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A day in the life of the princess pup

Thank Dogness!

August 11th 2008 1:55 pm
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Thank dogness mommy is home!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy and the furless sis went on vacation and after spending weeks checking out places for us doggies to stay, she took us to the home of a friend. Her daughter is a pet sitter and agreed to take care of us. We get there and start playing and having fun. After all, we're used to going to friend's houses with mommy and playing. After about 30 minutes, mommy gets up and goes to the door and so we go with her. Mommy turns around, looks at us and says STAY. WHAT???????????????????????? Mommy walked out the door, got in the car and LEFT US THERE! Can you believe that????????????? We cried and stayed at the door for over an hour knowing that mommy must have just gone to get us a treat and she'd be back. But guess what? It didn't happen! I hate to admit this but I got so upset that evening that I messed myself and had to have, you guessed it, yet another bath! I was a good girl because I wanted to make a good impression. I mean, if this was my new mommy she might not like me if I was bad during a bath. Neither of us would eat dinner that first night and we cried ourselves to sleep.
When I got up the next morning, I realized that this was going to be my new house so I went out on my leash and did my business like a good girl. Came back in and had breakfast and got to the hard task of playing with Angel, the other dog who lived there and the 4 cats. Angel and I both played so hard that first day we didn't even take a nap. We heard the lady talking on the phone that night and she said our names and then something about us having a sense of entitlement. I ran around barking like what does that mean???????????????? I don't know what entitlement is, but I know I'm a Diva and I showed them all what that meant with capital letters.
The next few days we settled in. The nice lady brushed us every day like mommy and took us for walks and even gave us the same food that mommy cooks for us. We started settling in at night and being the good girls everyone knows we are.
Then you won't believe what happened today! We were curled up sleeping with the nice lady and her husband while they watched TV when we heard a car door close. Of course we jumped up and started barking to warn them someone was there. We got to the door and OMD OMD OMD, it was mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I scratched and scratched til the nice lady got to the door to let me out and then I ran and through myself at mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I licked and love and loved and licked til she just giggled. We went back inside and both of us climbed up on mommy's lap and had a lovefest! When it came time to go, we both ran out the door before mommy because we weren't taking a chance on hearing that STAY command again!
Now we are home and have been snoozing all day. Of course, I had to give Sweet Pea almost a whole week's worth of licks when I got here but everything is back to normal now and I'm tired and happy to be home.


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