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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

1 Day Post Op...

January 16th 2009 7:41 am
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Thanks to everyone for the continued show of love and support.... we'd be lost without you all!!

Emma did fine through the night.... she amazes me every single day.... no matter what this tiny baby has to face - she always tries to do it smiling and with wide eyed wonder............ she has such an awesome spirit.....

She still looks a mess..... and LOOKS like she should be in excruciating pain.... but she hasn't so much as uttered a whimper. She was bouncing around at 3am wanting to play!

I think the anesthesia still has a bit of a hold on her - and in between bursts of energy and excitement - she's still sleeping a lot..... but she doesn't act like she's in terrible pain - - - - I'm sure it's sore to open her mouth... so rather than cover my face with licks n' kisses, she's been pushing her lil' twisted muzzle to my nose and cheeks - - nuzzling into my neck....

She's on some light pain meds as well as an antibiotic.

I can tell the whole thing feels a little different to her - - - she'll kind of stick her tongue out and hold her mouth open for a couple seconds... then just shake it off and go about playing.

She's doing quite a bit of "snuffing" - - blowing out through her nose - - - I'm guessing there's still some blood and fluid in there.

I still have some concerns - but I'm watching her closely...

Right now I'm just trying to keep her hydrated.... she, understandably - doesn't want anything to do with eating or drinking - so I'll continue persuading her to take water, pedialyte and STAT (high calorie liquid diet) via the syringe until she is ready to try something on her own.

I'm just praying that the repaired palate remains in tact and that the nasal passageways are functional (I'm really unsure about that part). The lip looks very tightly pulled so I'm hoping that things will loosen up so that she will be able to drink and breathe normally.

She'll never have teeth in the front where the cleft was.... because there is no bone there.... so I don't have to worry about the lip curling down and becoming irritated by the teeth poking / scraping.... but I want the entire mouth and nose to allow for as much proper function as possible.

I have posted some photos on Emma's Myspace blog...

These photos are not for "shock value" and I really hesitated posting even the DAY AFTER SURGERY photos.... I still have not convinced myself to post the "during surgery" photos or video....

She's still in her jammies because I haven't wanted to pull them up over her head for fear of hurting her.

I sent photos to a couple people.... who then, evidently sent them on to others or posted them somewhere - - because I've already received cruel spirited emails saying "look on the bright side, now she can enter the World's Ugliest Dog Contest" and "she looks like that guy who peeled his face off in Silence Of The Lambs"....................... and okay, yeah...... maybe she does.................. in fact, in one of the pictures............. she REALLY does........... and I've cried a million tears............. but the fact remains - if Emma is a FUNCTIONAL pup.... I could care less what she LOOKS like............. to me, she will always be BEAUTIFUL!!

We got some comments and remarks from people in the lobby when leaving the hospital yesterday..... a couple of "Oh my God"'s and "Poor babyyyyy what happened to her faceeeeeeeeee?" ..... so I guess we'll just have to get used to that.... (I'm sure getting a good lesson of what parents of cleft CHILDREN endure!!)

All in all, I'm grateful that she will soon be eating on her own and moving past all this.


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Emma: Cleft Palate SURVIVOR!!


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