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The Life of the Naughty Twins

The Hunt For Buried Treasure Continues....maybe?

May 22nd 2009 7:33 am
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It's Memorial Day weekend and I'm so excited because that means that we are going to the CAMPER, which means that I get to go SWIMMING, which means that my search for buried treasure can resume...YAY!!!

What?! I may not get to GO swimming this weekend? But, but, but...WHY?! I must continue to hunt for the treasures in the sand before some other pup finds the BEST treasure!

I've been limping intermittently for the past couple of weeks and of COARSE mom is freaking out! I have to go to the dogter on Saturday at 10AM. From mom's DISTORTED discription, many think it's either a soft tissue injury or a torn ACL, but I personally, have my doubts.

I believe that it's just mom's way of ruining my weekend. I mean's just a limp! I'm not whimpering or whining (except when I want something that I'm not getting) and am pretty much being my goofy old self - so what's the big deal?

She has had me on light duty for the past week. I haven't gotten to do ANYTHING! No fetch in the backyard, no wrestling with Shadow, no humping Shadow, no NOTHING! I have no quams what so ever about letting her know EXACTLY how I feel about it either:) I've been SUPER naughty in the house since her bright idea of putting me on light duty. I'm taking underwear, socks, TShirts, basically whatever I can get me teeth on out of the cloths baskets, hiding only one of her shoes or slippers, laying in the middle of the livingroom protesting with my high pitched 'help me' bark (she always really likes it when I do that - BOL) Anything that I can do to driver her batty!

Anypup have any other things for me to try to drive her nuts? Last night, I sat at the bottom of the stairs after then went to bed whining and barking my high pitched bark for about 45 minutes before I finally decided to grace them with my presence - then I proceeded to take up mom's WHOLE side of the bed - BOL!:)


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