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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!


November 21st 2008 10:12 am
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We were so worried yesterday that we wouldn't even come close to meeting our fundraising goal for Emma!

And then.................

After putting out our plea for help, you'll never guess what happened!!!

Teddy's Mom (Mom to the little cleft palate Pom baby boy in Alaska who is coming to live with us for surgery & treatment) - jumps in with this FABULOUS 1000.00 pledge to help Emma!! I was absolutely shocked - and ever so thankful!!!

More good raffle news!!

Okay so.... there's a bit of a story behind this one... There is this WONDERFUL lady in NJ... Lauren.... I don't know her.... have never even had a conversation with her. She joined in Emma's very first raffle with a 500.00 pledge!!

I was thrilled!! Then towards the end of that first raffle... she came in with another 280.00 pledge to push us over goal!!!

Then comes Em's second raffle............... Lauren climbs on board right off the bat with a 1000.00 pledge!!! I about fell off my chair..... THEN AGAIN pushes us over goal towards the end with another 180.00 pledge.

Then yesterday................. after I sent out a mass email to everyone............. I sit down last night to find........... what?? A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR PLEDGE FROM LAUREN!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I think We ARE going to make our goal!!!!!

Amazing............ absolutely AMAZING............. what hearts these two women have.... to be so generous and kind to one tiny little stranger!!! BLOWS ME AWAY!!!

EVERY pledge by ALL of Em's friends is a true blessing to us!! We couldn't do it without you!!!

So today - we are at 89% of our goal!!! Just 580.00 to go!!! That's just THIRTY pledges of 20.00 each!!! Can you believe it???

We have 10 days left before Emma's final pledge drive ends...... IF we go over our goal, any and all funds received in excess of Emma's needs will go towards little Teddy's initial expenses when he arrives home to Oklahoma from Alaska on December 3rd!!

Teddy is 8 weeks old now... he suffers from a full midline cleft of the soft palate, cleft of the hard palate, cleft of the lip - along with nasal / facial deformities. We are excited to introduce he and Emma and hope that they will become fast friends!!!

THANK YOU ALL who have donated to help our girl.... who have posted and reposted... who have sent out rounds and rounds of emails.... who have shared her story, videos & links with friends, family and co-workers.... who have provided raffle prizes.... who have sent words of kindness, offered encouraging thoughts and sent up gentle prayers!!!

Without you.............. Emma would not be!!!

Together - we can continue to give both Emma and Teddy - the care, treatment and LONG HEALTHY LIVES they deserve!!!

It's not over yet!! We still have a little ways to go before we can call Emma's Holiday Fundraiser Raffle a success!!

If you can share a single 20.00 pledge to help these angels, please stop by and do so!!

Emma's Holiday Pledge Drive & Raffle on.2008-11-06.0063998998

If your finances to not allow you to help out with a pledge (and with the economy the way it is today and the holidays right around the corner, I can certainly understand if you can't!!!) - you can still be of a great help in sharing Emma's story and raffle page link with EVERYONE you can!!

Emma currently has over 4200 friends right here on Dogster.... and together,YOU all have the potential to share Emma's story with MILLIONS!!!

Please lend a hand where you are able.............. God will take care of the rest!!!

**warm hugs**

We love and appreciate you all!!!!

~ Dena & Emma ~


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