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my life with my mommie, by droopy

bath time is never gonna b da same

April 4th 2010 6:26 am
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hello all pups in dogster lands!!!! its meeeeee!!!! da droopster!!!! i hopes u all has a great easter & da easter bunny brings u all bunch of great goodies!!! ;o) i knows him will cause i tells him all bouts u, cause him is in my backyard every mornings!!!BOL!
o.k. here is another adventure story about me & my mommie & what my mommie has been up to lately.. seems other day mommie was at da store, lookin arounds & her comes across dis stuff fur keeping doggies clean & smellin all fresh..
well.. its called waterless foaming bath...(something like that) it comes in like a spray bottle.. so mommie gets it..oh boy... its supossed to b used to help keep doggies smellin good & clean in between baths.. now..isn't bad enough we has to get a bath as it is!!! now we gots dis stuff to "bath" us anyday of da week!!! OMD!!!!so my aunt kathie & unkle bruce was comin fur a visit all way from chicago & mommie say
lets gives dis a try so u smell all nice & clean & looks good..well..i don't knows bout u pups, but i don't see any problem wif da look i like... that is my"i just dug da whole backyard up"look...whats wrong wif dat??? well anyway, mommie sprays dis stuff on your hand(comes out foamy) and her rubd on me like her pettin me...then her gets a wet(damp) towel & wipes me off... her trying to does it all over me but i not sittin still fur dis.. mommie say, droopy, just lets me does this, u smell nice & pretty & look so clean... well...sorry its no secret i'm not a big fan of mommie decides her trick me.. her puts my collar on so her can hold me still..
not playin fair if u ask me.. so anyway, mommie is trying to rubs dis stuff on me & then wiping it off & is trying to gets me cleaned up like if i was in da tub... finally i just say,,enough..and i get away & i start rollin all over da floor...well..mommie is happy wif how dis stuff makes me smell all pretty in between baths & helps me stay i hear her say...we gonna start doing this a couple times a week to keeps u clean in between u bath times..WHAT!!!!??? say it isn't so!!! i mean..come on now!!!
its bad enough i has to gets in da tub & get soaped up & has water poured all over me at least once a month..if not 2 times.. now..i has to get dis waterless bath 2 times a week!!!! every week!!!! OMD!!!! who thinks of dis stuff!!?? they must not like us pups very much to put us through this & make such a product..thats what i thinks.. i still say if my mommie just gives it some time her woulds get used to my
"just dug da backyard up look" it don'ts bother me at all.. i'm sure mommie just had some patience & gave it some time her would see things my way...and she would learn to appreciate the dirty paws, the muddy nose & da dust on my fur...i does!!
i guess mommie just don't see things da same way i does... so pups..bath time is just never gonna b da same... nope..cause it gonna b like 2 times a week now!!! :O0
plus!!! get this pals..mommie say i has to gets a "real" soap & water, in da tub, bath tomorrow...her was gonna do today, but her say since it easter i can get my bath on monday... wow..thanx mommie.. real thoughtful of ya... well, i knows one things pups... mommie wants to gives me a bath..i gonna gives her something to bath..
mommie wants to get da ground ready in backyard so her plants grass soon...
well..i thinks i helps her digs it up...i'm gonna digs everywhere & just roll arounds
outsides all day today WOOFS!!!! BOL!!!!! hehehehe if i'm gonna b gettin cleaned up & walkin arounds smellin like a garden of flowers every day, i'm gonna spend one more good day, being a dirty dog... diary & pup pals...dis is sure gonna b a fun day!!!
BOL!!!!!!! WOOFS!!!!!! well pups..all i has to writes about fur nows... i just wanted to warns u all abouts dis new way to keep us clean.. it can b done anywhere & anytime.
now..don't gets me wrong..i does not likes to b covered in mud.. but... alittle dirt between u paws never hurt anythings... well everypup..has a great day & a wonderfur easter!!!! i will b barkin back at u laters.. i keep u updated abouts dis...
ps. i sure hopes mommie stay out dem stores... no tellin what her comes home wif next time her go shopping... OMD............ loves u all bunches!!!!!!! droopy


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Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

April 4th 2010 at 5:43 pm

Big grinsssssssssss....

Big happy hugs for you our friend !

Flicka Δ,,Δ and Lucas /..| and Pam X

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