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09/24/13 If it isn't one thing, then it's anotehr

September 24th 2013 3:38 pm
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Hi pals,

There will be no TV at our place until October because daddy backed into the satellite dish and knocked it off its stand. He tried to stand it back upward by propping it up but it no longer receives the satellite signal. Hopefully the dish people will be able to come out before it starts raining again or else there will be no TV until sometime next year – YIKES!!!

Life here in the rural areas is full of complications but on the bright side, it will give Puffy and me something to bark about – BOL.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

PS - It sure would be nice if there were some other FOREVER rosettes in the Dogster gift shop. A BEAUTIFUL set of FOREVER wings would look really nice on my Angel pal's pages. Are you listening Dogster?


09/23/13 Who me? Why thank you Dogster

September 23rd 2013 5:48 am
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Thank you Dogster for allowing my diary to be one of the featured diaries of the day. May I suggest to my pals that they click on the below link and send the number 1 featured diary some love? Lady recently passed away and her momma left a very loving tribute on her page. As some of my pals know, I am campaigning that Dogster recognize International Rainbow Bridge day on April 1st and modify their gift shop to include more FOREVER rosettes geared towards pals that are now Angels.


Please do not send me any rosettes, instead some nice, tasty bones would be appreciated.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


09/21/13 Excavator and Rainbow Bridge campaign

September 21st 2013 4:07 am
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Hi pals,

There’s going to be a lot of barking done at our property today and tomorrow. The humans went to Gallup and rented something called an excavator and according to momma it was another heart attack moment for her. Apparently when the rental company was driving the excavator onto the trailer which was connected to daddy’s truck the weight of the “Mini” excavator caused the front of the truck to lift from the ground and since momma was sitting in the truck, she got scared. Once the excavator was all loaded up, the humans had to drive about 50 miles home and daddy’s truck had a hard time towing the heavy load.

Daddy is going to use the excavator to dig trenches to channel water that runs through our property away from the house. This should be interesting since daddy has never driven one before and got a crash course on how to operate the excavator from the people at the rental place. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing bad happens.

Now on to my Rainbow Bridge campaign…I know Dogster offers the Guardian Angel star in the gift shop that lasts forever, but I would really like a pair of angel wings that also last forever. Currently the Dogster gift shop only has the above mentioned star: they also have the rainbow, a burning candle, and a pair of lovely Angel wings which only last for one month. Our Angel pals stay with us in our hearts and memories forever and it would be nice if we had a bigger selection of forever gifts to give to them. I think I should add the forever heart to this list also because I have been know to send that to some of my pals to let them know that they will always be in my heart. Anyhow, having April 1st as a day to remember our departed pals would be wonderful along with a variety of forever gifts that could be sent to them. Here is a list of suggestions:

(all of the below are “Forever” rosettes)
St. Francis medal
Forever loved banner

If any of my pals can think of anything else they would like to send to Angel pals please leave a comment and momma will add it to the list the next time we mention forever Angel gifts that we would like to have.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


09/20/13 Open request to Dogster/Catster

September 20th 2013 9:40 am
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Dear Dogster/Catster,

I have recently sent you a check for the renewal of my Plus membership and must tell you that even with some of the frustrating fleas and ticks that sporadically pop up on your site, that I enjoy playing here, most of the time. One of the things I really love about Dogster/Catster is that members are not allowed to get nasty with other members or in what they are writing. If I wanted raunchy and disrespectful I would be watching “Here comes Honey Boo-Boo”.

Anyhow, I have a very special request that I would like you to consider carefully: April 1st is reported to be International Rainbow Bridge day and I thought it would be a very loving and caring for Dogster to honor this day by offering either new angel items that we could buy and send to our departed pals (I for one would love to have a pair of forever wings), or even having a free rosette in the gift shop that we could send to our loved and not forgotten pals.

As you know, loosing a loved one is very sad, traumatic and often brings on some form of depression for those who are left behind. Sometimes humans feel that they no longer belong on Dogster/Catster because most of the diary postings are done by those that are still living although there are several Angels who continue to post which I find to be refreshing. Maybe having a day set aside for Angel pals would entice those who have left to come back and play again. It’s worth a try, don’t you think?

Now for those pals of ours that agree with having a special Rainbow Bridge day and some new rosettes dedicated for this, please feel free to send Dogster/Catster a nice message requesting such.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose – campaigning for a Rainbow Bridge day here on Dogster/Catster.


09/19/13 Pirate day

September 19th 2013 9:17 pm
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Hi pals,

Today Dogster generously gave us free Jolly Roger flags for us to send to our pals. Personally, I don’t get the whole fascination with pirates as they were a bunch of crooks that stole and murdered people, but since the Dogster Jolly Roger Pirate day is all in fun I did send out some flags to my pals. However, I would prefer getting rid of the Jolly Roger give away and doing a Rainbow Bridge day with free Guardian Angel rosettes.

