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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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Emma's Holiday Raffle Begins NOW!!

November 6th 2008 4:44 pm
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Please join us for Emma's 3rd and final Fundraiser Raffle towards Emma's continuing care, treatment and procedures... thanks to all of you, we're confidant that it will be as successful as the last!!

We are still accepting item donations for raffle prizes and will update as further information becomes available!!

Businesses and individuals are welcome to contact me directly to submit item donations at

Please note that donated items do not need to be pet specific... any new gift items will make excellent inclusions!!

Visit Emma's Fundraiser Raffle Page HERE!!!

Come see all the fabulous prizes being offered by Emma's sponsors!!!


Game Of Tag???

November 4th 2008 10:55 am
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Okay.... hmmmm.... here we go....

Auntie Jenna just tagged me so.... I think I'm 'posta' write 7 things about me and then go tag 7 other furs??? (sowwy, I never pwayed this game before!)

So.... how 'bout this......

1) "I'm a chi chi chi Chihuahua, I'm the smallest dog around... " la la la **singin'** **dancin' 'round the room** ~ giggles~ okay, yep... I'm a Chihuahua!!!

2) I was born here in Oklahoma about an hour away from where I live now - to my fur mom & daddy who also birthed one big brother to me!!

3) I LOVE to play dress up!!!

4) My favorite stuffie in the world has always been a lovely lil' lamb from my Auntie May.... it usta' be 10 times bigger than me when I first came home to my adopted Mama, but now I can tackle him good!!!

5) I'm BALD!!! Well..... not completely (yet), but my dogtors are guessin' I prolly will be before long! (weird!)

6) I BITE..... I know I'm not s'posta'... but I do.... not always... and not to be mean.... but yanno', I just get REALLY tired of everybody always pokin' 'round my mouth n' eyes all the time..... so..... I BITE 'EM!!! (it's really not as bad as it sounds.... since 'cause of my cleft, I don't got no teefs in the front!!) ;)

7) My name is Emma.... and I am a DOGSTER ADDICT!!!! *gigglin'*

There you be..... now I'm off to tag 7 friends!!!

This is funnnnnnnnn!!


Here we go againnnnnnn.........

November 3rd 2008 1:28 pm
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Hi everyone!!

We are in our final stages of planning for Emma's final fundraiser raffle!!

We still need some businesses and individuals to step up if you can and help us out with item donations for our raffle prizes!

If you want to help us help Emma, please get in touch either via Dogster messaging or contact me directly at: mom2babynatalie@aol. com with your donation information!

We'll need photos / descriptions of the items being donated as well as a website banner and link if you have one!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and participants!!!

On another note..... Emma is 13 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!!!

Weighing in at just a hair over 19 ounces!!

I've uploaded her new photos to her album page and will be working on a new youtube video over the next couple of weeks!!

We hope everyfur is enjoying the beautiful fall weather... getting out and chasing those balls... romping in the leaves and getting ready for TURKEY DAY!!!!

Lotsa' love n' licks from Emma!!!



November 1st 2008 2:26 pm
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Hi hi hiiiiiii everyfur!!!!

We just wanted to announce the beginnings of nominations for Emma's "Christmas Paws" Baskets!!

Today we will begin accepting nominations of your favorite "special needs" fur..... this can be a very special friend from Dogster OR Catster!!

Emma will be choosing among the nominations... three extra special furfriends to receive a Christmas Paws Basket filled with lots of Christmas goodies!!

Nominees should be dogs and cats who not only are living with some type of disability, handicap or illness... but who also should be recognized for their outstanding courage and bravery in the face of such trials!!

They should be a fur who has touched your heart in some way and who is truly making a difference in those around them!!

I wish I wish I wishhhhhhhhhh we could do something extra special for EVERY fur who fits into this category... because there are HUNDREDS that I can name right off the top of my head..... but, alas - we are limited to only three.....

So let the nominations begin!!!!

Please go to Emma's Official Nominations Thread in the PLUS FUN forum to tell us who you are nominating... and why you think they should receive a little bit of special recognition this Christmas!!

(Please be sure to include the Dogster / Catster ID number when making your nomination)

Christmas Paws Nominations Thread


So Many Blessings..........

November 1st 2008 10:50 am
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I'm just so happy today that I just hadta' talk Mommy into posting a quick little update!!

So many good things have been happening to me!!!

I have been graced with the title of an Official P*I*F Mascot over at Paw It Forward

I was Dollface of the Week over at WFPBBB!!!

