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The Luckiest Rottie in the World!

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My Journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

June 13th 2012 9:56 am
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My Dear Friends,

As of this morning I was assisted to the Rainbow Bridge. Over time, I have had difficulty with my my back legs. Aparrently I must have had a stroke last night, and it affected my ability to walk. When I went to the Vet, they said, I might live for another month at the tops, but would be suffering. So I was assisted to the Bridge. I am so sad to leave my family and all my friends. But remember this, there will never be another Rosie! He through the mold out when he created me! BOL! Goodbye my beloved family and friends!




My Vet Visit!

August 12th 2010 11:13 am
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Hello My Friends,

I am here to report about my Vet visit! First of all I was a very Good girl, I would sit and then I layed on the floor until the Vet tech came out for me First thing they did was weigh me, oh joy! Come to find out, I am 90 pounds! When I saw the vet, she said that was a great weight for me.

The vet talked to Mama, asked her what my seizures looked like and how long they lasted. She then did some blood work on me. One of my liver enzimes is slightly elevated. Most likely due to past medication I have taken. She want's to keep an eye on that. I have been given Phenobarbitol, for my seizures. I take it twice a day. And I am to return in a month to have more blood work done, to see if I am at the Theraputic level. Or if the medicene needs adjusting.

The vet did tell us, the medicene will make me sleepy for the first couple of weeks until I get use to it.

Mama was amazed how the Rekie really did help me. There will be alot more of that for me too Mama has it done on her once in awhile. She beleives in it. But I guess seeing it with me, really was amazing.

So lets hope things will only get better now!




Last Night

August 12th 2010 11:06 am
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Last night my Mama took me for a ride, which I loved! We went to meet a special doctor, who does Rekie Healing. The way Mama looks at, she will try anything to help me. It can't hurt! Well I was a very good girl, layed on the floor and did alot of smiling and gave lots of kisses. Reikie is where they meditate and softly put there hands on an effected area. For me my head because of my seizres. Also my spine, back hips and legs, for I have really bad Arthrities there. I was so relaxed, just took it all in. Heck what pup wouldn't like all this attention. The doctore showed Mama a technique she can use to help me.

Well on the way home, I did not go back and forth in the back seat, or try to get in the front seat. I just layed down on the back seat until we got home. I was so relaxed! Mama was so amazed! When she opened the backdoor to let me out, I was still laying down. Now that is not like me. Normally I am raring to go. BOL!

When I came inside I layed down in the office and my Pup siser's, Peanut, Roxie and Madison, immedietly started sniffing me. Especially in the area's I had Reike done on me. Roxie especially kept checking me over, she knows something has has changed.

Right now I am very relaxed in the living room with Mama, as she watches a Braves/Houston Baseball game. Don't tell her, but I am asleep! BOL!

So Mama hopes with combination of Meds and Reike I will be healed! Please keep those toes crossed!





August 8th 2010 8:22 pm
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Last night I slept on Mama's bed so she could keep an eye on me. I had another seizure at 7am. Later in ther afternoon, I had another one. But this evening I have been doing ok. Please pray for us. Mama had 2 seizure's last night. She thinks it is due to a new med reacting to her seizure meds.

Mama will talk to the Vet, we will let you know what they say!




Seizure Monster Is BACK:(

August 7th 2010 11:06 pm
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First of All, I want to thank all my wonderful friends, and even some of you that I don't know for you love, support, prayers prezzies. Means the world to me and Mama.

Well, I have had two more seizure's since Mama first talked to the Vet. I had my 2nd Seizure on August 3rd, which wasn't as bad as my first one, which was a releif. Mama was right there by my side throught it all!

Then this this evening I had another seizure. I was laying on the couch next to Mama, and all of a suddend started to have a seizure. My legs were twitching, I would not respond or look at Mama. It lasted about 1 1/2 minutes. After my Seizure I looked at Mama and she gave me kisses. Mama said, High 5 Rosie, and I gave her a High 5!