Sometimes our Angel pals are left out of the fun and it would be nice if Dogster would allow us to show our continue love towards those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge with a day of remembrance.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

PS - Thank you pals for all of the Jolly Roger flags on our pages.


09/02/13 My diary is featured again...

September 2nd 2013 11:45 am
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OMD - Dogster has once again chosen to feature my diary today - Thank you Dogster as you know how much I love to be in the spotlight - BOL, BOL The only problem is I am running out of acceptance speeches so I'll just make this really short.

I'd like to thank the following for helping me to be the Princess that I am:

Momma - I have you wrapped around all four of my little paws and have allowed you to cater to my every whim. You should run right out and buy me some new cookies because I deserve them.

Daddy - I have you to thank for helping momma to pick me out. I know I was, am still am such a pretty girl, so who am I fooling, neither one of you could resist me on that faithful day when our paths crossed.

Puffy - What can I say...Oh, I know, you are a very nice brother and I really am glad you live with us because that means I get more cookies when I take yours from you. Now stop sniffing my butt and give me some of those bones you have...

Hobo - The love of my life. I'm glad you understand what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine also. We get along so well.

Dogster - Who would have thought a social network for dogs and cats would be so popular? I love all my pals and enjoy reading about their lives. Thank you for today's honor and I hope to live up to your expectations.

My pals - I love you all but once again request that you NOT spend your zealies on me. Just drop me a few free bones (hey, it worked for Puffy).

To Redford and pack - You sure are being kept busy making all of those picture frames for Puffy and me - BOL, BOL. I sure hope you are having fun making them because I sure do like getting them however, I confess, I absolutely LOVE the picture frame you did where I had the cookie in my mouth and the hoodie pulled down over my eyes - it captured the true me - BOL, BOL.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


08/31/13 Hunting season

August 31st 2013 3:27 pm
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Hi pals,

When the humans were coming back from the local farmers market and were driving down the dirt/gravel road a momma deer crossed in front of the truck with a baby deer right behind her. Daddy went to continue on down the road but another baby deer came running out of the trees, crossed the road and followed momma and sibling. Both baby deer still had their spots but weren’t new born judging by their size.

Today in the local news there is an article stating that hunting season starts Sunday. It’s a good thing for these three deer that hunting of any type is prohibited in our development.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


08/30/13 I'm getting very tired of this...

August 30th 2013 6:53 pm
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Another day of thunderboomies: Boom, BOOM, B O O M!!!! And do you know what the worse part was? My Thunder shirt was in the washer so I couldn't wear it. When will it all end?

Daddy told momma that there is supposed to be a big storm coming and even parts of Colorado are expecting some snow. I sure hope


humans don't get caught in it.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


08/29/13 Another day of nothing

August 29th 2013 7:00 pm
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Hi Pals,

There is a new member of Dogster who could use some pals…


Nothing much going on down my way. The humans went to Zuni to get some lettuce for Arleenton but sadly the selection there wasn’t very good today. The Zuni market is a little Native Indian store that has a some of everything except their produce is often times sub-par. Today they were out of a lot of things but the big truck was at the side door bring in new items. Momma ended up buying a wilted head of lettuce and soaked it in ice water to bring it back to life.

We have been having more thunderboomies and I have been wearing my Thunder shirt a lot. With the tunderboomies there has been some rain, so once again it was a day of having to get feetsies washed. Somehow Puffy always ends up with muddy paws and I usually don’t but momma said she is tired of having dirt in her bed so we both have to have our paws washed. I tell you Puffy really cracks me up because the humans can see when his feet are muddy since he is white but now he has taken to coming in the door and rolling over onto his back so momma can easily see the bottom of his paws. I think he takes pride on having muddy feetsies.

Puffy has also taken to running when he sees one of the human’s approaches him with one of his wee-wee wraps – BOL, BOL. He doesn’t like them and has decided that he isn’t going to make putting one on him easy. Then when he is cornered he will roll over onto his back and becomes “dead weight”. The little guy really does have a warped sense of humor and is quite entertaining. After he gets his feetsies washed he runs through the house until he finds the “stuffie of the day” to play with. Then he runs and plays with his stuffie while sliding around on the floors with his wet feetsies. He really is one happy little guy.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


08/28/13 Another day, another bark

August 28th 2013 8:46 pm
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Hi pals,

Nothing much going on down here so I've taken to barking at daddy just for the fun of it. He doesn't like when I do that but I'm bored and need something to entertain myself with.

Daddy told momma that he has been finding some "big poop" close to the house and he is sure it isn't Puffy and mine. He suspects it is from the coyote that the humans saw roaming on our property.

Did I tell you that the rancher with the cows have been letting them roam free again? Yup, they have been down the road eating all the grass that is growing along the roadway. None of them have made their way up here yet because there is plenty of grass where they are at right now but once that is gone, I suspect we will be having visitors. I think I’ll get the BBQ grill ready – BOL, BOL.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

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