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The curious life of one doggone pup named Griffin

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Come Home Griffin!

December 3rd 2007 12:23 pm
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Last Saturday we drove to Madera County Animal Shelter to visit Griffin even though they haven't responded to our application. We got in just before closing and were able to play with him right away. VERY playful and so fun! The perfect pup!

We filled out the adoption papers while the attendant spoke to her supervisor and learned that there was another application out for Griffin, but they would adopt him to us since we were there! We also learned that he's only 8 weeks old and was brought in at 7 weeks. They usually only keep dogs there for 5 days but knew that they would be able to find a home for him. His sister was already given a home.

Griffin will be staying there for another week while they neuter him. We'll pick him up this Saturday. We've already bought a ton of stuff for him and we still need to pick up a bed, leash and collar. We ran into a very cool store on Chestnut St. (Catnip and Bones) with very helpful staff that gave us some free treats to give Griffin when he comes home.

I probably won't bring Griffin in to work right away to give him some puppy time, figuring stuff out at home. Wiebke's work is a little less active and will help him transition better to playing with other pups and being outside of the house.

I'll bring him in to work as soon as possible so he can get introduced to all the other pups. We also need to get him house-trained quickly so he doesn't have accidents everywhere. I've learned that if your pup urinates where you don't want them to, that you're supposed to roll up a newspaper and hit yourself on the head! Haha.


Griffin got an office!

December 3rd 2007 4:49 pm
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I knew at all the time... I work at the best place in the world (well, besides Dogster). My employer just organized an empty office for me so I can bring our little Griffin into work next week. That will give him the privacy he needs as a little puppy who just got rescued from a shelter. I'm really thankful for all the support!

By the way, the shelter called me this morning. There's a tiny chance that Griffin will only get neutered next week, which means, we would not be able to pick him up this Saturday. Could ya'll join me real quick in prayer that our little pup can come home this weekend?! We're anxious to give him a cozy home filled with LOVE and TREATS!

Anyways, we continue to get ready, get the house puppy-proof and read as many books about puppy training as time allows. (yeah, we know that it's all gonna be completely different anyways... ;-)


i'm so sick!

December 19th 2007 6:14 pm
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I've been at the vet's 4 times already since I came home. They can't just make up their mind what's wrong with me. I'm trying to eat better and I'm really good! I SO wish I could get all better and have my shots done so I can go outside and play with all the other pups.

And by the way, I'm SOOOO excited to come to Dogster HQ tomorrow! I wanna play all the time but I'll act so good so I can come back again the next day. Mommy has done such a good job taking care of this pup and I'm trying my best to get better about the whole peeing on the floor thing. Oops! ;>

Anyways, that's all for now! See ya!


Mommy's sad! :-(

December 20th 2007 12:16 pm
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Today, I'm with Daddy at Dogster HQ. It's sorta torture because there is this other cool dog, Marcel, and I can't play with him yet. I still need to get a few more shots before I can finally explore my city and play with my other furry friends.

Because I'm with Daddy today, Mommy is a bit sad. She wanted me to go to the office with Daddy since I can be quite a handful while she's trying to work. But now, that she's without me, she misses me A LOT. Ha, that will make her love me even more when I get to see her again tonight. She'll probably be ready to play with me for a LONG time tonight. ;-)

It's only a few more days till Christmas. I really like jumping into our Christmas tree at home but my humans disagree with me. They can really spoil that fun sometimes.

Hey, Grand'fur'father, high paw for this awesome doggy bed that you gave me for Christmas! I love it!! When my humans brought it home last night, I crawled into it right away. It's so cozy. Still pretty big for me but I'm growing up fast so it will be perfect in a few months. For now, I've been dragging all of my toys into my new bed so no one can take them from me.

Ok, I want to watch Daddy clean up my accident now. Then, I'll be ready for another nap. Catch you later! Woof!


Being sick sucks big times!

December 25th 2007 8:52 am
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Like my Daddy said, in my short life, I've been to the vet about six or seven times already. I think, by now, I'm finally without any worms or bugs. But last Saturday, the doc said that my cough didn't sound good at all. Mommy and Daddy had to leave me at the vet for a while so they could take an x-ray of my chest.
It felt like my humans had been gone for the longest time!!!

The doc found some black stuff on one of my lungs. He sent me home with antibiotics and some advice for my humans to watch me carefully.

