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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

Not Much Goin' On...

February 25th 2009 12:07 pm
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Hi everyone!!

Not much goin' on since Mama's been so sick lately.

I've been doin' my very best to take good care of her but she says that darn bug is STRONG!! **wrinklin' nose** (I hate bugs!!)

We've been workin' on different ideas n' things - - and have been workin' with Auntie Linda (Designer: Linda Higgins) on my fashion line. Auntie Linda has a BIG ol' show she's going to in LA in a couple weeks so she's been crazy busy - and she's been sick too! *blah*

BUT....... even through all her sickies n' all her busy stuffs, she managed to pull it off for me n' Mama!! My dress is FINISHED!! We FINALLY got the design down and Mama picked out the most prettiest girly girl fabric... you're just gonna' love it!!

Mama said that the first dress in "The Emma Collection" MUST be representative of the ME that everyone first fell in love with! The "baby girl" ME!! And even though I'm growing up now and I love my big girl glam, Mommy wanted to have at least one dress that she could see and think of me in my "baby stage"..... and THIS IS IT!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it's sooooo pretty, just wait till you see!! Mama says I look like a lil' Princess!! We just love it and Mom is thrilled to be getting to share it with all of you!!

We'll be formally announcing the "Emma" gown very soon - so keep your peepers open!!

Also, please remember - that in purchasing this or ANY of the Linda Higgins designs from "The Emma Collection" - you will be sharing your support of Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation!! 30% of sales of each gown will benefit the foundation! YAY!! (THANK YOU Auntie Linda!!) *kiss*

Well... I have some other very cool news!! We've started work with the manufacturer to create the EMMA STUFFIES!!!! *prancin' 'round the room* I'm soooo excited!!!

Mama says that lots of folks always tell her how they wish they could hold, cuddle and kiss me.... and THIS is the next best thing!! My life sized custom plush replicas will be available before you know it!!

For every donation of 25.00 or more - we'll be sending out an Emma stuffie for my friends to love and snuggle!!

Mom says that you will be able to pre-order your stuffies in the coming weeks!! FUN!!

We're tossing around ideas of putting together an auction - rather than doing another raffle.... so if anyone has any input on that or how exactly to work it, please feel free to get in touch with Mom... she says she needs all the help she can get!

Also, if anyone would like to donate products / items of any type for us to auction off to benefit the foundation - just give us a shout! Auction items are not required to be pet related.... we're happy to work with ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS that folks might like to bid on and purchase through the auction to help support our efforts!

The dogtor is gonna' wanna' do another couple of surgeries soon... but Mama is stalling 'cause she says she wants to give me more time to recoup from the last two. So we're pretty much at a stand still with all that medical stuffs. YAY!

I'm healthy and strong and eating all the chicken I can get my paws on!! Monday I turned 29 weeks old and today I am at 29 ounces BIG!!!

The only thing that Mom's a lil' worried about right now (besides that my lil' skull has so many open holes) - is just that I'm getting teefs right in the middle of the roof of my mouth! Freaky! Because of the cleft, you know I don't have front gums or anything to hold front teefs.... and since there was no bone there, that was okay.... but the dogtor pulled the one side over to close up the cleft and now Mama can see that I have tiny lil' toof buds coming in! It's kinda' hard to explain exactly where... but Mom says it's like if all of you took your tongue and rubbed it along the back of your front teeth.... then slide your tongue straight back towards the middle of the roof of your mouth - about a half inch.... and there... would be my new teefs! Too weird!

I guess the dogtors will be taking them out... we'll hafta' see what they say.

That's all I got for now - - wiggles, wags n' sniffs to you all!!!


Love, Emma


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