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Life as a young show pup.

OMD! OMD! OMD! - My wish came true!

June 27th 2010 2:15 am
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OMD! I can't believe the pmail I just received!

It was from someone who is a fan of mine, and they told me that I got my wish. I was very confused at first. However when I went back and read my diary entry January 24th 2009 that they quoted to me, I literally passed out with shock!

This is what I wrote 1 year, 5 months and 2 days ago; ------

"This morning I asked Bella where you get the order form for the puppy warehouse so that you can order your puppies.
I have decided to get my order in very early so that I don't miss out on the exact ones I want.
Bella just laughed at me and wouldn't tell me:(

I want 6 girl puppies - no smelly boys for me thank you very much!
After a lot of thought I've decided on names for my puppies.

Dolly - Dolly will be a show dog and beat all of Bella's puppies:)
Molly - Molly will be very sweet - she'll be a mummy's girl:)
Cassie - Cassie will be rough and tough - she'll join the police K9 unit when she grows up:)
Carrie - Carrie will be a search and rescue dog when she grows up because she'll be good at tracking:)
Kayla - Kayla will be very kind - she'll be a service dog when she grows up:)
Layla - Layla will be the brainiest one of my pups - she'll get a job with the customs department and work for border patrol:)

I'm not going to let my puppies ever be sold to furever homes - no siree. No one's putting any of my puppies into an airline crate and flying them away on an airplane.
They're going to stay here with me until they are old enough to get jobs, and even then Molly will stay with me furever:)

So as you see I've got my litter of puppies all planned out - now I just have to find out where you get the order form for them from:)"

Can you believe it? Well, I guess I found the puppy orderform. You get it at the vets. However why did they send me 3 boys as well as the 6 girls I ordered???????????????????????????
I hope they're not going to charge me for them!




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