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my life with my mommie, by droopy

more of my life with my mommie

May 13th 2008 5:40 am
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hi all you dogster pup pals out there....whats barking ??? its me the droopster here. heres another little story for you. its no secret how much i loves jumbones. well, first my mommie says to me other day i was going on a diet. hmmmm, i am, when did i decide this, i doesn't remember saying this, goodness, i hopes this forgetful things my mommie has is not rubbing off on me.....bol..anyway, thats what she says, no more jumbones..:oO no more sgetties, no more left-overs. i'm not a happy droopster at this moment, let me tells you pals. well, next day, mommie comes homes from works and guess what..... she all happy, i brings you a jumbones, best buddie.....well, i am just shocked and alittle concerned now, i thinks this forgeting things with my mommie is gettin serious. while i am concerned i was not going to say anythings to her and ruin my chances of sinking my teeth into the most tastiest, chewy jumbones i had ever seen. my drool was already building, my taste buds tingling, spit bubbles now forming outside my gums, my little butt shaking with excitement. lets go mommie, oh please don'ts forgets you have it. its right there in you hand, lets go !!!! WOOF, WOOF...oh no, we run into the living room, a trail of my excitement follows me, and then she starts....the jumbone song.....droopy got a jumbone, jumbone, droopy got a jumbone. jumbone, jumbone, droopy got a jumbone, jumbone. oh my goodness, see how she forgets, first she just sings the same words over and over and i clearly don'ts have the jumbone IT'S STILL IN YOU HANDS MOMMIE !!! make it a true song..GIVE IT TO ME !!! the spit bubbles are starting to go up my nose !!!! WOOF....BOL....well, finally she gives it to me. i go off with it to relax and enjoy it. savor every minute of this delicious treat. then, mommie comes over and that good, droop, whats you got there buddy ?? oh my goodness, it is getting serious, i just lay there and look at her and wonder how she can forgets so fast what she gives me. it was only a minutes ago. well, i knows one things, my mommie never forgets, thats how much she loves me. at least i am safe there......and has for this diet thing, hmmmmm, i guess thats o.k. she forgets that. bol..i am beautiful anyway, solid and strong. i doesn't have no fat on me. silly mommie probally saw a picture of another puppy somewhere and in her state of confusion maybe thinks it was me...woof...i think my mommie just needs to rest some. sure glad vacation is coming in a month. we is going camping, that will help my mommie. well, thats all for now, friends. barks at you all soon. i loves you all, pup pals. droopy


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