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A Day in the Life of Sophie

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April 24, 2015

April 25th 2015 1:17 pm
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Hello Dogster pals. Sophie hasn't written in her diary in a long time, but we wanted to let all of her pals know that Sophie crossed to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She had kidney disease, along with her collapsing trachea and chronic pancreatitis. Her little body wanted to fight but just couldn't anymore.

She enjoyed two last great days of visits to the park, a lot of love, belly rubs, ear scratches and pets. I told her over and over and over what a good girl she was, and how much I love her. I told her a thousand times but it will never be enough. Not enough words to describe how much I love her.

She was my very best friend, my best pal, my best girl. The best dog in the whole wide world.

Sophie, Mommy loves you and misses you so much, forever and ever.

Love, Mom


My Gotcha Day!

December 9th 2012 7:51 am
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Hello everyfur!

Yesterday was my Gotcha Day/Birthday! Can you believe it has been five years since I adopted my mom. Time sure does fly! Mom tells me that I am now 10 human years old. I don't understand the way humans tell time, but I think I do not look a day over 7. I am doing furry good. I suppose I am starting to feel my age a tiny bit, I do have a bit of arthritis but I take a supplement for that. And I do have a hard time hearing mom sometimes, but she thinks I am selectively hearing. BOL!

I hardly remember my old life. I had no idea then that you could adopt a human of your own and they would love and take care of you. I can't believe what I was missing! These are my favorite things about human adoption:

1) I always have food in my bowl, and treats in my jar.
2) My mom always knows what to do when I am not feeling well. She takes good care of me, and in return, when she is home sick from work, I do my duty and sleep next to her all day.
3) I have my very own queen sized bed, that I let mom sleep in.
4) Cuddle time in the morning. Besides when mom comes home from work, this is my favorite time of day. After mom gets all ready for work, she sits on the couch and I jump up next to her. Then I rub my head and body all over her clothes and get cuddles and pets and kisses. Then I roll over for belly rubs. This is the best!

I am so glad I adopted mom. I wish for everyfur to know love like I do now.

Love, your pal,


Hello everyone!

May 11th 2012 12:33 pm
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Hello to all my furry friends.

I miss you all so much! Just wanted to pop in and say hi and how are you. Life is good for me and I hope it is for everyfur. The only thing going on for me is that I am coughing just a bit more which I am sure is because it has gotten hotter here. The good thing about this is that now I get tasty honey a couple of times per day for my throat. Also now mom carries me up and down the stairs like the princess that I am. She does not want me exerting myself whatever that means.

Yesterday morning I had some excitement. Mom and I went outside for my morning business and a giant raccoon went running from the yard into the woods. OMD he was big. Bigger than me!! It was scary. But that is life in the country I guess.

I miss hanging out on Dogster and I hope all my friends are doing well.



Happy Gotcha Day to me!!

December 8th 2011 6:09 am
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Hello to all my pals! Today is my 4th Gotcha Day with mom! I can't believe how the time flies. I am so happy that I adopted mom. She is really coming along with her training. I am very close to completely ruling the household!

I am so lucky to have a happy and loving home. In my younger days, I didn't even know this was possible. Now I am so comfy and warm and full of good food all the time.

I want to thank my pals for remembering me today. I have made such great friends here at Dogster and I love you all.



My Gotcha Day!

December 8th 2010 8:09 am
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Hello my pals!

Today is 3 years since I came to live with mom. Isn't that something! I am so happy here and mom and I love each other so much. She takes good care of me and has learned to do (mostly) what I want. What can I say, it's hard to train a human and can take many years.

I do not feel like celebrating too much as also this week, my wonderful friend Kiki had to go to Rainbow Bridge. I know she is happy there, but I feel very sad for her mom and brother Kobe. My birthday wish is for them both to find peace and comfort.

I love all my Dogster pals and I'm so happy that I have gotten to know so many great furs these past 3 years!

