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A Day In The Life Of Ellie Mae

I've Been Tagged By My Friend, Buffy

January 4th 2009 6:33 pm
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The Rules

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are "tagged", need to post in their diary the rules plus their own 7 fun facts. Next, choose 7 pups to *tag* and list their names. Pawmail each of them that they have been tagged and instruct them to read your diary for rules!!

Here's the fun facts about me - Ellie Mae

1. I Absolutely Love going for a walk, the longer the better.

2. I went on vacation with mom last year and decided that she should never go on a vacation without me.

3. For the very first time I actually met another bichon, one of my BFF, Lil Miss we had a blast together.

4. My favorite food is CHICKEN.

5. I love to play fetch and chase but I think mom should do more of the work then me, don't you agree?

6. I'm going to my very first Bichon Bash in July, I can't wait to meet all my friends, especially the hostesses of the bash Bella Mae & Lucy!

7. I'm going to meet Torrey for the very first time, this summer.. I hope he still likes me after we meet!

If you would like to play, tag 7 more dogs. They have to put 7 fun facts in their diary!

Here are the pals I'm tagging: Buddy, Lil Miss, Hallee, Vern, Skye, The Flower Girls & Piper


I've Been Tagged By Mulligan

July 13th 2008 4:38 pm
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Mulligan Tagged me!

This is a new game so I would love to Play
I have to name 4 things I like and 4 I don't. Here goes........

Things I like:
1) Going for walks
2) Barking Hello to my neighborhood friends, Max, Zeus & Elvis
3) Going for a ride in the car
4) My Humom

Things I dislike:
1.) When mom goes to work
2.) A bath
3) Going to the groomers
4) Mom not letting me bark at delivery people

I tagged:
JR # 764871
Princess #649258
Cuki #514746
Chloe #589033


I've Been Tagged By My Friend, Chloe

June 30th 2008 7:00 pm
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So here are my questions & answers!


1) Supervisor of fencing project at my grandmother's
2) Full-Time Security Guard
3) Full-Time Nurse for Grandpa when he was sick
4) I'm one of "Charlie's Angels"


1) Day Trip To Freeport, ME (They have a fantastic Doggy Store there!!)
2) Day Trip To S. Portland, ME
3) Day Trip to Brunswick, ME (I even saw a live rat on that visit, freaky)
4) Ballon Festival in Auburn, ME (Plus we went to a baseball field to chase some baseballs)


1) I'd Love to Meet Torrey!
2) Bar Harbor, ME (I'm meeting one of my BFF there in September)
3) A Trip to IA to meet two more of my BFF
4) I'd Love to go to a Bichon Bash one day with mom!

I've tagged the following puppies:

Torrey, Dogster ID: 706486
Vern, Dogster ID: 405996
Charlie, Dogster Id: 676829
Pepper, Dogster ID: 39473
Buddy, Dogster ID: 718612

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