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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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It's been a busy week...

December 10th 2008 10:03 am
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Hi everyone!!!

Well, it's been busy busy busy 'round here.... so busy that Mom didn't even
MENTION my turning EIGHTEEN WEEKS OLD on Monday!!!! **sheesh, see?
She pays NO ATTENTION to me!!** .. =)~

So yep.... I'm 18 weeks and two days old now!! And I'm 25 ounces BIG!!!

It's just crazy at my house.... Mom is still kinda' sad about the baby that
went to heaven to be with God, but we know that she could be in no better
hands!! It's hard for Mom to read all those bad comments on the News 10
story, 'cause it brings back lotsa' memories 'bout when I was a tiny girl and
Mom can't figure out how comes those folks can't stop thinkin' 'bout WHERE and
HOW kids like us was borned and just realize that WE ARE HERE and TAKE CARE OF
US! *sigh*

Everyone knows all about irresponsible breeders and naughty humans who don't
take care of their furs... but what is important in times like when baby Blanca
needed us..... was JUST THAT...... BLANCA NEEDED US.... none of the other stuffs

Anyways................... Mom wanted me to tell all you lovable
furfaces that are waiting on your Christmas Paws Project gifts that today was
Mom's personal deadline to get all of your goodies in the mail................
(I'm here ta' tell ya' that she failed MISERABLY!!) *gigglin'*

But know that we love you all and I will do my very best to nibble a lil'
harder on Mom's fingers to make her hurry hurry hurry and get all that stuffs in
the mail to you very soon!!

We FINALLY got ALL except four packages out to the soldiers and kids in
Iraq.... these four will go tomorrow if we're lucky!

And ya' know what else?? Mom says that I ALMOST WENT TO IRAQ TOOOOOOO!!!
I just couldn't help it!! We were packin' up boxes and I saw
alllllllllllllllllllll these toysssssssssssssssssss!!! I jumped right in
and started pushin' my way to the bottom of the most GIGANTICIST HUMONGOUNIST
pile of stuffies I have EVER SEEN!!!

Mom said if she hadn't seen me do it, she wouldn't even of known I was there
n' she'da' sealed up the box and off to Iraq I'da' gone!!! YIKES!!!!

Well, guess I should get back to my chores...... this mornin' Mama made me
clean up my condo AGAIN!! *this is getting a LITTLE ridiculous... after
all.... I AM A PRINCESS!!! Shouldn't I have housepets or something to do
all this???*

So I loves you all tons n' tons..... I hope you are having a good



Sad news....

December 8th 2008 9:44 am
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I just received a call from foster mom Mary Lou.... baby girl did not make it through the night...... :(


New CA baby...

December 8th 2008 9:17 am
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I didn't get to see the CBS News Channel 10 broadcast last night in the
Sacramento area, but here is a clip from that airing... This is Mary Lou, baby's
temp. foster mom. rId=immersiveplayer&maven_referralPlaylistId=663d6b46a132f94 4e87c62ff90ce0d14a93a3bc5&maven_referralObject=955189641

And as the media will have.... not all the details are correct, but here is a
link to the printed version of the story.   =)



December 7th 2008 10:43 pm
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WOW!! What a WILD day we have had!!!

This morning I received a desperate call for help from a woman in Roseville
California - Placer County who stated that her Chihuahua gave birth to a cleft
palate puppy boy only 3 hours before.

The woman had no funds to take the pup to a vet... is disabled and cannot
drive... and does not have the experience or supplies to sustain the pup by tube
feeding him.

I immediately sent out bulletins, mass emails and made dozens of calls to see
how we could help!

I contacted Best Friends Animal Society for assistance and they were right on
the ball with putting out a call for help as well.

Many of our continued "Emma Supporters" jumped right in to help out with getting
the word out even more!!

It was imperative that we find a local vet hospital or volunteer that would pick
this puppy up and provide proper care for him temporarily until I could
coordinate transport for the puppy to Oklahoma where I will foster him. Without
our help, this puppy would literally have starved to death in a matter of

During all of this, the pup's owner had placed an ad for help on cragislist....
from that, came the response from a wonderful local woman who came to their aid.
She happily drove owner and pup to the vet... paid the entire 140.00 vet bill so
that the pup could be seen and could receive his first feeding!! (by now, baby
was around 9 hours old).

I received (but missed) a call from the veterinarian while they were there, to
discuss what he called a "very severe cleft palate".... the office staff said
that it was "the worst they'd ever seen".... but I'm told that the doctor did
not attempt to sway the owner either way as far as to treat or euthanize... but
was just very informative.

