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A day in the life of Maizy!

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Mama and the Flying Monkeys

May 9th 2008 7:37 am
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Where do I start--OK--First, Mama is starting on Sammy's page. Everything's going pretty good until she finds a differant music link. She decides to delete the other one and put this one in mine first. Fiddles around and ends up with both songs on one Bio thingee---sounds like I'm in a tunnel-GREAT!. She went back, did what she should and it finally worked. She wasn't too crazy(she really is) about the look of the player, but she doesn't think there's any others.Than she has to fiddle with the nbrs. to make it fit. So far, it's not too bad. She does have to get back to Sammy's page though.
Now, this morning, I'm doing my usual snoozing on the couch, when the phone rings. Mama answers and it's Tipper's Mama. She slept thru the alarm going off and asks if Mama can pick up the Flying Monkeys, 'cause it would give her more time so she's not late for work. Well, Mama just gets done totally stripping off her eye make-up and is in her lounging pants. Well to make a long story short, Mama figures who's gonna see her. She threw on some differant pants and LEFT US! What's up with that? She flew out of the garage like a bat out of you know where, and went to their house,10 blocks away. Tipper's Mama answer's the door like a frazzled chicken, quick gets some clothes together and Mama and The Monkeys were out the door! Gone all of 10 minutes!!! Both of them are coughing away---you know what that means--Mama gets sick, than Daddy! Poor Emily has to go in to get her tonsils taken out in a few months, that's why she's had so many ear and throat problems. I hope it makes her better 'cause I don't wanna get sick for summer. I love the warm weather. Well, that's how our day is going so far---
Oh wait, there is something good, I got a Gold Bone from Kody this morning, that was really great! Thanks for letting me bark out!



May 6th 2008 9:09 am
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Well, after all of Mama's 'puter problems and page problems yesterday, she was at least glad her sister, Tipper , joined the site. Today, Mama decides to check in---after finally getting back on the internet--- and sees TIPPER IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION------WHAT? That can't be, she can't leave me. Her Mama said nothing to us!! Well, Mama called Amy and told her---Amy says" WHAT?, NO THAT CAN'T BE". She said she was tired when she signed up and must have made a mistake. So if anyone thinks my sister is up for adoption----forget it---I'm sorry, but she's staying right where she belongs. And everyone lived happily ever after!


I've Been Tagged and My Sister , Tipper Just Joined!

May 5th 2008 8:11 pm
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Hi All Dogster Friends,
I've been tagged and also, my sister,Tipper, just joined. How cool is that--just so she doesn't steal the show! OK---Back to being tagged. First I list three things I've done to help all dogs, Than I tag seven of my friends, and than they must read my diary to read how the game goes and tag seven more!

1. Mama rescued me from DalSavers and gave me a good home.
2.Mama and Daddy donate to Canine Companions to help the dogs.
3. Mama and Daddy have picked up strays countless times and returned them to their owners.

I am going to tag :


When does the insanity stop!

May 5th 2008 8:35 am
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Well, as I tried to write before, Mama's been working on my page--like forever. OMD, all the mistakes, deleting, questions, pictures, graphics. She finishes putting on a song, looks at my page and there's all these stupid little A's all across my page---what's up with that? Goes back, deletes, try's it again--OK, looks fine. She does something else, goes back to my page, and the little A's are back--I mean, how dumb is she? I told her to take classes, but no, not her---no time for that. There's flying monkeys and dogs to take care of, she says. So it goes!
Saturday, Mama & Daddy went for pizza. We always get the crust afterwards--mmmm. Yesterday, we stayed home all day and helped Daddy clean up the yard. I made sure no one came in our yard and kept an eye on the neighborhood---Make sure everydog stays in line! I got a little itchy again, but I think that's from the pig ear Daddy gave us. I won't tell Mama though, ' cause she knows it makes me pink, but Daddy likes to spoil us sometimes!
Well, I better let Mama get back on the 'puter---she hasn't even visited her groups and forums for awhile ' cause she's so obsessed with these dogster pages. Make sure you look at my MICKEY MOUSE SPOT-----pretty cool, hah?


My Everything

May 2nd 2008 12:35 pm
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OMD, What a boring day! The flying monkeys went to daycare instead of coming here, so Mama decides to try and work on my Dogster Page. I mean, how hard can that be? She is sooo computer illiterate---she had to learn everything herself,as Daddy only looks at the thing, no typing or anything, he has Mama do that! So she starts to look at these background things----should it be flowers, hearts,glitter, no glitter, little extras, songs--how do you do songs? Such decisions! It took her 3hours just to look at the backgrounds, and than the music. Well, she looked at tips and help page---OK, she goes to that site,now what? Oh yeah, set up an account----done. She knows the song she wants, but somehow couldn't get it---that took another 1 1/2 hrs. Well, she says I'm her everything, her rock--so she picked out this song, but I'm a girl, not a man! Well, she says it's the words that make her think of me and it's such a happy song---whatever! She STILL wants to add other things as there is sooo much to pick from. I'll be lucky if I get fed,let alone let out!! So that's how my day went--if you look at my page, remember, she's NOT done. That will probably take another 2 days, and she STILL has Lucy and Sammy's page to do----grrrrr!!!