Please contine to pray for me. Mama is going to call the Vet on Monday.


PS. I just had another Seizure. Mama is in tears. She doesn't want me to go through this. After My Seizure I licked Mama's face.


Mama Talked to the Vet!

August 2nd 2010 7:45 am
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This morning, Mama called the Vet as soon as they opened so she could talked to the Vet herself. When she told to Vet what happened last night, the Doc was very concerned. She asked how old I was. Mama said I would turn 10 in September. My Vet said most dogs start having seizure's when there 3 or 4, so she is concerned. She wants Mama to watch me closely and keep a journal of my seizures. Mama is to write down the date, the time and how long it lasts. If it lasts more than 5 minutes, then it is very serious.

The Vet does not want to put me on any meds quite yet. She wants Mama to observe me. If I have less than 1 month, they don't like medicating. If it is more frequent, then I will be on meds for the rest of my life.

Mama is very worried about me. She layed on the floor next to me this morning, held me and just petted me and gave me lots of lovin.

Please pray for me that the Seizure Monster won't visit me again.




I had My First Seizure!

August 1st 2010 8:19 pm
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My friends,

About 15 minutes ago I had a seizure while I was laying on the couch. One of my Mom's says I was dreaming, and the other one said, no that I was having a seizure. My eyes were open, and I couldn't respond. All my limbs were twitching. You see Mama has Seizure's so Thank DOG she knew what was happening to me. She knelt down by my side, kept talking to me , trying to comfort me. Then I turned my head towards her. Mama gave me a kiss. She then checked one thing, she said High 5 Rosie, I gave Mama my paw. She then knew I pulled out of it. I sure was scared, but my family was even more so for me. I don't want them to worry about me. I love them so much. We will be taking a trip to the Vet, so I can get on some kind of medicene. Like they say, Like Mama like daughter! Please pray for me.




Mama Called the Vet!

June 5th 2010 10:54 pm
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Lately I haven't been doing to well. My pain level has been getting worse in my legs, and sometimes my back legs are very stiff. Many times I cry when I roll over or try to get up. Mama has been so heart sick. So she called the vet, and let them know the dosage of the pain meds, which is 3 times a day is not doing the trick for me. That I am really hurting. Was there a Anti Inflamitory medication they could try me on, to see if that could help.

The Vet put me on Previcox, 1 tab. 227 mg, a day, and increased my Glucosimine/MSM so I am taking 4 of them a day.

You wouldn't beleive the difference in me! I can get up, and roll over without crying out in pain. I can walk without being stiff. Today I evened hopped like a Bunny! BOL! Also, when Mama gave me a treat I ran, thats right , RAN with it to another room! Mama was in tears, to see me doing so much better, in just 3 days!

Thank you my friends, especially at Rotties Rule for your Love and Support, and suggestions! Mama told me, even though this med, is almost as much as a Car Payment I am worth it! More than worth it! She said she would do what ever she could, to make me feel better!

Oh by the way, I got a really nice body Massage today from Mama too! It felt so good! I didn't want her to stop. I kept seeing the Angels! BOL!




Rotties Ruler of the Week!

May 2nd 2010 4:03 pm
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I can't beleive it! My friends over at Rotties Rule have Chosen me as Rotties Ruler of the week! Thank you everyone! Mama told me to not let it go to my head. TOO LATE! BOL!




Rotties Rule Anniversary!

April 16th 2010 8:03 pm
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This week was Rotties Rule Group 3 Year Anniversary! We started out with just a few members now going very strong! I can't say enough of all the members over at Rotties Rule! They are very caring, loving and compassionate group! So pups if your a Rottie or Non Rottie and want to have some fun come join us! We have dances, celebrate Birthdays, have Weddings, Photo Contests, you name it!

Come check us out, and the New Video we have:) To show how much fun we have!

To My friends, your the best, I love you very much!



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