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I've been Tagged!

November 6th 2008 6:23 pm
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I've been tagged--7 things you never knew

The friends I am choosing are Ember, Spotz and Ellie!

The Rules: Start out by listing 7 pawsome facts about yourself, then choose some dogs to tag and list their names.

Pmail them to let them know they've been tagged or send them a fun rosette announcing they're tagged. Ask these dogs to check your diary entry.

1. I love to sleep under the covers !
2. I love chasing squirrels and keep them trapped up in the tree !
3. I steal Lucy's dogfood when Mama's not looking !
4. Everytime Daddy lays down for a nap, I jump on top of him and give him lots of kisses !
5. I let my sister, Tipper, win at tug of war !
6.I almost never sleep on the floor !
7.When Mama goes grocery shopping, I ALWAYS check the bags to make sure she got me some good stuff !

Ok, now it's your turn !


Dog of the Week!

November 3rd 2008 3:25 pm
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OMD....I'm all a- flutter, I just found out I'm Dog of the Week in Black and tan dogz of the world!! Oh, thank dog there was no photographers...I mean, I've been cooking all afternoon! My fur is all flat from the hairnet and I smell like hamburgers and fries !!!! Oh, what an honor....I'd like to thank all who picked me, my mother and father, Tipper , my sister, everyone in ConnectTheDOTS, DalSavers, the Humane Society, the man that rounded us up,and oh, I can't remember everyone, I'm sorry. Just let me say ..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


Happy Halloween !

October 31st 2008 5:30 am
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A HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all ! I want to thank everyone for the Halloween greetings, also. And best of all, WOWZA, I won 2nd place in the PRINCESS POOCHES HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST. Thank you so much for the votes and the rosette Suzy Q! What a surprise!
Everything is pretty much back to normal in our ConnecTheDOTS group. As you know, last month , we lost three of our beloved members within a very short time. It was a very emotional time for all of us. But as they say, time heals all wounds. You start thinking of the good times and try to forget the sad times. We have alot of new joins and hope to have many more.
Well, after today, I can take off my costume. I think I'll donate it to someone a little skinnier.....I mean..... the TUTU was a little snug around the waist. I know, I know, too many treats! What can I say? I don't like those silly carrots like some of those other dals.....too healthy!!! Next week, I go to get my toofies cleaned. I know Mama's going to ask them to cut my nails while I'm put under. After that, she's going to try that new pawdicure thingy every two weeks....yeah right!!


A Very Rough Week!

September 28th 2008 8:27 pm
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Well, I have to tell you, it's been one heck of a week! In our group, ConnectTheDOTS, ,we have lost THREE DALS IN THREE WEEKS! It is heartbreaking. Mama and all the Admins. work like dogs to keep the group fun and upbeat. This week it was very, very hard! You don't realize how close you become to the members and their dogs...it is as if they were your own. The emotional up's and down's. First you hear the diagnosis, than maybe some hope, than they're down again and finally...... ! Mama knew what would happen with beloved Darla, because she went thru the same thing with her german shepard, Sarah! She got cancer the second time around. The doctor said prednisone would help. Mama gave it to her, and boy oh boy, Sarah was like a puppy again. We thought she would get thru this again. Little did we know. That lasted a few weeks and than,,,Bang......Sarah got weak, she got disoriented, she wouldn't eat. Mama and Daddy took her in,said their Good-byes and held her in their arms as she slipped away. So Mama knew this would happen to Darla, but would not say anything to Darla's Mama. It broke her heart to hear that Darla was acting like a puppy again, giving hope to her Mama. If she could only stay that way! But no, it didn't last, and soon Smilin' Darla was ready. She let her Mama know it was time. Oh how my Mama's heart broke...she cried for two days...just looking at that beautiful face...what an angel!!!
Poor Tucker, totally paralyzed...yet still fighting to live. Poor Disney, Pancreatic cancer....why does God do this to innocent animals....I will never know. I do know though, that as an Admin of a group......all those dogs, everyone of them, is part of you! And all those emotions really take their toll. We are slowly coming around again and hope to be back to normal soon. I guess this just shows me to love my dogs as much as I can, because you never know what's around the corner!!! God's speed to Darla, Disney & Tucker!!!


A Big Thank You!

September 6th 2008 12:10 pm
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It's been awhile since I wrote anything in my diary & do you know why? Well, remember way back in May, I asked my sister, Tipper to join Dogster. Ok, so she joined! Well next thing you know, she starts on her page with the stars, flashing lights, blinkies, everything to make you think you're on something you shouldn't be. Than she gets these awards for Best Page & all this stuff, taking the SPOTlight away from me!!! Next thing you know....SHE STARTS A GROUP...I mean , who does she think she is!!!! She starts learning all these fancy 'puter things like hovers, making pictures, changing colors, & on & on &on. FINE, just steal the show I say to myself!! The group takes off like wildfire.....I never saw so many SPOTS in my life., but that's great. We have sooo much fun in that group....we feel like family. Ok, everythings going along well, next thing I know....she invites me to another group....ANOTHER GROUP SHE STARTED...with some others. I mean, Sheeesh....how does she do it? I had to drop out of some of my other groups "cause I couldn't keep up. SHE'S madly making pictures, member cards, hovers,awards.....like a crazed rat!!! I didn't join the group yet, I'm afraid to "cause I can't type as fast as all those witty dogs out there. Next thing I know, she'll be RUNNING Dogster, with all her talent & ideas! Which leads me to this......I just want to give a BIG THANK YOU TO TIPPER for all the help she has given me in the past. She has helped me with my page many times & made many cute pictures for me......" course I'm cute anyway, so that doesn't take much!! Did all of you see my new picture ? Tipper did that on her own...I mean, do you think I would sit with a parrot on my shoulder..uh-uh, not me.....he'd be my lunch! Just so you know, that patch is the real thing...no fakies for me....no sireee!! She put that hat on me, the blue crossbands,the parrot, the treasure chest...whew, makes me tired just telling you about it, let alone doing it. So again, TIPS, my sweet little sister....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :) Oh, & before I forget, THANK YOU to all who sent me Blue Collars if you didn't see my last entry! Love to all my Dogster Pals!!!



