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My new life with my new family

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Big day on Saturday

November 24th 2014 4:32 am
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Saturday w a big day for me.
It was my first home visit and inspection for Schnauzer Love Rescue.
Mommy and Daddy took me with them.
I met the family it was a mommy and daddy two children!
They were all very nice I played with the children while mommy and daddy talked to there parents. I even got to sniff around there house to make sure all smelled right.
Than it was off to there back yard to check out there fence.
It was a nice big yard for a schnauzer to play in.
All was great.
Well we told SLR that all was great.
Now the best part
On Sunday yesterday they picked up there new Schnauzer named OLIVER !!!!!!
I'm so happy I helped a pup find its forever home.
It was a great weekend!!!!!!


Last day at the beach!

November 8th 2013 5:12 am
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What a month it has been
It started out kind of bad with me getting sand stickers all over me and having to go to a groomer to get them out, but than it was all up hill.
I got to see sharks real close to the beach, I got to bark at the guys with these big fans on their backs and kite things flying, I got to meet lots of people and other pups, even one named Bella!
Found great sun spots to nap with a view of the beach.
The smells O these great beach smells how wonderful!
This was my seventh visit to St.George Island Fl. With mommy and daddy,they said we are coming back in May for two weeks!!!!
The best part is with mommy and daddy both retired now we will all have more time together.
I'm such a lucky doggy


Well it's the end of my first week at the beach.

October 19th 2013 5:51 am
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On my first day I got into those bad sand sticker things,they were all over my legs.
Not fun. So the next day mom and dad to me to apalachacola to the groomer there.
She was a real nice lady and she had schnauzers of her own inc a handicapped one.
She even had a schnauzer on her big sign out side.
We'll the next day we wee walking on the beach.did I say we are staying on st. George island fl?
Anyway we saw a big bull shark right in the surf.happy I was not in the water.
The rest of the week was nice and peaceful
Who knows what this week will bring


My dental yesterday!

August 31st 2013 7:13 am
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Well I came through yesterday with no problems.
Had three teeth pulled.
Poor daddy was worried for two days before and was on pins and needles till he heard I was OK.
Mommy handles these things much better.
Well for the next three days I get wet food !!!!!
Yum !!!!!!!


War of the pillows !

August 21st 2013 6:45 am
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Well at least twice a day mom will fluff up the pillows on the sofa.
As soon as she is done. I will hop up and get them the way I like them for my naps.
This has been going on for years with no settlement on how the pillows should be.
And people say its hard to get a settlement in the Middle East


First day at the beach this week

May 12th 2013 1:18 pm
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Well mommy and daddy and I were walking on the beach thine afternoon and we met a boy schnauzer. From Jacksonville fl.named Rudy! He was 11 years old and we played a little.
Silly daddy did not have his camera. Well we went on with our walk.
Well on the way back we passed Rudy again.i was walking on the water side and Rudy. Was on the sandy beach.
The was looked like just a puddle between us . I was so excited to see Rudy. I jumped into the puddle to get to him.
We it turned out it was a very deep puddle and I had to swim to him.
Than I got all sandy playing with Rudy again.
And daddy had to put me under the outside shower to get cleaned up.
Wow what a day.
Daddy said all walks the Camera goes with us.


February 24th 2013 1:41 pm
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Well today was the first nice day in a long time. So we went to the dog park! It was packed.
Mommy said the reason was people has cabin fever.

There were were twelve other schnauzers like me there!!!!!!
Silly daddy left his camera home!


Lots of storms last night!

January 31st 2013 7:28 am
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Well we dad lot and lots of rain yesterday in my part of Georgia.
Well last night the wind picked up a lot and made all kinds of noises.
I was in bed with mommy and daddy and all those noises scared me and I ran under the bed for a while.
Well I said to my self I would be a lot happier and safe with mommy and daddy so I came back up.
I was shaking because I was still scared .
Well mommy ad daddy pulled me up to there heads and put me under the covers .
They talked softly to me and keep petting me.
Well that made things all better. I was safe i with mommy and daddy and slept all night


Another day at the beach

May 17th 2012 5:55 pm
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What a nice day today.
It's my 3rd full day at the beach. I went for lots of walks on the beach again, and played in the surf with mommy.i got to take A nap under daddy's beach chair.
All the beach smells were great.
When we got back to the house daddy got all the sand off me with a hose. Even that was fun.
Than guess what while we were eating dinner on the deck a rainbow came out.
Wow! I never seen one of those! la/820ae134.jpg
Now it's off to bed with mommy and daddy.
I wounded what will happen tomorow ?


Boy what a night last night!

May 16th 2012 6:23 am
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There was all this heavy rain, lights in the sky and the biggest boom booms I ever heard.
Well I was sleeping in my bed which I do some times.
I got real scared and ran under the big bed.
Daddy heard me and got me out and put me in the big bed with mommy and him.
He rubbed my back till I fell a sleep.
Mommy sleep through it all.

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