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The Life of the Naughty Twins

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Shadows Woofday!/Test Results

April 16th 2008 5:42 am
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'Morning everyone!!! Before I tell you my test results Shadow has something to woof to you...

It's Shadows 3rd woofday today! Mom was gonna make him a cake but she doesn't think she is going to have time so she's gotta think of something else fun to do for him! Be sure to stop by a send him a woofday pmail!!

OK - Now to let you know my test results...
I DID IT! I am now officially a Canine Good Citizen and a registered Pet Therapy dog!! Well, I will be once mom gets all the paperwork sent in. She was SO proud of me that she stopped at Burger King and let me have a plain hamburger on the way home! I've never had one of those before, but boy are they yummy!!! I hope I do something really good like that again so I can get another one! That psyco German Shepard wasn't at the test, so that was nice. I was a little more relaxed! I kind of took a shining to a beautiful Rottie that was told me that I better watch it or Shadow would get jealous!
Thank you all for the Good Luck notes and pawresents!

Well, gotta get to work filling out paperwork so I'll talk to you all soon!

Big labbie hugs and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow



April 14th 2008 8:28 am
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Well, tomorrow is the big day! I get to take my test to see if I can be a Therapy Dog! I really hope I pass. Last week I got a treat that was on the floor during the 'leave it' exercise:( Mom scolded me cause if that happens during the test I automatically fail! I'll let everyone know how it goes!

Shadow ended up being a Pet Therapy Class drop out. He's just too much of a nut! Maybe he can take the test when he gets a little older and settles down a little. Or, maybe he just isn't cut out for therapy work. It's kinda crazy cause at home he's pretty mellow (except when we are all star wrestling!) but once we walk in the door at class he turns into a psyco! Oh well, mom will be happy if just one of us passes!

Wish me luck!

Big labbie hugs and sloppy kisses -


I've Been Tagged!

April 8th 2008 9:49 am
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I've been tagged by Lacy. We have to answer 4 questions in our diary and tag 4 friends.
Here it goes...

Name 4 jobs you have:
1. Keeping the cats away from my water/food dishes.
2. Making sure mom doesn't have a spare centimeter on the bed at night
3. Making sure Shadow doesn't get too much time on the couch.
4. Kiss Giver

Name 4 places where you have lived (or stayed at):
1. Home - Bangor, WI
2. Camper - Galesville, WI
3. Auntie Kim's! - Mindoro, WI
4. Born - Out in the BOONDOCKS, WI

Name 4 places that you have been:
1. PetSmart
2. Dog Park
3. Vet
4. Therapy Class

Name 4 places you'd rather be:
2. Cuddling with mom on the couch
3. At the camper
4. Auntie Kim's house with my cousins Molly and Shelby

The friends I am tagging:

Bingo 548876
Yumi 319392
Jessi 703378
Dayzee 519632



April 7th 2008 9:55 am
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Well, on Sunday mom made her first attempt at making homemade treats for us and boy were they YUMMY!!! Mom and dad even tried them - just out of curiosity...they both thought they needed more peanut butter. Mom did discover that she definately needs to get a smaller cookie cutter because they turned out HUGE. The recipe was supposed to make like 36 or something like that and it only made 18 - BOL! We had just a tiny bit left so she made two cookies for our pal Rocko down the street - he loved them too! His mom said that my mom had to start making them for him and she would pay her! She wants to try different recipes but dad says to stick with one for awhile - what a stick in the mud!!! Mom says that tonite shes gonna stop at the store and get us some fruit for our Kongs - YEA!!!

Big hugs and sloppy lab kisses -


Spring has Sprung!

April 6th 2008 7:20 am
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Yesterday it was 70 degrees here! So mom and dad took us out to Grandpa Bruce's land and we got to run and run and run! Mom brought the 'Chuck It' ball thrower and we fetched for HOURS! Then we got to run with the four wheeler on the trails and then Auntie Kim came out and brought our cousins Shelby and Molly! We had so much fun! We are pretty tired today though. We are kind of sore too so mom gave us each an asprin to help us feel better.

Dog class last Wednesday did not go well for Shadow. Neither the instructor or mom think he is going to pass this test. The teacher thinks that he just may be too young and exciteable yet. She thinks I've got a real good chance of passing though!

*yawn* Well, time for another nap!

Big labbie hugs and sloppy kisses -


Shadow ~ The Buckethead

March 30th 2008 6:44 am
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I'll give you guys all a laugh first thing on a Sunday morning..
Last night Mom, me and Shadow went up to bed before dad did, he came up a few minutes later. As soon as Shadow heard him coming up the steps he sprawled out as much as he could, then quick closed his eyes and pretended he was sleeping - this made mom laugh, but what happened next made them both laugh real hard.
When dad reach down to pat him to get him to move he started smacking dad with his two front paws! Mom said it looked just like the movies when two girls get in a 'cat fight'. Then dad tried to physically move him and he let his body go totally limp and made himself be dead weight ~ at 80 lbs dead weight is A LOT apparently 'cause dad had a heck of a time moving him and mom couldn't help cause she was laughing too much!
Anyways, Shadow must have slept real good cause this morning he woke up bouncing off the walls! He made mom get up at 630am (this really made her happy - BOL!) because he was running around the bedroom like a banchee and hasn't quit playing since - mom thinks the doggie speed dealer visited in the middle of the night - BOL!

Sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow


Second Night at Therapy Class

March 27th 2008 4:18 pm
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Well...Shadow did better this week. Mom and Dad practiced for the last two weeks by taking us for walks and taking me one way and Shadow another. He was still a little bit of a twit, but not as bad.
The teacher started out by having us all stand in a circle then she came around and pet us...which we REALLY liked, even SHE said that Shadow did a good job at that one. Then she sat in the wheelchair and we had to take turns going up to her and behave ourselves - this was real hard 'cause she had some really great treats! As I was walking back to my spot this big German Shepard got real mad at me...I didn't even do anything! Just walking along minding my own business, feeling very proud of myself for being a good pup. All of a sudden he started barking and lunging at me! The nerve!!!
Then we had to walk in a circle and not eat the treats on the ground - that was REALLY, REALLY hard but we both did it! Then she said we could have them so I ate one and looked over and Shadow picked one up then spit it back out and wouldn't eat it - what a freak, huh?!
Then the real big test...we had to stay while mom and dad turned their back on us and walked 20 WHOLE FEET AWAY! Shadow was the first to go and I was just WAITING for him to make a fool of himself, but he didn't! He only tried to move once, then he stayed where he was supposed to like three times in a row! I was getting ready to take my turn and here came that blankity, blank, blank, blank German Shepard again! This time I was real scared cause he was right next to me! I put my tail between my legs and Shadow really freaked out this time - he just kept yelling at that naughty German Shepard to leave his big sister alone! It was quite touching. Then they still wanted me to sit and stay while dad walked away (like that was gonna happen! I was so scared I'm surprised their wasn't a pile on the floor!) But, I sucked it up and did get it done, barely!
Then someone else had to take us and walk around with us. We did OK, at first. All of a sudden Shadow started barking his fool head off, then he peed on the wheelchair - how embarassing! I looked and he was barking at ME and jumping around like a fool! He didn't care that he wasn't by mom and dad, he just cared that he wasn't by me! What a goofy brother! That's all for now

Sloppy kisses -



March 22nd 2008 7:01 pm
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Mom was so excited tonite! Shadow has never been one to give kisses - in fact the closest mom has ever gotten to a kiss is a little peck on the tip of her nose - Mom and Dad were talking about Breed Specific Legislation, and after the discussion Dan ran to the store. While he was gone, Shadow pinned mom on the floor and gave her kisses 'til she couldn't breath!!! She was so happy that she cried - he has NEVER given kisses like that before!
He must have been able to sense that she was sad because our campground decided to impose it's own version of BSL this year - certain breeds of dogs are not allowed in the campground. That makes momma sad since she loves all breeds, no matter what.
Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses no matter what your breed -
Abby & Shadow


Therapy Class

March 13th 2008 9:09 am
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I would like to thank all of you that voted for me in the Bissell MVP contest. I didn't win but mom entered me again using another picture. I think my next voting period starts the 18th.

Well, Shadow and I had our first lesson on being pet therapy dogs last night and Mom and Dad said that I did wonderful (like there was any doubt that I wouldn't!) I was a little leary of the walker the first time I saw it, but the second time I barely even looked at it. I think I might have a problem on test day when Mom and Dad have to make me stay while they turn their backs and walk 20 whole feet away!

Shadow, on the other hand, was a little twit! I think he has seperation anxiety from me! We were only like a few feet apart and he just sat there and barked and whined at me! I acted like I didn't even know him, hehehe. Mom finally had to get a bottle with stuff in it to spray at him when he barked to make him stop - he smelled like lemons when we got done. Plus he was OBNOXIOUS! He wouldn't listen and just kept flopping himself down on the floor throwing temper tantrums. Then mom sat down on the floor with him and he just climbed all over him - I've never seen him do THAT before! The stuff he did participate in he did good at though. He didn't get distracted by anything that the instructor tried, except when she walked by bouncing a ball. He did real well in the 'meet and greet' and just stood beside mom while she talked to the other ladies. He just has to stop being so upset about not being right by me! Mom hopes that it will get better as time goes by. The instuctor seemed optimistic that it would!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow



March 11th 2008 4:58 pm
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It was almost 50 degrees here today! Mom got home from work and took time out of her 'causes' and took us both for a walk! We got a little over excited and tried to drag her down the street because we hadn't been on an actual WALK since the beginning of Winter. But it wasn't long before we got the hang of it again and we walking like pro's! Mom was real happy for that since this was the first time she's tried to take us by herself!

One more wake up til we start classes for our CGC!!!!

Lots of big, wet and sloppy kisses -
Abby & Shadow

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