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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

P-p-p-poker face

March 31st 2010 6:05 am
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Tuesday, March30th

Since Dad has been on wacky schedules for at least the last 18 months, he hasn't been able to hit the weekly poker tournament at the Navy Club. Regulars can earn points or something towards the quarterly invitation only tournament that has a bigger payout than the weekly $200/150/75 gift cards plus top 9 getting a free buy-in for one of the weeklies. Mom thought Dad deserved and really needed poker night since he could have a couple of beers. She also joked that if he placed in the top 3, he could just give her the gift card since her birthday is coming up.

One of the guys that works with Dad was there as were several other acquaintances. Mom decided she'd play and worst case scenario, I'd lay in her lap. We had to pick up a card off of the finals table to tell us where to sit. We got lucky; Dad was across the table from us and the way the tables were set up, I could lay in front of Mom's feet (and if I stretched really far could touch Dad).

It was rather boring. As long as I stayed on my mat, Mom wasn't to concerned with me moving around a little or sitting up. She had to stand up to deal which made me sit up. At the break, we both made potty runs and Mom had Dad hold my leash while she fixed herself a hotdog. The other lady at our table made some comment about dogs begging for food. I dropped into a down on my mat. She couldn't believe that I wasn't overwhelmingly interested in Mom's food.

Mom finally went out in 14th or 15th place. It was after it was down to two tables. There was a bit of table balancing going on and things started to get noisy as the numbers dwindled towards the top 9 (who would make the final table) and there was a player at each table with extremely short stacks (like2-3 chips total); one of them happened to be Dad's friend. Mom grabbed my Mutt Muffs so I didn't have to listen to all the racket.

Mom didn't want to stand to see all of the action, so we moved a chair where we could sorta see and she could hear everything while she sipped a coke. As it drug on, we were both getting tired. She had me laying in her lap while she used the wireless hotspot connection on her I-pod Touch to browse Dogster and to post on my Facebook page. Suddenly, it was over; Dad's friend had finished in third place and Dad had finished in second.

It was after eleven when we got home. We were all tired. I was more than happy to grab Mr. Squirrel and climb into bed.


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