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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

Bloomin' Onions and Strawberry Butter

March 26th 2010 4:17 am
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Wednesday, March 24th

To celebrate Dad starting back on a normal schedule (no more 16+ hour days), the pawrents decided to dine out. Both have been craving steak and since we don't have a grill, the options are limited. Mom suggested the Outback in Itaewon and took the opportunity to dress up a bit, actually put on makeup, and paint her toenails. I got to wear my new blue croc bling'd out collar.

Last month, Mom and I went to the Express Bus Terminal with some other SUSLAK wives. There are like 3 floors of underground shopping plus a 5 story building all connected to this very large bus station. (Lots of people take these large travel buses instead of the train.) There was an Outback as well as tons of small Korean restaurants, a Lotteteria (owned/started by the Lotte world bunch and sorta like a McDonalds. Lotte world is basically a Korean Walmart) as well as some Japanese/Chinese places. A couple of people had eaten at one of the Korean places earlier in the trip; I napped while they all sat around the table and talked. At the end of the trip, Mom and a couple of the others went into the Outback looking for a blooming onion only to find out they didn't have them on the menu. That was a real WTF moment.

That resulted in a weird conversation between Mom and Dad as we were walking up the stairs to the restaurant. (Nope, it sure isn't handicap accessible. The stairs don't even have a handrail.) The hostess sees me and freaked out. Mom shows her my id and tells her to call the manager. We were quickly shown a seat. Dad had my mat in his bag, so it took a minute for Mom to get me set up. Once it was down, I hopped on it and laid down.

One of the special drink listings was for Strawberry juice. Mom couldn't figure out why it was soo expensive (especially since strawberries are in season right now) until she looked at the serving size. 750Ml (25oz) was 22,000won. Mom got one of the small 3,000won glasses. It wasn't all strawberry; it had banana in it as well, but it was good; she had the rest in a to-go cup so I got a taste when we got outside.

Bloomin' Onion wasn't on the regular menu here either. It was on a paper insert. There were also some other more Korean-type specials on a second insert. They ordered and got a pleasant surprise when the bread arrived; strawberry butter. It was awesome (I got a taste of it when we got home).

Mom hates the horseradish sauce that normally comes with the onion. She use to just have them bring some ranch on the side, but since she tried the Aussie Cheese fries, she likes the dressing for them (a spicy ranch). The waiter brought it AND some of the spicy stuff that they normally serve with the shrimp. It reminds Mom of the sauce in Kung Pao Chicken (orangy/red jellish). It must have been good because Dad commented that Mom was demolishing her half of the onion.

Mom didn't eat all of her steak, so she got a to-go box. The waiter fixed us up with 2 loaves of the bread and the berry butter. The other tables around us had no idea I was there and were surprised when I came out from under there.

It had cooled off considerably when we got outside, but it wasn't that bad. Mom wanted to walk a bit and just look. Sometimes the cart vendors have new stuff. We took a leisurely pace since Mom was wearing short heels. When she finished, Dad flagged down a taxi. He messed up when he told them where to take us. They changed the name of the bus stop out front. It use to be named for the university building on the other side of the road, but now it is named after the hospital that is out the back gate. So he gave them the name of the hospital and guess where the cab took us.

Mom's shoes started hurting her feet, so she took them off and rolled up her jeans. I wasn't the only one getting their feet washed as soon as we got home. Dad fixed my dinner while I was in the tub.

Thursday, March 25th

Mom and I finished off the steak and a loaf of bread for lunch.

I was happy to see Dad when he came home. It is not going to take me long to get use to him coming home earlier. He dumped his bag, kissed Mom, and gave me some attention before heading off to our commissary to grab a few things.

At some point, Dad said it felt like something flew into his eye. He had Mom look at it. She told him it looked blistered, like how a fuzzy caterpillar leaves blisters where it touches. We didn't have any saline solution so Mom grabbed her wallet and shoes then headed to the commissary. They don't have saline solution. Mom wasn't dressed for heading out the gate (there are pharmacies out the back gate). Dad had been trying to wash it out with faucet water then decided to try to look it up online.

He decided to head for the emergency room (since it was after 5). It was nearly 9 when he finally got home. After numbing it and using some dye stuff, it was determined that he hadn't scratched anything (duh) and that it was some sort of allergic reaction. He's got two kinds of drops to use. One of them makes his pupil dilate which looks freaky.


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Barked by: Zeke (Dogster Member)

March 26th 2010 at 7:40 pm

Sounds like the trip to Outback was yummy. My mom is allergic to strawberries, so she probably wouldn't have liked it too much! Glad to see you are back to posting every couple of days!
Barked by: Ollivander (Dogster Member)

March 27th 2010 at 8:18 am

Yummmm! Your dinner sounds really tasty! Strawberry butter?! YUM!

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