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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

It's been a busy week...

December 10th 2008 10:03 am
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Hi everyone!!!

Well, it's been busy busy busy 'round here.... so busy that Mom didn't even
MENTION my turning EIGHTEEN WEEKS OLD on Monday!!!! **sheesh, see?
She pays NO ATTENTION to me!!** .. =)~

So yep.... I'm 18 weeks and two days old now!! And I'm 25 ounces BIG!!!

It's just crazy at my house.... Mom is still kinda' sad about the baby that
went to heaven to be with God, but we know that she could be in no better
hands!! It's hard for Mom to read all those bad comments on the News 10
story, 'cause it brings back lotsa' memories 'bout when I was a tiny girl and
Mom can't figure out how comes those folks can't stop thinkin' 'bout WHERE and
HOW kids like us was borned and just realize that WE ARE HERE and TAKE CARE OF
US! *sigh*

Everyone knows all about irresponsible breeders and naughty humans who don't
take care of their furs... but what is important in times like when baby Blanca
needed us..... was JUST THAT...... BLANCA NEEDED US.... none of the other stuffs

Anyways................... Mom wanted me to tell all you lovable
furfaces that are waiting on your Christmas Paws Project gifts that today was
Mom's personal deadline to get all of your goodies in the mail................
(I'm here ta' tell ya' that she failed MISERABLY!!) *gigglin'*

But know that we love you all and I will do my very best to nibble a lil'
harder on Mom's fingers to make her hurry hurry hurry and get all that stuffs in
the mail to you very soon!!

We FINALLY got ALL except four packages out to the soldiers and kids in
Iraq.... these four will go tomorrow if we're lucky!

And ya' know what else?? Mom says that I ALMOST WENT TO IRAQ TOOOOOOO!!!
I just couldn't help it!! We were packin' up boxes and I saw
alllllllllllllllllllll these toysssssssssssssssssss!!! I jumped right in
and started pushin' my way to the bottom of the most GIGANTICIST HUMONGOUNIST
pile of stuffies I have EVER SEEN!!!

Mom said if she hadn't seen me do it, she wouldn't even of known I was there
n' she'da' sealed up the box and off to Iraq I'da' gone!!! YIKES!!!!

Well, guess I should get back to my chores...... this mornin' Mama made me
clean up my condo AGAIN!! *this is getting a LITTLE ridiculous... after
all.... I AM A PRINCESS!!! Shouldn't I have housepets or something to do
all this???*

So I loves you all tons n' tons..... I hope you are having a good



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