Baby got a full belly and in the mean time, I had received contact from a
wonderful woman - also located fairly close to the pup - who does some work with
a rescue group and is experienced with tube feeding newborn pups. She offered to
foster the baby until arrangements could be made to bring him to Oklahoma.

The answer to our prayers!!!

As many of you know... at one point during the day, I had contacted a Sacramento
news station with a plea for media coverage to aid our efforts.... this was
before we finally found a bit of resolve.... yet they followed through and were
happy to "catch up" with the pup once he got settled in with his new foster mom!
They went out and did an interview - which will air tonight at 11pm (CA time) on
CBS News Channel 10. (I hear that they were quite taken with the little one, and
even talked about maybe going out again tomorrow to check in!!)

At the end of the day.............. I am tickled PINK to find out from the
foster.... that the baby boy dubbed "Santana"....... is actually.... a BABY GIRL
called "Blanca" by her temporary foster mom!!

Emma has a new foster sister!! Doing well in her foster's care!! Her lil' face
is very deformed.... she almost looks like a lil' hedgehog .... she has no
tail.... but foster mom says she is "spunky as all get out!!" :)

We are working with our puppy nanny based in Santa Cruz - to coordinate a flight
from CA to OK for Tuesday to get this tiny girl home....

Our friend Tammy over at PetFlys was eager to help and contacted me with the
offer of a carrier and blankets to be overnighted to our foster mom for baby's
trip home!

Please continue to hold everyone involved in your prayers.... the original owner
must be missing the lil' one tonight.... our foster mom will have a couple of
long nights to endure.... our puppy nanny is quite nervous to be transporting
such a delicate new baby... and Emma and I are preparing to welcome this new
little girl into our world!

Again, I am amazed..... so many people.... coming together for the good of one
tiny life.... may God's blessings be returned to you all!!!

Much love,

Dena & our big girl Emma


Quick Update!!

December 3rd 2008 10:06 am
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Okay everyone... a very quick update because I am SWAMPED!!!
I promise to stop bombarding you all with emails for a while!! 
Emma's raffle was a complete SUCCESS!!  We raised (after the fundable
fees) 5000.00!!!
Thank you ALL for your continued support!!
Raffle winners have been contacted and prizes will be going out as soon as
humanly possible.... we HOPE in time for Christmas!!  :)
Emma's Christmas Paws Project to benefit some of her special needs
fur-friends is going very well!!  We have had SO MANY PEOPLE help out with
gifts and goodies for these pets... even postage for the packages.... it's just
Emma's Spirit Of Home Project, to benefit some of our military men and women
in Iraq is also going very well!!  We didn't ask for donations for items
for this one - rather many of you have helped out to provide prepaid shipping
labels to get these packages out... and we THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!  The funds
saved in postage, has allowed us to provide some wonderful bits of home to these
extraordinary soldiers this Christmas!!
It's been quite overwhelming, taking all of this on.... but the feeling of
joy in sharing - is it's own reward!!
The current condition of my house..... now that's another story!!! 
hahaha.... (you can see photos of the chaos on Emma's myspace blog - =1&indicate=1)
Today I am putting the finishing touches on 16 boxes that will be going out
to one medical platoon in Iraq... they should go out tomorrow!!
In the mean time... lots of sorting, filling and packing going on!!
We still could use some help with the prepaid USPS postage labels if anyone
wants to help with that.  Just drop me a note at and I'll
provide the package and shipping information to you!
Thanks once more.... to EVERYONE who has put forth even the tiniest of
efforts to aid in ALL of the going's on in Emma's world!!!
We love you ALL!!!


Emma Makes NATIONAL RADIO!!! =)

November 29th 2008 11:58 am
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If you go to my doggie page, Mommy has fixed it up so that you can automatically listen to the radio segment about me that went NATIONAL this morning!! YAY!! :)

Love n' snuggles!!



Emma's Christmas Paws Project!! RECIPIENTS ANNOUNCED!!!!

November 27th 2008 7:11 am
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Okay everyfur.... the time has come!!! But first, we want to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We pray that you all have a thousand blessings to be thankful for today!!! **sniffs n' snuggles**

**Please read this post carefully as there is a TON of information here!!**

Unfortunately, we did have to dismiss four of our nominees since they could not be contacted.

I am aware that Short Stack's Mama was very close to having a new baby when we pawmail'd last and I'm certain that Shorty will be back with Dogster once things settle down at his house. So we will be holding back his gifts and sending them out as soon as we hear from the family!

It's obvious by now... that we simply could not limit ourselves to just three gift baskets. (actually, we decided that we could get in lots more stuff if we used gift bags rather than baskets!! haha... hope no one minds the lil' change!!)