Love and kisses,


Summer 2010

July 2nd 2010 4:33 pm
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Hello to all of my Dogster pals!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing pretty good, all things considering. Here is my new condition - on Monday, I started coughing and coughing. Mom thought perhaps I had a kibble or something stuck in my throat. So, off to the vet I went. I swear that lady just loves to go to the vet. She rushes me off there for every little thing. Anyway, they assured mom right away that I wasn't choking or anything and I was breathing fine. But to find out why I was coughing like that, they did an xray and told mom that I have a collapsing trachea. I swear if it is not one thing it is another. But the vet told mom that I just needed some meds, avoid exercise in the heat (no problems there, I hate going outside in the summer heat!), harness instead of collar (which I already have). Oh and she says I must lose another pound! OMD! Rude!! I am not the least bit overweight, even she said so. Just that is better to be lighter with this condition. And for my pancreatitis too. So you would not believe the small portions of food that mom has been doling out that I have been trying to survive on!

Since then I have been doing good. I did not feel like eating much on Tuesday, I guess because of all of the medicine that doctor gave me. But I haven't coughed since then. Well one little cough this morning. But that's it. I am still taking medicine but I feel all back to normal. Mom says I am 100% Sophie again. The weather has been furry nice this week. The mornings are actually cool and I felt so good this morning that mom and I took a nice walk before she went to work.

Mom says that we have been through much worse than this and she is right. I know she will keep me in line and make sure I do all that I need to do to stay healthy for a long time.

I hope all of you are having a good summer. And watch out for those fireworks!! I hate them myself and plan to hide in the bathroom.

Tail wags and kisses,


Happy Spring!

March 17th 2010 8:23 am
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Hello everyfur!

It has been soooo long since I wrote in my diary. I hope everyfur is doing well. I am good. April will mark one year since my pancreatitis episode. Mom and I are very happy because I have done so well since then. I have had only two incidents since then. In December, I had to get my dreaded yearly shots. Two days later I got sick and was right back at the vet's. They gave me a shot of medicine and mom gave me some medicine for a few days and I was fine. Hopefully this has encouraged mom to end this yearly torture for me.

Then a couple of weeks ago, mom came home to find that I was sick all day. So we spent that Friday night at the vet's. I don't know what happened to me that time. Mom can't figure out what I ate or what happened to cause it. Mom was sick the week before so maybe I picked up her bug during my work as Nurse Sophie. But I got another shot of medicine and was feeling much much better by the time we got home.

Mom has been finding new tasty things that I can eat. I still eat my kibble from the vet but I don't mind it so much. Mom found a few different canned foods that I can eat so I alternate with those, plus I get either boiled chicken, boiled turkey breast, boiled egg white, or my new favorite - nonfat plain yogurt mixed with my kibble. You should see mom get all the ingredients for my meals ready. She has to use both hands to carry it all. BOL! Only the best treatment for me!! Plus she has found some treats that I can have. I would tell everyfur but I can't think of the names right now.

I found out today that my furcousins crazy Fred and sweetie Max may be getting Dogster pages. OMD. I hope Dogster knows what it is in for with that Fred.
He is full of silliness.

Tail wags and kisses,


Happy Gotcha Day to me!!

December 8th 2009 6:12 am
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Hello furends!

Well if you can believe it, today marks two years that I have been in my furever home with mom. We are so happy together. I'm so glad that I picked her to be my furever mom. She always makes sure I have plenty of food and my treat jar is full. She gives me belly rubs every day. She even makes me go to the V-E-T when I am sick, even when I don't want to go, because they make me feel better. I guess I will keep her. BOL!

This means also that I have known my great Dogster furends for two years. I love all my pals so much!!

Here's to many, many more happy years!!

Tail wags and kisses,


Petfinder Happy Tails

October 9th 2009 1:25 pm
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Hello everyfur!!

Mom posted my story on the Petfinder Happy Tails page. Check it out: story=20173,



Best wishes for my pals

September 8th 2009 2:06 pm
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Dear furends,

I am so worried about several of my pals. I hope you will all help me send good thoughts to them. My bestest girlfriend Kiki is not feeling well. Also, our friend Dorothy Louise has not been well the past few days. Then yesterday we found out that Demon Flash Bandit's mommy is in the hospital. :( I am so worried for all of them. Mom holds onto my paws and we say a prayer every day for my pals that are not feeling well. I know what it is like to be very sick, and mom knows what it is like to worry, so we also pray for their moms and families.

I love all my pals!

Love and kisses,

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