And now Fur Featurette over at
Dog Park Playground And Pawty Place!!!

AND......... I FINALLY got moved out of my little pink apartment into a great big ol' CONDO!!! So if you guys haven't seen my new house yet, come on over to my webcast and visit!!

Emma's Live Webcast

WOW!!!! I'm just soooooooooo happy!!! Mommy says I am especially blessed to have soooooo very many hearts who love me!!!

And guess what!!??!!

Mommy told me yesterday that I'm gonna' get to go and spend a little time with the skin kids in clinic over with the Oklahoma State University Cleft Palate - Craniofacial Team!!!

I'm a little nervous.... but veryyyyyyyyyyy excited!!


Emma's Fundraiser Raffle DRAWING Today!!!

October 29th 2008 2:02 pm
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Hey everyone!!

Just a quick note to let you know that I have posted the drawing for the winners of Emma's Fundraiser Raffle on her page!!

CONGRATS to all of our winners!!!



Lots of love n' stuff,

Dena & Emma


Just a few hours left to join in!!!

October 26th 2008 9:58 am
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We're in the final hours of Emma's 2nd Pledge Drive / Raffle!!
Come by today and make your $20.00 or more pledge to be entered to WIN SOME AWESOME PRIZES!!!  For each $20.00 pledge you make, you get an additional chance to WIN!!
 Emma's Pledge Drive & Raffle Site
We have some excellent prizes from our WONDERFUL sponsors!!!  
Even some Prada, Chanel & Coach handbags donated by our Catster friends!!!

Thank you for continuing to show your love and support for Baby Emma!!!

 Emma's Myspace Page


Emma's News 9 Story is UP!!!

October 22nd 2008 7:27 pm
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Okay guys,​ here it is!!

Emma'​s News 9 story​ aired​ this eveni​ng and lemme​'​ tell ya', those​ guys are quick​ to get the links​ up!​!​!​

The studi​o bit was such fun.​.​.​.​ Emma had a blast​ going​ aroun​d and
meeti​ng every​one!​!​

The whole​ team was just wonde​rful and Rusty​ could​n'​t have been more patie​nt and kind with us!!

I think​ the story​ turne​d out great​ despi​te a few of the facts​ bein'​ a littl​e off.​.​.​.​ and Rusty​ did a fanta​stic job getti​ng the word out for us about​ Emma'​s pligh​t!​

Gina Petru​ccell​i,​ the web conte​nt produ​cer,​ even put up a littl​e photo​ slide​show on the site!​

Here are the links​.​.​.​.​

Thank​ s to every​one at News 9 for allow​ing us to share​ our girl with you!

Story​ Link:​

Emma's News 9 Story Link

On this page, to the right (just over the photo of Dr. Neel w/ Emma) is a link to the story video! :)


Emma's Segment On News 9...

October 22nd 2008 11:45 am
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Emma's story will air locally this evening at 6:00 pm on KWTV - News 9 w/ Rusty Surette!

Just a brief little segment, but we're thrilled to know they have taken an interest in Emma's plight!!

As you know, News 9 did Emma's interview last week - to air later. This morning Rusty called to let me know that today's the day and ask if Emma could also come down and go LIVE in the studio with him for a second or two following the story!! YAY!!! (oh my gosh, Emma has nothing to WEAR!!!) hahahaha!!

I'm not sure if the story video will be uploaded to the News 9 site or not, but I'll have it uploaded to youtube and posted in a couple of days.

Lotsa' love to everyfur!!!


Emma's Pledge Drive....

October 21st 2008 9:12 pm
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Hey everyone!

Just 4 days left of Emma's pledge drive & raffle!!

We've met our initial goal but funds are still needed!! We haven't had a single pledge in almost 3 days so let's get this thing rolling again!!! :)

You don't wanna' miss out on the fabulous raffle prizes!!

~ Gorgeous Prada, Chanel & Coach handbags ~ PetAg health packs ~ stylin' pup-wares from Haute Puppy & BULLYWARE ~ sweet PuppyLuck Flower Bed from South Paw Pet Supply~ an AWESOME Happy Skull carrier collection from PetFlys ~ 200.00 PetSmart gift card ~

Please pledge today and get your chances to WIN and help Emma at the same time!!!

If you can't use the prizes yourself.... hold your winnings back for fabulous Christmas gift giving!!!

Pledge, pledge, pledge!!! :)

*love n' stuffs*

Emma's Raffle

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