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My Secret Thoughts

Wow, I'm it!

January 18th 2009 7:47 pm
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My furiend Rocky tagged me!

The rules are simple: First, I will tell you seven things about myself. Then I'll pick seven furiends to tag, and they'll have to tell seven things about themselves and then they pick seven furiends, and so on!

1. I have survived cancer twice!
2. I like to bark at the dog on the ceiling (mom says it's just my reflection in the skylight, but I know there's a dog up there.)
3. I like to bark at motorcycles when I'm riding in the back of the truck.
4. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is to go camping!
5. I chewed through a 2x4 porch railing once.
6. I torment my sister Pita by napping in her crate when she's not in there, heh heh.
7. My feelings get really hurt when people say mean things about Pit Bulls; I am not vicious, I am not a killer, and there's no reason to be afraid of me (unless you're a stuffy or a squirrel, BOL!)

Ok, I tag these pawsome pups:
1. Precious Michelle
2. Coco
3. Sunny Lee
4. Teddy Bear
5. DarlaMae
6. Moxie
7. Maggie


Jena, always in our hearts


Family Pets

Miles, always
in our hearts
Zak, always in
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Bean, always
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Pita, NPC
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