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We've been tagged

November 6th 2008 4:06 am
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We were tagged by our pal Roman…According to Roman we have to list 7 things about ourselves and tag 7 more pals. Logan and I are going to post our entrees together. Our tagged team is Fluffy Lee, Trixie Mae, Sierra, Tinker Bell Forever, Snoopy, Willie and Teddy

Logan Ben
1) I was a big cry baby and would cry and cry about everything until I learned that it would not hurt me.
2) I loved to roll around in horse droppings, the fresher the better.
3) I never ate dog food instead mom cooked me chicken, carrots and potatoes and then had to hand feed me for 10 years – what a life.
4) I failed herding try outs when I refused to herd the stupid geese.
5) I hated to have my nails clipped but would let mom trim them with the electric file even though they sometimes pulled out the hair on my feet.
6) When my adopted doggie mom died right after I came to live with mom and dad, I went outside and howled twice: dad said it was the most pitiful sound he had ever heard. I never did that again as long as I lived. Come to think of it, I rarely barked either.
7) I was the product of a puppy mill and had lots of trust and socialization issues because of it.

Coco Rose
1) I am a cookie addict. I love my cookies even though I don’t always eat them right away. Sometimes I carry them around in my mouth for days before I will actually eat them. Hey, it’s the aging process that makes them taste so yummy.
2) I have jingle bells on the sliding glass door that I am supposed to ring when I need to go outside to go pee-pee but I don’t use them. Instead I stand at the back door and do the pee-pee dance or bark to let my humans know that I need out.
3) I love tummy rubs and will lie contentedly as long as someone is rubbing my tummy.
4) I have a job. I am momma’s alarm clock. In the morning, daddy will let me out of my crate and I immediately get up on the bed and start giving my momma kisses to wake her up. When that is done, I then flop on my back and demand belly rubs.
5) I was the runt of the litter.
6) I hate my vet and will no longer walk into his office, so momma has to carry me in.
7) I’m always running in the house as fast as my little legs will carry me. Run, Run, Run like I have to get there quickly. I run to the back door when I have to go potty; I run to my water dish to get a drink or water; I run to my people when they get home. Run, Run, Run.

Note: The above list is slightly different than the one I sent to my seven tagged pup pals because the original list did not post so I had to try to remember what I said the first time when I duplicated it to repost.


Coco Rose


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