August 4th 2008 8:22 pm
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It's been quite awhile since I wrote an entry, but I at least wanted to thank all my friends and family for the Fabreze collars. It's so nice to have so many friends. I hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did, I'm sorry! I mean ,I know I'm perfect, but occassionally, I slip up...what can I say! It's not easy sending all those collars out when you have the FLYING MONKEYS here.......Yes, we still have them come here 4 days a week....Tipper and Maxxie too! They're getting better, though, and soon Emily will be in afternoon kindergarten. I just know Mama is gonna be all teary eyed! That leaves us with Caleb...typical boy! But I know the house will be quieter.......maybe too quiet!!! :(


Oh no, Tagged again!

June 26th 2008 7:05 am
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June 26th 2008
I've been tagged by my furfriend,Amazing Gracie

Now to answer some questions . . .

Name Four Jobs that you have had:

1. Watching for the mailman
2.Chasing squirrels out of the yard
3. Making sure Mama loads the dishwasher the right way
4. Check that Lucy ha eaten all her food

Name Four Places that you have lived (there are only two)

1.Farm in Illinois
2. Humane Society in Illinois
3.Foster home in Milwaukee, Wi.
4. My furever home

Name Four Places that you have been

1. The dog parks
2.Tippers house
3.Maggie's house
4. Up North

Name Four Places you Would Rather Be

1. In Mama's bed
2. At the dogpark
3. Anywhere Daddy and Mama are
4. On the couch

Now tag four Pups!

1. Phoebe #771139
2. Birdy #512453
3. Chocolate Chips #680556
4. Henry #458024


Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

June 19th 2008 8:34 am
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It's been a while since Iwrote an entry in my diary, so here it goes. Today the FLYING MONKEYS are here. So far,there's the usual yelling and screaming----I just try and tune it out.....sigh! I mean, what else can I do? I can't up and leave, not that I'd want to. All of us go outside sometimes, but than Tipper starts digging---- than I get worried that I'll get blamed. Maxxie is the terror of the neighborhood, with all that barking. I mean, how can I relax? Well anyway, Daddy is on vacation the next two weeks,I can't wait. PEACE and QUIET!!! Rides,treats, going for walks, the dogpark. At least I can recharge myself again. I know Mama and Daddy like to go for lunch at special places, so that means special treats from the eating place, mmmm. I hope the weather will be nice. Well,that's about it for now. See ya! Woof--Woof!


Another One of Those Days!

June 4th 2008 6:05 pm
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Yes,again! Things haven't been too bad lately, except for the fact that now my sister, Tipper, has gotten sooo involved in this Dogster thing, that she decides to START A GROUP! Can you believe that? I mean, first I had a hard time even getting her here, than she decides to join, than she goes all crazy with her Las Vegas type page, now she owns a group!!! Guess who's second in command? Aha,you guessed it! I mean, I was still trying to learn things and help Mama with Sammy and Lucy's page. Like I have nothing better to do? Than she starts bugging the heck out of one of MY friends, getting all kinds of brainstorms and next thing you know---she barks---LOOK AT MY GROUP---CONNECT THE DOTS!! OMD, what could I say? So today Tipper's Mama had to take off 'cause one of the poor FLYING MONKEYS had her tonsils taken out and tubes put in her ears. Well ,you know what that meant----I'm left to keep things going in the group. OK, from 6;00 AM, I'm doing OK. Everything is going along fine until about 8 or 9:ooAM. All of a sudden---- the screen goes black and ALL the lights go out on the ' puter----not good!! Mama and I kept trying differant things, nothing works. Daddy happens to call, so she tells him. He thinks it might be the adapter and to call Circuit City. She does that, explains it to the guy and he agrees and tells her to call Toshiba " cause they bought a warranty. She calls them and tells them everything and he agrees also. Than he tells Mama to print up a label to send back the adapter. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT WHEN HER 'PUTER IS BROKE!! He says "Don't you have another 'puter?" I mean, this thing cost Mama and Daddy over $1400.00 before rebates!
So Mama says "I'll ask my daughter to print it up." Than she has to mail the adapter to them, they look at it and than finally mail us a new one----this taking anywhere from 10 to 14 days!!! So what is Mama supposed to use in the mean time----call Circuit City and buy a generic one for $90.00 and return it when we get the new one. The manager says that's fine. S o off we go to CircuitCity and Sendiks. Finally, after 5 hours, we get the generic adapter. Yeah----back online again and right to the group. Mama apologizes to everyone and finds out that Max, another admin. , had tried to cover for her---how nice was that!!! Well, that's how my day went, but things could have been worse, the whole 'puter could have died---I mean, it's only 15 months old!!!!



May 27th 2008 9:56 pm
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Yowza, I got to be Dal O the WEEK in the new group , Connect The Dots! What an honor. Not only that ,but a cool glittery picture with my profile and glittery stars. I feel like I'm in Vegas, just like Tipper.This is so great,I'm besides myself. I'm so glad I joined Dogster,because I've made so many wonderful friends. And now my sister and cousin are in it too! Well, I gotta go, just had to share with everyone. Good night everybody,sleep tight!

P.S.----Any Dals are welcome ,so please come and check out our group. I guarantee you'll have lots of fun! TTFN ! WOOF-WOOF!

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