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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

Lazyyyyyy Mommy......

December 29th 2008 8:36 pm
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We hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL Christmas holiday!!!

Everything here at our house has begun to quiet down a little... we've finished up with all of our care packages to the soldiers - - our Christmas Paws gifts to our special needs fur friends - - and our own family holiday stuffs..... so now me n' Mom have started to get really LAZY!!! =) (I think I loveeeeeeeeee lazy!!!) *sniffs n' wiggles*

We want to thank everyone so much, who sent all of the wonderful holiday cards!! Mom says the mailman thought she had a new skin person who moved in, since all the mail was for ME this year!!!

Mommy says that I am fast becoming a young lady.... today, I am 21 weeks old!! That's FIVE MONTHS and ONE WEEK OLD!!! WOWZA!!!

Mom says that I've gotten very long and a little taller, but I still only weigh about one and a half ounces more than I did three weeks ago. So now I am just a tiny bit over 26 ounces!!

I think that's BIG......... but Mommy says she was really hoping that I would grow to be two pounds before I had my next big surgery.

The last time Mom talked to the dogtor, she said that she wanted to do the surgery just before Christmas or just after the first of the year. But since I still wasn't 2 lbs yet before Christmas, Mom said she wanted to wait until the latter date in hopes that I'd have some kinda' miraculous "growth spurt".... no such luck!!

I was 'posta' get my rabies vaccination when I got my final round of puppy vaccinations a couple weeks ago but Mama told the dogtors "no way" - that I was still WAY too little for that...... so we skipped it!! BUT, the hospital says that I HAVE to have my rabies shot before I can go in to have my surgery.... so I think Mom n' me are gonna' go do that on Thursday. *sigh* I just HATE shots!! *stomp x's four*

But at least it will be over .... and I won't have to have those kinda' shots for a whole year!

In case you were wondering, I still can't eat food by myself.... which was kinda' no fun over the holidays since everyone was talking 'bout all the nummy eats all over the place!! My Yorksiblings kept chattering about turkey and gravy and all sortsa' treats they got..... and I didn't get nuffin'!!

Mom did let me try a few licks of a peppermint, which was soooooooooooo great!!

Mom still feeds me my formula / wet food mixture with a syringe every 3 or 4 hours. And I still get water with a syringe - what seems like ALL the time. I can't WAIT till I can dive into a bowl of turkey and gravy all by myself!!

Me n' Mom have been collecting stuffed teddies n' toys for other cleft kids lately. We've had some local people donate some and Mom has been to all the thrift stores collecting dozens more!

It's been such fun meeting the new people!! Mom takes me to some of the houses when we go pick up toys and I get to meet some of the very special donors!!

Go to my myspace blog to see pictures of some of the wonderful people who donated toys on one particular pick up day! And just a FEW of the stuffies we picked up that day!

Emma's Myspace Page
We're hoping to be able to take the stuffies to the cleft kids down at the craniofacial clinic after my surgery when we get to go - - - and we've also been sending them to our cleft friends all over the country!

Mom says that she would really like to start a not for profit corp. that would help children with facial deformities like mine.... but that's a BIG JOB and we don't know how we'd do it on our own. She says we don't know nuffin' 'bout that kinda' stuffs - so we'll just have to see 'bout that.

In the mean time, Mom says we'll just keep doin' what we're doin' and keep tryin' to help as many skin & fur kids as we can - just the way we've been doin' it.... with YOUR HELP!!! =)

I love you all so very much!! Thank you for continuing to share your love and support with me!!


*wiggles, sniffs n' puppy breath licks*

Love, Emma


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