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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!


November 7th 2008 8:34 pm
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Well, my good buddy Chuppy tagged me!!

So let's see..... 7 more things to tell about me....

1) I got my shots today!! blah!! THREE NEEDLES!!! :( *really ouchy*

2) My friend Bailey Jo sent me a present in the mail today!!! I gotta' new pink hoodie and the SWEETEST tiny monkey JUST MY SIZE!!! I showed him all around the new condo - - drug him through the door way into the play room and back into my "Princess sleeping quarters"... I LOVE THIS DUDE!!!

3) Mommy & I are having a great time getting to shop for the furs of my "Christmas Paws Baskets" project!! (I LOVE this holiday stuffs!!)

4) At lunch today... I snuck outta' my monkey bag and climbed up on Mama's lap.... (in a cafe' too!!! hehehe, don't tell) - - - - sooooooo when Mom wasn't looking... I got at LEAST two good licks of sauce from her beef n' noodles plate!!!! *gigglin'* OMD!! I had NO idea stuffs like that was in the world!!!!! I dunno' if I ever want baby milk again!! (Mommy was real mad cause she was ascared I would get stuffs in my cleft... but I didn't.... and it woulda' been worth it even if I did!!!) *squeak*

5) I LOVE STRAWBERRY YOGURT!!! Mommy says it's good for me too..... I still hafta' eat it through my tube, but it's soooooooo good I don't even care!!

6) Mommy says that tomorrow.... if I'm a very good girl.... I might get to go outside to play IN THE GRASS!!!! I got to do it one time before... last week.... and it was SO COOL!!! A little weird... but still SO COOL!!!

7) I got some VERY SAD news today............ my friend Bella (one of the "Little Paris Noel" Yorkie models) - - has GME. :( That's a really awful disease and her poor mommy Val is sick with sadness.... PLEASE everyfur, pray for my friend Bella and her mom.... :(

Time to tag 7 of my friends............... I love you guys!!


Love, Emma


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