April 28th 2008 2:04 pm
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Woooof, what a busy day. Everydog was so nice to send me notes of congratulations and gifts. I never expected that. All of you are so nice. Mama hopes she got everyone,I tried to help too, but with the flying monkeys here, it's a little hard. Otherwise, Tipper and I had a good day, little chilly outside to play. Us dals don't like cold weather,we'd rather be where it's warm and sunny. I gotta talk to Mama bout moving to California, she always wanted to see that place. Course things are so expensive now, they probably couldn't afford my food anymore,let alone trying to afford a house down there. Maybe we could just live on the beach and eat fish, that works for me---oh wait, Mama doesn't like fish THAT much. OK, enough of that idea! Well, it's that time again--Daddy will be home soon and the fun begins. Thanks again to all my pup pals and friends--It was an honor to be picked as one of the diaries of the day! WOOF-WOOF!


I'm So Happy!

April 27th 2008 8:20 am
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WOOF-WOOF-WOOF-WOOF---I am so happy-my diary was one of today's daily picks. Oh, that deserves a special treat,I think---I'll have to talk to Mama about that. Wait till I tell my sister,she'll be so jealous. Gotta go show Daddy, he'll be so proud. I have him so wrapped around my paw . He really didn't want a dal, but Mama talked him into it, and now he's a pushover.
We went for a nice ride yesterday. Mama and Daddy went for fried chicken to this place out in the country. What a nice day to hang out the window.We got some treats when they came back out and then we got to run around the fields I love doing that. Today it's cool, but kinda sunny. Right now , I'm in my usual spot(a little dal humor) on the couch,while Mama and Daddy read the paper Life is good! Thank you again for picking me!



More rain--Muddy feet!

April 24th 2008 4:44 am
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Woof-Woof to all my dogster friends,
Well, Mama says it's supposed to rain later today and tonight. I don't like rain---you get your paws all wet and muddy, than Mama has to wipe my feet---I hate having my feet touched. Nail clippings? Forget it---it took 3 people to hold me down last time---no, no, no,no! I need a doggy cocktail or something to relax me!
Yesterday we were out in the yard a lot.Daddy BBQ'd and than we raked the yard.I'm good at pulling up the grass. Sometimes Mama yells,I don't why,I'm only trying to help. After that, we went for a walk.
Today, my sister and her fur-brother are coming AGAIN! Which means the 2 little flying monkeys,as their Daddy callls them, are coming here too!Too much noise, can't wait till they get into school! You can see my sister on my page and my two cousins on Lucy and Sammy's page. Mama was busy working on those. I wish she knew how to do those glittery pages with the music,those are so cool! She's learning everything on her own, But this Windows Vista thing is a whole differant animal---I don't know what kind of animal, but that's what she says.It's hard for a beginner.She'll have to check around and see if she can learn it. She did take a few more pictures and learned how to put fancy frames on all our pictures. Better go now, pretty soon they'll be here. Have a pawsome day! Woof-Woof!


More Fun Stuff!

April 23rd 2008 12:49 pm
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Well. Mama just joined Dogster Plus---what fun. She immediately started on My pictures first. She said she's going to have to add some more when she gets time. Later, she'll work on Sammy's and Lucy's, but she did MINE first!
What a pretty day today. My sisterTipper and her fur brotherMaxxie ,were over again. We played outside a lot, while Mama was out with those 2 little people.I don't know how much longer they're gonna keep coming over,I mean, this isn't a Bed & Breakfast! Mama said she'd take a picture of my sister and put it on my page,too. We don't look a lot alike,she's smaller and has lots of spots---Hey, that rhymes! Before, we had to run in the fields to try and catch food---I don't think she got as much as me, since she's the runt. But she's strong and fiesty.Sometimes she tries to take my toys away from me, but that's OK, I let her take them--it makes her feel good.I love her almost as much as I love my Mama and Daddy. I better get going, Daddy's gonna be home soon---that means extra treats for us. Woof-Woof!


Feeling Lazy

April 22nd 2008 7:07 am
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Boy, today I feel really tired. Sunday we went to my sister's house. We had lots of fun running around. Daddy took us for a walk around the pond.Well, of course Sammy HAD to jump in the water. He's such a show off. Did he ever get dirty, and bark about stinky---OMD! Daddy had to give him a bath when we got home. Yesterday, those little ones were here again---all that screaming and yelling,I mean,how do they expect me to sleep! Then Daddy took us for a walk in the evening. Today they're at daycare 'cause Mama goes to the dentist. Later we'll go for a ride with her.I can't go in with her---besides, my teeth are beautiful enough already! I'll just rest in the car with Sammy and Lucy and watch the world go by. Daddy might BBQ chicken later, if it's not raining. Well, guess that's it---have a good Earth Day! Woof-Woof!

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