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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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My lil' vampire bat.........

August 22nd 2008 7:06 pm
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Baby Fang.......

6.4 ounces today - - - she's doing very well....

Just posted a new youtube video of our girl today!!!


YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN.... don't remember the last decent sleep!!

August 22nd 2008 7:01 pm
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Baby girl today..... 6.2 ounces....


Whatta' BIG GIRL!!!!

August 22nd 2008 6:56 pm
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Not much else to report..... Emma's visit was uneventful, but went well.

I'm told by Emma's doctor, that she is in beautiful condition - is healthy, and continues to thrive.

Then to the surgeon - who wanted to take Emma back in to surgery, but I declined. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, he cares so much about helping this little one... but I just don't want any further work done until Emma sees the specialist on Sunday.

Her diet remains the same - no changes in meds... we will continue the antibiotics for now.

The Dr. at the new hospital said via email, that she was "shocked" by Emma's teeth coming in already, while her current surgeon thought it nothing out of the ordinary. He says he's seen it before in "normal" puppies as well.

He trimmed away some of the dead skin around her wounds and said that the "scabby area" will "take care of itself"..... so I am to continue with what I'm doing.



August 22nd 2008 6:53 pm
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Thought you guys might like to share in the good news!!

I'm so excited!! The surgeon has agreed to meet Emma just as soon as she returns from Houston!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Here is an email I received from the Doc.......... which includes the first response FROM the surgeon - TO the Doc (and then fowarded to me)


Emma's "fanglets".........

August 22nd 2008 6:51 pm
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Email just received from the DVM at the new hospital where Emma may be receiving care...... I emailed her the photos of Emma's teeth this morning. (On a SUNDAY.... with a almost IMMEDIATE REPLY... ON A SUNDAY!!! lol, I love these people already!!)

So, we wait....


Hellooooooooo World!!!!!! ;)

August 22nd 2008 6:48 pm
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"Jeepers.... Creepers.......... " la la la ((dancin' 'round the room))


Emma opened her eyes today!!!!!!!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL girl!!!! :)

Well.... they're not all the way open yet... and she can't see anything but shadows.... but she's workin' on it!!!

Okay, on another note... I have a question for you guys that have cleft babies......

Teeth................. OMG, Emma has TEETH!!! And not in a very good place either, considering.... one lil' razor sharp toofie on either side of the cleft...

Good gosh, she's 13 days old!! She shouldn't have TEETH!!

I started seein' lil' white "spots" in her mouth day before yesterday... then they looked like little pimples and I thought she was starting to get a lil' oral infection.... then over last night and this morning... BOOM... TEETH!!!

She looks like a lil' vampire bat!!

Should I be crazy over this??


On the brink of EXHAUSTION......

August 22nd 2008 6:46 pm
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Almost midnight again.....

(are you ready???) 158 grams!!! = 5.6 OUNCES!!!!!!!

('das Mama's baby girl....)

Starting her last feeding.... we have moved up to 5 cc's every THREE hours!!!

Do you KNOW what this MEANS???? hahaha... it means that MOMMY CAN SLEEP AGAIN!!!! hahahaha... well, at least for a couple hours at a time... but on a regular basis!!!!


Good news!!! :)

August 22nd 2008 6:45 pm
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Quick update....

There is a really great hospital here.... I contacted them just this morning.... they're a state of the art hospital with board certified surgeons in advanced medicine.... and.... within MINUTES of my email.... the owner contacted me with questions 'bout Emma....

She said that she has a surgeon who has done a lot of facial reconstruction... and does a lot of dental surgery, etc. BUT.... that surgeon will be gone at a seminar all next week...

sooooooooooooo... we have to wait ....

BUT....the hospital owner / DVM that I spoke to said she thinks that she may be able to help Emma.... AND.... when I asked about the cost of something like this... she said that the hospital would be willing to DONATE part of the expenses... IF this surgeon thinks she can help Emma.

She thinks already, just by hearing the story... that Emma will need to heal... and grow for a little time yet... but that as soon as this surgeon gets back in town, they are going to contact me for an exam and consult...

AND.... she said that as for the rest of the expenses... we can "work around them" so that I will have time to gather the outside donations that I mentioned to her.

Oh.... AND.................. when I went to the lil' doggie boutique where I buy the Yorkie's food...... the owner said she'd be happy to put a donation jar up for Emma - - AND..... my son is going to let me use his 15" tv with built in DVD player and I'm going to burn a disc with Emma's video and set it to play continually at the boutique...

So.... it's a good day!


Sooooooooooo sleepy...........

August 22nd 2008 6:39 pm
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Midnight......... 147 grams = 5.2 ounces

Doing fine....

Still waiting for her eyes to open....


It's a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

August 22nd 2008 6:37 pm
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Emma is doing beautifully.... 137 grams this morning..... healing, slowly, but much better than it was.... and eating like a lil' piggy!!!

She has been perfectly content lately and acts as though any pain she may have been having last week, is gone.

11 days old today!!! I can't believe it!!!

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Emma: Cleft Palate SURVIVOR!!


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