fur making this....snow....thingy... buts i hads to share this wif all my pals here cause i knows u all gets goods laugh out of this!!! how embrassing it is fur me to goes outsides to do my business wif this "thing" out there... OMD!!!! i barks at it all da times. mommie laughs at me & say its not real droopy, it won'ts hurts you!!! humf... mommie laughing at me.... i knows it not real mommie, i barks at it cause its not normal looking... at least mommie coulds of mades this "snowman" closer to where i goes pee & then i coulds pee all over it!!! BOL!!!! i bets i has that things melted in no times!!!! BOL!!!! hehehehe better yets, i'd like to poop on it!!! i know fur sure mommie woulds knocks it down if i poops on it.. Hmmmmm, i must finds a way to gets closer to its... i'ves got to gets this things out of my yards, pup pals... its ruining my image...what if somebody thinks i helps make it??? i can'ts b shamed liked that!!!! i needs to figure outs how to get closer to it so i can poop on at least just once...i know that'll do it... mommie gets rid of anything i pooped on when i was just a pup & didn't knows better. so i know all it takes is one good poop and this "snowman" is out of my yard!!!! WOOF!!! i'll find a way pals & i'll lets u knows how it goes...hehehehe... this is just da beginning pup pals... i gots a whole new year in fronts of me wif mommie "trying new things" OMD!!!!!! well, i thats o.k. though!!!! cause i knows we is gonna has lots of funs alongs da way!!!! i hopes all my pals here at dogster has lots of funs too da whole year!!!! hey!!! its snowing!!! i gets to goes up aunt lisa's & play in da snow!!!! i gets da zoomies big times when i plays in snow!!!! zoom....zoom....zoom!!!! with all da snow we getting that "snowman" isn't gonna melts any times soons.... so its up to me pals, only one way to gets rid of it... i must use da poop plan!!!! only way to go wif this issue!!!! well everybody, i gots to b going nows!!!! wish me lucks pals in gettin rid of da mutant snow being out in my yard... if u has any ideas, please writes me & tells me. i can use all da helps i can gets wif this issue.. mommie i loves u furry muched!!!! buts u needs to sticks wif doings things that u know hows too.... likes just playing wif me & feeding me!!!!! mommie does greats wif that stuffs!!!!! and her takes cares of me real greats too!!!!! mommie always say "stick wif what u knows" mommie needs to start da year off by litsening to her own words & doing what her say.... i loves u mommie!!!! but like u say..."sticks wif what u knows" and it sure isn't making snowmans!!!!!!! has a greats day everybody & a greats, wonderfur new year!!!!! stay healthy & happy & safe!!!!! al my wonderfur pup pals!!!! has lots of funs!!!! eats, sleep, play but always stay close to u mommies!!!! mommies loves us Soooo muched they never lets anythings happen to us!!!! (excepts maybe embrass us sometimes making "snowmans") BOL!!!!!!! WOOFS!!!! HAPPY NEWS YEAR !!!!!!! loves u all furry muched & furevers!!!! u pal always, droopy ( da droopster)

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