So....... we have decided to provide FIVE - - - - yep FIVE large gift "baskets" to the extraordinary pups listed below.... and even a lil' bit of Christmas for the devoted families who care for them!!!

(Our lists are in alphabetical order)

Lil' Sassy

Miss Dixie Monroe

Short Stack - COULD NOT BE CONTACTED: We're holding his gifts until we hear from him!


Wheelie Boy Babybear

We have put together a special little slideshow / video in Emma's video album - with lots of images of "The Five Faces". _proje ct

(please make note, that some furs had lots more videos and photos available than others - - we didn't limit anyone intentionally... this was all we could get our paws on to compile our video.... WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!) *muah*

After reading all the stories of inspiration... and getting to know everyfur a little better..... there just was no way that we could let ANY of these precious lovies spend Christmas without a lil' "Emma love".... so keep reading!!!

The five paw'd ones listed below... will receive 20 ZEALIES!! Compliments of our dear friend Shandi!!! (these will be transferred to you today)






Emma is quite a girl you know.... she has worked and worked till her tiny paws could barely hold her up!!! But, together with some of our FABULOUS friends and "Emma sponsors".... we have been able to put together some wonderful surprises!!!

Each and EVERY nominee..... YES........... EVERY SINGLE FUR.... the "basket recipients ... the Zealie recipients.... and EVERY OTHER NOMINEE.... will receive a Christmas stocking with their name on it.... stuffed full with some WONDERFUL goodies from Emma and our participating donors!!!




Daisy Mae













We've been asked, as a special request, to provide a gift box for Yoda.... of course, we are happy to oblige.


We have just a couple of special notes that we need to make mention of....

Wheelie Boy Baby Bear................ the sling for your water therapy is ordered and on the way!! I wanted to make note of it just in case it doesn't arrive in time to send out with your big package!!

Sheba....... we wanted you to know, that as part of our gift to you.... we are mailing off a donation - on behalf of you and your family - to Mica's IMHA Research Fund.

To EVERYFUR and family..... inside each of your packages.... you will find business cards, Christmas cards or some type of note from every one of our sponsors who helped to make this project possible!! It would be especially kind, if you would take the time to send each of them a little thank you note once your gifts arrive.

I will pack things so that you know what items came from whom .... anything unmarked, comes from us... and no thanks is necessary!! *kissies*

Below is a list of our friends who are graciously participating as donors in Emma's Christmas Paws Baskets Project!! If you are still doing some Christmas shopping - please visit our business sponsors and find out what great gifts they have available!!

THANK YOU ALL for your support in helping us give a lil' extra Christmas to some of our extraordinary furfriends this year!!!!

Our Dogster & Catster Friends:

The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh & Family:

Dugen & Family:

The Family Of The Harpur Pups:

Shandi & Family:

Tanner & Family:

Tessa & Family:

The Family Of Lil' Sassy:

Bridget & Family:

Sausage n' Meatball & the Pink Monkey :

Some of our current & previous pledge drive raffle sponsors have also pitched in to help share Christmas with our Dogster & Catster friends: /



Our Friends Who Are "Adopting Packages" For Shipping Expense!!

Sausage n' Meatball & their Pink Monkey, Donna:

Lizzie & Family:

Julie & Zoey:

Bailey Jo:

K G Kasey:

(we are still accepting shipping assistance... so if you would like to "adopt a package" please get in touch with me via PM or by emailing to

With all that is going on, it is quite possible that I may have left someone out in listing our project donors.... if so, please forgive... and feel free to post an update here!!

We are going to give it every effort to start getting packages shipped out beginning the week of December 8th.... we have a ton going on, so please be patient.... and do let us know when you receive your gifts!!

I do have one special request of my own....... it would make my heart happy (and those of our sponsors as well, I'm sure) to be able to receive photos... even video.... of the furs receiving their gifts. If this is possible for you to participate in.... please do....

Please take the time to visit our nominee's pages... leave some love... a bone... or a saucer of warm milk!! They all have a very special story to share and through their eyes, we are able to witness great will, determination, spirit and LOVE!!!

We love you ALL!!! I'm so happy that we have been able to help make this happen!!

Thanks to all who have nominated friends... donated gift items.... sent paw mails... answered our call for shipping assistance.................. our Dogster and MySpace circle of friends is the most wonderful group of fur and skin we've ever known!!

Enjoy the video.................... and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!


Animal Radio!! NATIONWIDE!!! Saturday November 29th =)

November 25th 2008 4:28 pm
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Animal Radio

America's "most-listened-to" pet show!

Emma's story goes NATIONWIDE!!!! 

