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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

Miscellaneous Catch Up

December 24th 2008 10:23 am
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Friday, November 14th
Ok, so Mom hasn't been updating my diary (she's been slacking off on typing) because she's felt soo craptastic. She's not sleeping well on the nights Dad works which messes with her headaches. We missed the air show, so no Black Hawk pics. We are determined to make it to the next one.

Mom had her outside Pain Management consult. It was one of those things where she had to leave me at home (which didn't help). She had to be at a building by the base hospital by 8:20 AM (when the bus schedule calls for a 7AM run). A van took her to the appointment. She hates not knowing where she's going (and since she didn't know which outside hospital it was, she couldn't map it out). Mom is weird about knowing where the closest subway station is located; she wants to be able to find her way home in case she decides to bail. The ride into the underground parking garage was like a roller coaster ride.

The specialist glossed over the medical records she took, did some poking and prodding that just about got him punched in the nose, then told her what he “thinks” is wrong. His cure-all consists of injections of the same thing she had an allergic reaction to when the neurologist did them (with the difference that the specialist wants to do them in between her C2 and 3 vs the occipital area). If he had bothered to READ her records he would have seen that. She tells him she's allergic. He wants to put her back on meds she's already tried (extensively). Again, if he would have bothered to read. She points that out. He says he has nothing to offer her after he tells her that her allergic reaction to both the steroid component of the injections and the NSAIDs isn't “life threatening”. Maybe not, but it isn't worth the pain of feeling like someone has beat you within an inch of your life and it isn't worth the hives or difficulty breathing either. Mom was like, “See ya.”

So, Mom was having an anxiety attack on the way back to base because she's tired of hurting and the crazy Asian driver wasn't helping. She's not depressed, just mentally and physically tired. She's equated it to making an eraser burn then keep on rubbing it, and rubbing it, and rubbing it. Pretty soon you just want it to stop hurting.

Mom sent Bretta back to the US. She got to the point that she didn't want anything else on her “plate”. So, Bretta is living with a friend who is into Schutzhund and is going to sessions with my old trainer. She will either eventually go help someone else or David will keep her, unless Mom decides she wants her back when we move home.

Dad has been getting us out to the movies. It is good for Mom and anything that makes her laugh works for me.

We've been back to DongDaeMun. The weather was nice; one of those days that wasn't too hot nor too cold. Nice enough that we could walk up the long sweeping low rise to the closest subway station without breaking a sweat. The sidewalk is nice and wide. I was ready for the challenge; it had been awhile since I had rode the subway. We had to change lines once and I was really good about laying parallel to the seat out of the way. People were smiling at me. There was some pointing and talking. Dad said it was the usual; small SDs aren't the norm.

We went down towards the fish and bird row. There are a couple of stores that Mom likes to shop. She can “haggle” even though she doesn't speak the language and they have sold her healthy fish and plants. The one store is off the main drag so we hit it first. Mom was looking through some live plants when a little dog came running at us. Dad and the lady who runs the place blocked so Mom could pick me up. Better to be safe than sorry. Telling it to “Git” in English was useless; it understood the Korean equivalent. Mom was having a hard time getting up really quick (bad knee) so it was good practice for my “Behind” command. Mom is considering a walking stick (to ward off dogs that are bigger or aren't easily scared off) but has to check out the local laws.

Mom got some more peace lilies and some short grass. Then we headed over to the other place. He has the healthiest crays of the two or three places that sell them; he's also got good prices on his tanks and lights. We got another 2.5 gallon rectangular tank and light. The goldfish need more area vs the tank they had. Blue climbed out and went AWOL, so Blue IV was chosen. (Remember, Blue I & II were bought together. They got into a fight and both died.) He had some bigger ones, so IV is huge. Mom was hoping that the saw grass type stuff she got would be impossible for him to climb. III climbed up a lily.

Mom's doctor appointment last week was funny. I broke a down/stay in the waiting area to greet the Korean nurse that always fawns over me (the one who wants kisses). I did stay on my mat, but I play postured at her and wagged my tail soo hard my butt was wiggling. She didn't take Mom's vitals; a different nurse got the job. She was full of questions; she had seen me greet my friend and couldn't get over how reserved I was with everyone else. I also took the opportunity to “speak” to the doc half way through the appointment.

I told Mom to pick me up. I laid down in her lap while they talked. Doc starts with calling me “Lassie”, so I showed him. I started “talking” (various vocal sounds, but never louder than a conversational tone; I don't yell indoors). He decides to play along and asks “Has Mom been sick?” I nod and start telling him all about it. “Where is she hurting?” I stand up and touch her head and keep talking. His eyes got big. Then I leaned forward towards him and gave him a piece of my mind before laying back down and giving him one of my looks. He asked if I was always that “articulate”. “Yep.” He's now a believer in my communication skills.

We made it to see Madagascar II. Mom figured I'd watch it with them since I like the first one. The penguins need their own feature. We were going to go see Quantum of Solace, but Dad wasn't feeling well. Mom thinks it is a sinus infection. We'll catch it later.

It has gotten too cold to go tracking so we've been working on off-leash heeling. She started by letting me loose in the elevator and then down the hall to our place. From there, it was from right before we got on the elevator to come upstairs, progressing further out to where now I come off lead on the breezeway. Some days Mom tells me to take the ramp, others the stairs. I have to wait until she tells me I can enter and exit the elevator (she holds the doors open). We have even done the 4 flights of stairs. With the number of kids in the building, there are tons of distractions. I've always been good about heeling if Mom drops my leash, but completely off-lead has always been taboo due to location and being a Beagle.


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