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My Life by Teddy

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There must be some mistake!

January 5th 2009 2:21 pm
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Did some pup out there order a red parka with fur trim? I did not order this! Mom and Dad know how I feel about clothes and wouldn't do this to me. It has been very cold and snowy, but I'm willing to give up some outdoor time to not wear this. My brother, Casey is usually not as anti-clothes , doesn't even like his. This has got to be one big mistake! Please be a mistake!


Thank you Santa!

December 29th 2008 12:24 pm
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Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve. I don't know how he gets in undetected. Usually anything Idon't hear and bark at Casey does. He left us each a BIG stocking filled with TOYS. There were even two toys too big for our mouths that we could give to our cousin Harley. He is real BIG. He's a German Shepard with an enormous mouth. I hope he likes the tennis and footballs. Casey is still hogging all the toys so I don't understand how Santa doesn't see it. Maybe next year he'll get coal, but then he'll just take my stuff and I'll get stuck with the coal.I hope every pup had a good Christmas.


A Tree Trick

December 3rd 2008 8:23 am
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Hey, it happened again, a tree grew right in our living room. It's cold and snowy outside and I hate to walk in the snow and wear that silly sweater. Just at the right time a pee tree grows inside! I can't wait to start lifting my leg in the warm comfort of my own house. But then the folks build a barrior around the tree and I can't even get close enough for a sniff much less to lift my leg. Tricked again! I fall for it every year. One year I'm going to get in a pee before the barrior goes up. Then everyone will be surprised.


Halloween Humiliation

October 25th 2008 10:38 am
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Oh, no I saw Mom getting out the costumes! Casey and I hate all clothes. We put up with sweaters in winter, but nothing else. Last year Mom and her friend took us and her friend's dog Lily to a pet store costume party.Yikes what humiliation! To be fair there were some dogs there that didn't seem to mind looking ridiculous. I was a space dog with a weird alumimum covered helmet with antennas and poor Casey was Minnie Mouse. Casey is my BROTHER! Mom had to carry me because I refused to walk. Casey was a better sport because there were lots of treats there. Later kids came to the door and rang the bell, so Casey and I had to do our job and bark. We got pretty tired by the end of the day. The kids didn't even come in to play with us. Mom and Dad gave them treats to GO AWAY! Halloween is not my favorite holiday.


Put your saving into bones

October 10th 2008 10:13 am
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Mom and Dad are concerned about the economy. I keep trying to bark them my plan, take our money out of the stock market, put the money into bones, and Casey and I will hide them all over the yard and in the house. Casey thinks my plan makes alot of sense. I wonder how many bones we need so my dad can retire? They can put their minds at ease knowing that Casey and I will always have enough, unless of course we move. I hope things get better. I already have seen the quality of snacks dip.


Where's the biscuit?

September 18th 2008 5:01 pm
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Mom is always thinking up ways to play tricks on us. Her newest is hiding our biscuits in our toy box. Casey guards the toys like they were his puppies and anything inside he considers his, so getting my share of the biscuits is a challenge. Mom gets a laugh out of seeing us with our heads buried in toys. When she notices that I'm not getting my share, she gives me one on the side. I do like to make Mom laugh especially if it leads to snacks. Teddy


Hawks are not your friends

September 8th 2008 9:03 am
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Yesterday between football games, Dad, Casey and I went for a walk along the river parkway. It was a great day and it was the perfect spot. There is grass for Casey to walk in and pavement for me. We met some pup friends and people who let me give them kisses. Most people really seem to like that and I'm happy to do it. Sometimes we see deer and coyotes, but we didn't yesterday. There was a BIG shadow that seemed to follow us. Dad said it was a hawk and he was giving us the eye. Dad said he was looking for small animals to EAT! Yikes, now it's making me a little nervous. I do try to keep a trim shape, but before our next walk, I'm going to bulk up.


Guilt pays off

September 1st 2008 6:29 pm
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Mom and Dad came home with a big chew bone for Casey and me.Yummy! Where were they? Well, after sniffing the clothes in the wash pile, I figured out they were outside ( sunscreen and bug spray), went fishing (fish), and had grilled meat. I was kind of happy we didn't go because I hate fishing. BC, before Casey , they took me fishing. I had to wear a puppy life jacket. They were afraid I'd fall in in the middle of the lake and I'm no Michael Phelps. The worst part of it was the jacket had a handle! They carried me like a suitcase! Being home this weekend wasn't too bad and we did get a big bone out of it.


Something is up

August 28th 2008 12:30 pm
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Now I might be overly suspicious, but I think the folks are going somewhere. There are suitcases and coolers being packed and when this happens somebody is going somewhere. I haven't seen our toys or doggy snacks being packed, so I'm thinking Casey and I aren't going. You know what that means..... PARTY with my aunt and uncle. They come and bring us super snacks and play with us alot. Then Mom and Dad feel so guilty about not taking us they bring us good stuff. We are practicing our sad looks already. You know how us pups lay down and look up with our big sad eyes. Yes, that's the look. It works every time.


Midnight Madness

August 24th 2008 9:07 am
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Mom and Dad ,Casey and I went to Midnight Madness at the local pet place. I was hoping that there would be good eats. We walked around the place and learned about micro chipping. When I saw there was a needle involved I wasn't so thrilled. We liked seeing the barkery treats and got a puppy pizza to share. Mom and Dad had their eyes on a cute shih tzu puppy and wanted us to sniff him. I think they are thinking of expanding the family. Casey and I aren't too sure about this whole thing. There were toys all over, but all we heard was "leave it". Hey, what are we here for? Don't they know my birthday is next week!!!

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