On air THIS SATURDAY - November 29th - I talk a little about Emma with Judy Francis & Hal Abrams of Animal Radio....

Here is the link to Animal Radio and how you can find it on our local stations!!!
Animal Radio
(go to the Animal Radio home page and click on "Lots more this week" to find Emma near the bottom of that page)

(well YES, near the bottom.... she's not THAT famous!!!! )  *gigglin'*

And then TUNE IN this weekend to listen!!


Saturday, November 29th  Channel 158
from 12-2pm EST
Repeats on Sunday, November 30th Channel
158 from  9-11am EST


MP3: You can download an MP3 Podcast by

entering the following URL into your


The show will air nationwide on 95 AM-FM
stations starting Sat.
(11/29/08) - It'll make it's complete
nationwide run by next Sunday.  
A list of stations is at

select ‘Radio Affiliates’ from the
left-hand column.

If you want to listen online:

24/7 ONLINE STREAM -  You can
listen to the airing of your
show over and over (For One Week). Go to

and select
from the
big blue box.

SHOW AND MORE: You may also listen to
the full-time
channel on ANY cell phone through the
Mobile Broadcast Network.  Just text
"ANIMAL" to 27627.

See more listening options at:



Anyone Want To Pitch In??

November 25th 2008 4:26 pm
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We have 30 packages to ship!!

Hi everyone!!

I'd like to put a call out to Emma's business friends - large and small and any individual families who can pitch in to help!!

As you may know, Emma currently has two projects going on.... one being "Emma's Christmas Paws Baskets Project" in which we will provide "special needs" pets - nominated by Dogster members - with a special bit of Christmas this year!!

We will be shipping out large Christmas baskets and Christmas stockings - stuffed full of toys, treats and Christmas goodies for these extraordinary pets and their devoted caregivers!!

We've received donations to get these packages filled - from many of our "Emma supporters" who have provided raffle prizes and other efforts to help us help Emma!!

Additionally, Emma's "Spirit Of Home" project is providing a total of 99 soldiers stationed in Iraq, with a little bit of home in care packages filled with general necessities, gifts, snacks, fresh baked goods and stationary items!

This, obviously leaves us with an ENORMOUS bill for shipping!!

I'd like to ask that any friends of Emma... businesses or individuals... who use shipping services on a regular basis - to commit to "adopting" even ONE of these packages for shipping!! (more if you like... as many as you can help with!!)

Once I have everything packaged up and ready to go - I will provide the size, weight and shipping details - to which you may return a prepaid shipping label to help us get these packages out!!

Packages will range in weight from approximately 8 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs!!

To those who do not contract with a shipping service.... you can even go online to or one of the other providers and order prepaid shipping labels to send for our packages!!

We can use prepaid Visa cards for postage... USPS money orders made out directly to "Postmaster" (please do not date) - - or you may even send purchased stamps that you may have lying around!!

Whatever we can get our paws on for postage, we will put to good use!!

If you can help with this need in any way - please get in touch with me asap as we need to lock in these commitments immediately!!

Thank you for your continued support!!!

Dena & Emma


Fundraiser Raffle Update!!

November 23rd 2008 9:20 pm
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Together you have brought us to goal!!!!

I am amazed.... but oddly enough - not surprised!!!

The outpouring of love and support for this one tiny girl has been more than I could ever have hoped for just a few months ago!! Yet having experienced it first hand... I just knew.... that SOMEHOW..... SOME WAY..... WE'D MAKE IT!!!!!!

Emma's fundraiser raffle will continue on throughout the next week in hopes that we will rise above and beyond with a continuation of the awesome support that Emma has received!

Join me in a tremendous sigh of RELIEF in knowing that TOGETHER.... the life of one little wonder - has been dramatically changed!!!

That being said..... it is our PROMISE.... that we will do ALL that we know how to do.... to assure that Emma's life.... plays a part in IMPROVING THE LIVES OF OTHERS!!!

We have several projects currently in the works - to which any excess funds will be applied.

~ Emma's Christmas Paws Baskets ~ Providing gifts, toys & treats to 25 extraordinary special needs pets & their devoted caregivers this Christmas!

~ The Spirit Of Home ~ Providing cards and care packages to some of our dedicated military troops overseas!

We are also working with The Mascot Factory to have life sized Emma plushies created (ha! how big could that possibly be??) so that we will be able to leave them with the children suffering with cleft palate / facial deformities when we make our visits to the craniofacial clinics!!

Once Emma has recovered from her surgeries, we will begin Pet Therapy Training for certification. 

So let's use the next week to continue sharing Emma's story and keep those pledges rolling in!!!


*warm hugs*
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