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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

Back to the vet's....

August 22nd 2008 5:51 pm
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Well.... another hard morning for lil' face over here..... but - the dogtors got her fixed back up as best they could. It was a little tougher than the first time since they had less to work with... so her lil' nose is still going to be pretty "off" and she'll probably always have a lil' crooked smile... but hopefully, once this all heals, she'll still have enough "room" in there to create a functional nasal airway.

It wasn't as much of a traumatic experience for her as last time I don't think... still painful.... still scary for her.... still very stressful - - - but at least the palate is still in tact, so they didn't have to do any adjustments there.

She's home, (as you can see if you've stopped in to visit her) - fed... and resting.

I was so sleepy this morning when I weighed her, that I forgot to weigh her BEFORE her feeding, rather than right after..... so... when I did weigh her - minutes after she fed... she was still at 92 grams.

I weighed her just after returning from the vet's and BEFORE feeding.... and she's down to a pitiful 88 grams.

I left her with my room mate and went back to talk to the doc again.

He says that the trauma and stress is playing hell on her right now.... (of course, I understand that) - - - I showed him a printed out copy of the recipe for the high calorie formula recommended to me and told him that this is what I was considering switching her to.

Nope, nope, nope - he said..... absolutely NO adjustments in diet at this point.... So... she is still getting the formula, the STAT, and small amounts of fiji water when she doesn't take enough of the other... (just to keep her hydrated and her wound clean.) Oh, and I CAN give her a little plain yogurt!! (for the live cultures) and continue giving her the BeneBac

He said that in the weeks to come, I may be able to change her diet, but for now - - no changes... not even minimal...

Stools are watery since we returned home..... stress and upset, I know.... so I'm hoping by this evening that will get better.

THANK YOU for the tips and suggestions.... I have since "revamped" Emma's "space" and have allowed her only a third of the space she originally had - as instructed per previous posts.... (made a "wall" from a large rubbermaid tub and covered it with her blankies) - - - I don't know why I wasn't thinking about this before... of course, it makes absolute perfect sense...

As for a collar to keep her from rubbing..... no luck with that concept.... the nurses and I actually tried to fashion something useful but even with constant supervision, it's just too dangerous.... so we'll just have to hope.

My GOSH this child goes through a lot of laundry!!! hahaha.... I have EIGHT of those lil' pink and yellow flowered blankets you see on the cam.... EIGHT!!! And these are the last two clean ones!!! Those, along with all of her receiving blankets, washcloths, burp towels..... man oh man............... EVERYTHING needs washing!! And I.... need a NAP!!!!


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