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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!


August 22nd 2008 7:06 pm
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Well, now that Emma is a little older, she is no longer on the BeneBac (probiotic supplement) that she was on during the first week of her life.

She does still take her Esbilac newborn puppy formula (which I mix with yogurt, for the active cultures - for two of her feedings, daily). She is weighing in at 6.75 ounces this morning - so I have increased her intake to 6cc's (from 5 cc's this past week) per feeding.

Emma is fed with a TINY rubber "tom-cat" catheter inserted orally and passed directly into her stomach.

During the day now - and because I don't want to over feed her - I try to give Emma 6cc's of formula every 3 hours.... sometimes we can only make it to 2 or 2.5 hours and she starts wiggling around to let me know she's ready to eat!

During the night, she gets 6cc's every 3 - 3.5 hours.

Starting Monday, (she'll be 3 weeks old) I will extend the time between feedings to 4 hours both day and night..... the amount of intake will increase as she gains in weight, but time between will stay at 4 hours, likely over the next couple of weeks.

Emma is still on antibiotics.... she gets 1/10 cc Clavamox drops 3 times per day. This is to help prevent infection and pneumonia.

I am hoping that we may be able to cease the use of the antibiotics following this Sunday's consult with the new surgeon.

As well, Emma takes a "rub" (tiny amount rubbed on her gums) of Nutri-cal twice daily.

As for napping....... well, she eats and sleeps the majority of the time.

The time when she is awake - (generally the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning) - she spends snuggling with Mommy (she LOVES to cuddle) - - or "tackling her stuffies"!!!

She loves her little stuffed toys (as they replicate her littermates) - and her activity with them serves as a great benefit to her tiny muscles when she shoves them 'round her crib.... under and over... moving them about..... yes, I do believe this is her "play".

She can see and hear very well now and she'll look up at me when I come to the edge of her crib - - - she'll come over to me as soon as I call her and put my hand out..... she'll look around to where her favorite toys are in her bed and make her way right over to them....

At this point in her development.... as with ANY newborn.... she is very demanding.... Miss Emma wants what she wants WHEN she wants it!! haha.... she is a bit impatient when it comes to feeding time - and I'm certain that this is partly due to the fact that she's missing out on the instinctive desire to nurse and "kneed" - which in and of itself, serves as a relaxation mechanism ... and offers a calming effect... while receiving nourishment....

With tube feeding, although I try to make it as "soft" as an experience for her as I can...... those natural desires are not really met.... so she sometimes gets a bit "frantic" in just GETTING THE FOOD!! Once she realizes her belly is filling up... she calms and the rest of the feeding goes smoothly.

It will be interesting, to say the least.... to watch Emma grow and develop as an "only child".... I am learning more and more each day as to how to "guide" her as her fur mom would have done.... with different growl - hold - and "bite" techniques..... (yes, I growl at her... haha)


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