Since that last visit, my cough got much worse. I can barely breathe and there is this mucus congesting my throat. Besides, I really want to sleep more but this sickness is keeping me awake all night. And Mommy and Daddy don't really get much sleep either.
They are very worried about me. I really want to bring them more joy and be a healthy puppy. I'm usually pretty mellow anyways but I enjoyed my play time with Mommy and Daddy. But this lung stuff is bugging me so much that I just want to hide under the couch or in a corner.
Last night, my family and I had the worst night. My whole body was shaking from the cough and I felt like I was suffocating. Mommy was crying a lot. My humans actually got dressed at 2am because they wanted to take me to the vet. That's how scared they were. I seemed to feel a bit better and got a bit more active after they got up. So Daddy decided to stay up with me for a while and had Mommy go back to bed. I don't remember when all of us were finally able to fall asleep?! Hm.
It's almost 9am now and Mommy has fed me , walked me in the backyard and made me do my business. I think I'm gonna take another nap now. Maybe Mommy can snuggle up in bed for another hour or so, too?! She really deserves some rest!


I'm Back!

January 16th 2008 4:01 pm
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Yeah, my pneumonia is gone! Hooray for antibiotics, special food, a warm nest, and lots of love from my humans!

Special thanks to Mom who diligently put hot water bottles in my doggy bed so I was warm enough.

Now, that I have more energy, my humans have started training me. I kinda like it because there is so much opportunity for getting treats. I think I'm doing pretty good. At least, Mom and Dad say 'good boy' all the time. And then there is this new word that I keep hearing more and more. 'Off'. I really don't like that one. I've learned that I can't jump on furniture and needs to stay away from things when they say 'off'. Boring!!!

The good news, I'm almost ready for the big, green park world out there. On Sunday, I'm getting my rabies vaccination and then I'm done with all that kind of stuff. Maybe my humans can spend a bit more money on treats and new toys instead of the vet then?! Woof!

Speaking, um, barking of training: Mom and Dad have begun to leave me alone at home more often. They did it for the first time last Saturday night. They had been putting me 'away' in the kitchen before. Well, that's how I got used to being 'separated' from my favorite playmates for a while.

They probably thought that I might be barking or whining a bit that night while they were out for dinner with friends. But I totally proofed them wrong. I was so exhausted from the day that I just slept until they came home. I didn't even have any accidents! Am I a good puppy, or what?

I believe my humans know how much I love them. But sometimes I wish I could bark their language to let them know how much fun I have with them.

This doggy life is pawsome! Woof!


Fort Fun(ston) Rocks!

February 4th 2008 4:58 pm
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..or doggy heaven, like I call it. My humans took me to this huge doggy playground on Saturday. There were so many other dogs, I really didn't know where to run first. Sometimes I just don't want to listen to my parents when they call me (ok, most of the times, I won't listen) so they kept me on the leash for most of the time. I hope they will take me back soon. It really made my day!


I'm So Grown Up, Dude!

March 10th 2008 11:49 am
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My life is pawsome! I'm having a blast with my humans who are trying hard to give me enough time to play and exercise. I know how busy they are with work and church, friends and other stuff. But whatever they have on their To Do list, they always find time for me. Woof!
We hang out at the dog run near our house a lot these days. I've met SO MANY dogs recently. A lot of butt-sniffing, man! I think I'm behaving pretty well. At least, Mom lets me off leash when we get to the dog run and I always get to play for hours.
I'm not stupid so I know that Mom is happy to go there because she just has to take off the leash and I'm basically entertaining myself. I believe she can unwind a bit while I'm busy chasing balls and other dogs. Guess, it's a win-win situation for both of us. ;-)
I've also learned to sit and wait at every curb. Ok, there's still room for improvement. But usually, I sit down and wait for my humans to tell me when to go.
I love puppy class! My humans signed me up at SF Puppy Prep ( The teacher Aishe is SO cool. I'm always looking forward to our classes on Wednesdays.
Today, I'm in the office w/ Mom. I'm totally quiet. No barking. I'm just hanging out here, waiting for something to happen. Since some people complained about my barking and running around in the office, I'm trying hard to be better. I really want to get back out there and play with my friends Slider and Beane. But overall, puppy life is great! Woof, woof!


I just graduated!!! Yay!

March 21st 2008 10:20 am
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I don't have time for a longer diary entry but I just wanted to say how excited I am to graduate puppy class at SF Puppy Prep (! Yay! The life of a little pup is chock FULL of achievements! I love it.


So Many Gifts!

March 27th 2008 9:25 am
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Thank you so much guys!!! :>

I love all the gifts! It IS a very Happy Easter!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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