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My daughters angel Tots

December 13th 2009 6:15 pm
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My daughter who is 16 recently lost her beloved kitty Mr. Berns. Mr. Berns a.k.a Bernard ended up with a horrible urinary tract infection. The infection got so bad that he had a huge blockage that in the long run ended up costing us $2,000 to change Bernard to Bernice. Which is the funny way of saying we had to cut everything off and make a new hole for him. This is my daughters child OK. For those of you that don't understand the bond between an animal and a person just won't get it. We had to pay for the surgery just as you would have to pay for it for a loved one. Bernie never recovered. He came home, wore the cone of shame and had all these medicines to take. He leaked everywhere all the time. It was horrible. It got so bad and the vet just told us to make sure he got his meds. Bernie got outside, and passed away. We knew he had died because he had to have his medicine to survive. But of course the wondering of where he actually ended up bothered me. Knowing he had passed was one thing, but knowing he went peacefully was another.

My daughter cried for 2 weeks straight. She kept saying she could not sleep, she needed someone to love and snuggle with. With Christmas approaching she said all she wanted was a puppy of her own, (Because I said no more cats). She has always wanted a Pomeranian. Us being chihuahua people I tried to talk her into a long haired chihuahua. I love to dress our chihuahuas up in dog clothes and can always use another model to love on. She insisted she wanted a Pom. I told her we could not afford one. They are usually close to $1,000!! No way. I don't spend $1,000 per kid on Christmas. Of course every once in a while I looked through available puppies, just to see if it was meant to be then we would find one that was affordable.

One afternoon after going to endless pet stores and rescue shelters with my daughter and coming out of there heartbroken for all the pets that needed homes my search led me to They had rescued 2 poms from a pitbull ring and were FABULOUS people. We got Tots.

This is her Christmas present this year. This 3lb. dog of pure fluff has captured our hearts. She is so adorable and my daughter who still mourns for her Mr. Berns, is now smiling again and has hope. Tots did not replace her Mr. Berns. He is helping her heal and move forward.

1 week after Tots arrived, I was startled because I couldn't hear her. She is always running and prancing about our home, looking for the next thing to chew (our chihuahuas are not like this, they just sleep and love). So I called for her. We leave our back door open most all of the time, because in Southern California it stays in the 70s for the most part year round. Tots did not come. Our yard is fully fenced but after 30 minutes of me calling her, My heart sunk. Did she get out? She must have slid under the fence somehow. I proceeded to get my husband involved with the hunt. We moved all furniture, searched high and low but tots was GONE! I began to cry. I am not a cryer. I just could not bare to think of my daughters face. She would not handle this. I was already picturing years of therapy in the counselors office. I marched up and down our street. I knocked on doors, and tried to explain to everyone that if they see a huge cotton ball running around, it was our tots. I came home defeated. No one had seen her. Not one person. My husband proceeded to look out the 2nd story windows to see if maybe we could spot her, when he saw a little tiny bit of white fluff sticking out of our high ferns on the side of the house. He ran down the stairs and went to the side of the house. You know this side of the house.. the one no one uses. where the air conditioner is amongst other things. We have really high ferns planted there, you can't even walk through that area. Sure enough it was tots. There she lay... next to Mr. Berns body.

Now we have a lot of animals. Peanut, Cece, Maggie and Rudy... none of them found Mr. Berns. It almost seemed poetic. There sweet little tots lay, and she would not come, because she knew, she just knew we needed to find him. Lay him to rest. He was laying down, he had passed away, like we knew, but it was peaceful.

The next day of course was hard. Taylor sobbed and we all mourned the passing. But we now know that Mr. Berns crossed that rainbow bridge and is watching down on us. What a blessing this little white pom has been already. She gives us the gift of love, gave my daughter the gift of hope, and gave all of us closure.

Here is a picture of me, my daughter and our animals.


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Barked by: Wishbone~An Angel Now (Dogster Member)

December 13th 2009 at 9:12 pm

What a story.
Mom gasped when she read the part
where little Tots was laying next to Mr.

Thank God for our pets!

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