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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

So blessed.....

August 22nd 2008 5:29 pm
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Oh my gosh, this has been a CRAZY day!!!

First I need to thank each and every one of you who have given of yourselves to pray for this little angel....

"God knows when a sparrow falls..." ~ (Matthew 10:9) - and He was certainly watching over baby Emma today, thanks to the crying out of so many beautiful YT hearts!!!

I'm sorry that I was a bit abrupt in earlier posts.... I just REALLY was NOT prepared for my little girl to go into surgery so soon and with such urgency.

But now that it's over, I couldn't be happier with the results!

The surgeons did a beautiful job.... they did tell me prior to taking her in, that this one was not intended to "create perfection" - (I had to giggle when I thought to myself how God had already created perfection in this tiny sparrow... and we just needed them to "tweak" her "dress" a bit!!)

Anyway.... this procedure was to serve as the first step in allowing Emma proper function.

I REALLY hurt for her though.... once they got into surgery, they decided NOT to put her under anesthesia!!!! Can you imagine??? I mean, I can hardly keep a grip on her to FEED her..... how in the world did they operate on her MOUTH without putting her to sleep???

But.... they didn't..... they used a local and lots of pairs of hands.... I just couldn't believe it.....

The cleft palate has been repaired.... the cleft lip has been reshaped.... she should have no difficulty gaining suction at this point... allowing her to nurse without fear of aspiration.................. and.....


Oh my gosh you guys.... SHE HAS A FACE!!!! I SO cannot wait for her little eyes to open, so I can meet the beautiful girl who's inside there!!!

They did a wonderful job and I am so thankful.....

Her little nose is still a bit crooked - and she has no nasal passage on the repaired side at this point.... the second surgery will be to create a new one for her.

I can't tell you how very blessed I feel to have had all of you here with me.... Emma is a lucky little girl to have so many hearts holding her!!!

By the time we got home, she thought she was STARVING!!!

I could tell that even trying to nurse the bottle was hurting her.... BUT... she DID get a heck of a suction when she tried!!!!! THANK GOD!!!! (and those fabulous dogtors!!!)

So I just went with the dropper and she took almost 2cc's - - more than double what she was taking last night.... so again.... YAY!!!

It's a good day................

And now.......... I have a little surprise for anyone who'd like "get a little closer" to this precious baby..........

Click here.....


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Emma: Cleft Palate SURVIVOR!!


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