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A day in the life of Maizy!

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I am Royal Dog of The Month in PDPC

May 1st 2013 8:30 pm
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Ta Dah........I am so proud to announce that I was picked as Royal Dog of The Month
in about that ! Now Pongo and my sister ,Tipper have to bow down to me and listen to my every command......BOL ! Look at that beautiful crown on my head, isn't it gorgeous ? I know you're all jealous and wish you had one ! I can tell Tipper is already all snappy and jealous ! What can I say ? Maybe if she came around more she could have got picked sometime, too ! Well enough of the chit-chat, I must go about my Royal duties and greet everyone . I want to thank Buttercup for choosing me and making me that beautiful picture ! Quite stunning, isn't it ? I love posing for pictures , maybe it will get on the cover of Dog Fancy !! ;)
I can only hope !


It's A Wonderful World !!!

March 17th 2013 5:52 pm
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What else can I say after so many Well Wishes and so many Special Rosettes.......Thank You, Thank You, Thank You a million times over ! I even got lots of Birthday Wishes on Facebook from all my wonderful friends over there. I am so happy to have met so many pals from all over the cool is that ! I only wish I could meet them in person someday , but that's pretty much impossible . Mama and Daddy sang Happy Birthday to me this morning, with little Anabel thinking all the attention was for her. She loves to hog up all the attention.....Sheesh ! Later in the day, Daddy let all of us go for a ride to get special cupcakes for my special day. Mama put some pictures on FB and will add some to my page , besides the nice ones from Bailey ! Again, it's been a wonderful day and I hope I'll be around to celebrate many more with all of you, Thank You !
Oh, and by the way, my dear sister Tipper is 10 years old today also....Happy Birthday Sweet Sis .....I love you with all my heart !

Maizy xoxoxo


One of The Diary Picks of The Day !!!

February 25th 2013 6:39 pm
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Omd, Omd, Omd , Mama's been sick for three days, hasn't been on the 'puter since Friday or Saturday and she see's this in her emails :o ! My fursis Anabel, was also picked as one of the Diary Picks of the Day and also Princess Diva of the Week in PDPC..........what are the chances ??? Mama has lots of catching up to do , but it may take awhile. She got her Flu Shot.....really, she did and did it help ??? I guess not, she got it really good this time ! She still gets the chills, aches, fever, so it may take time before she's back to normal.........whatever that is ;) Mama hasn't even been to any of her groups.........Yikes ! Thank you so much Dogster.......Hugs,


Administrator of the Month !

February 17th 2013 1:27 pm
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Guess what ? I was picked as Adminstrator of the Month in Black and Tan Dogz of the World ! Thank you for that Honor Max, also for the pretty picture !
Not only that, I also was picked as Diary Pick of the Day thru Dogster.....I could just howl !!! Two special awards in one day, it's a good thing I can count to two or I would be in big trouble :o Mama's trying to put up the other picture from Bailey, but she cant seem to get it on her page. She's wondering if Dogster has fleas again :) Oh I wish Tipper could see this, but she isn't around too often know work and everything ! We still have the Flying Monkeys coming over in the mornings and sometimes after school depending on their Daddy and work. That's when I do get to see my dear sister. We feel so bad for her because her legs are so stiff from arthritis. She gets meds that help a little bit, but Mama knows she's still in pain. Pain is no fun, just ask Mama ! :( Anyway, this isn't the Dr. Oz Show, so we will say our Good- Byes and Thank you to all for this special honor.


Diary Pick of the Day !

February 17th 2013 12:33 pm
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Mama is is so proud of me, I was picked as Diary Pick of the Day today ! I have been trying to load this really nice picture from Bailey , but it's not working again :( I want to thank Dogster for picking my Diary and thank everyone for the Rosettes ! I so appreciate that.

I also was picked as Administrator of the Month in Black and Tan Dogz of the World ! I want to thank Max for that honor and for the beautiful picture ! I am beside myself today....two honors in one day...Whoo-hooo !!! That should warrant some special kind of treat, don't 'ya think ? ;) Mama will keep trying to work on that other pretty picture and hopefully she can get it up ! Love to you all !


Oh My Dog!

February 16th 2013 9:25 pm
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Mama is soooo embarrassed ! She just realized she missed a whole bunch of pictures for birthday, Royal Member of the day, Admin of the Month....Sheesh, how could she miss all those in the mail ! I have to hide my head in shame !! Please forgive Mama, I think she's still loopy on those pain meds for her knee...LOL ! She has to finish loading the others on the other pages...Please forgive her Bailey and Max and thank you for all the beautiful pictures and honors!



Thank you !

February 15th 2013 9:26 am
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Mama said I should be very polite and Thank everyone for all the Happy Valentine's I am saying "THANK YOU " to all my pals for thinking of me and I hope you had a great day also ! It's a nice sunny day now, so I am going for a ride in the van with Daddy and Grandpa ..........Bye, bye ! :)


I'm one of the Dogster Daily Diary Picks today !

August 10th 2012 4:16 am
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Oh my Dog, it's only 6:08a.m. and already there's excitement in the air ! Mama just saw that I was one of the Dogster Daily Diary Picks on the Diary Central Page today........Wowzers, what an honor ! My picture is right on the front page for everyone to see ! I couldn't be happier right now ! Maybe Daddy will get me a special treat for being so famous ! Thank you so much, Dogster......It's a very special day for me today.......Wooo, wooo, woooo ! ( That's Dalmatian talk for being so happy )
Maizy ✿◠‿◠ ❤


Thank you Dogster !

August 1st 2012 1:39 pm
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Just want to give a big "Shout Out' to Dogster for the free gift of the beautiful Cake Rosette ! Mama went crazy giving these cakes to everyone....I can't wait to start gobbling them up !! I also want to to thank Max for making me Dog of the Month in Black and tan Dogz of the world ! I am truly honored ! Hope all my dogster pals are having a great Summer !


Belated Thank you !

April 17th 2012 8:52 am
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It just occured to Mama that she forgot to thank everyone for all the pretty Easter could she forget ? I am so embarrassed, please forgive her ◡‿◡✿
She didn't mean to forget. She had the Flying Monkeys all week and you know what that means..........Yikes ಠ_ಠ Anyway, THANK YOU to all my pals for the beautiful rosettes for all of us !

Maizy, Angel Lucy, Sammy, Pongo & Anabel ❤

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