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Misty - Queen of all I survey.

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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

January 23rd 2012 10:14 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Gung Hay Fat Choy!! Happy New Year in Chinese. This is the year of the Dragon. Which is to be a good prosperous year for us all. We could certainly use one of those years for once.

Mom says she's a Rooster, and has no idea what we are in Western or Eastern stuff. She just knows she's got it easy peasy for the next 2 weeks at work because most of her international business will be on hold for celebrations.

We hope this year brings the Dragon luck of prosperity to all. What the heck, sounds better than nothing at all. BOL.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Queen Rules the Snow!

January 16th 2012 10:36 pm
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Hey everypup ~Queen Misty here~

You know if I have to start our throwing out the Royal Queen title things need to be addressed.

First off - snow has fallen upon the Queendome. Don't let my grouchy behavior lead you astray a good romp through snow is good for any pup.

While Cutter was timid in his foray into the whiteness of the covered yard, I bounded forward. Pepper being a strapping gal and fond of the exuberance of the outdoors was there with me, paws to muzzles, as we Zoomied through snow. Untouched by paws, claws, human feet and this is pristine territory we venture through.

Cutter tried to cut me off at the pass to the deck and I gave him the Royal Hip Check Counter Maneuver. I think this version puts it in perspective to how it went down.

"just a jump to the left.

And then a step to the right.

Put your Paws on your hips.

You bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane.
Let's do the time-warp (hip check) again.
Let's do the time-warp (hip check) again."

Thank you 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' inspiration. "Paws" and "hip check" my substitutions.

That's how it went down and why this Queen rules in the snow.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty ~ Queen of All I Survey~


Yikes, It's Been So Long Since....Happy New Year Everypup.

January 12th 2012 9:30 pm
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Hey Everypup ~Misty here~

I know, it's been a while since I've been on. Those other creatures in the house (Scooter excluded of course but barely) have been hogging the interweb access.

Santa Paws season was pretty low key this year. Mom's Mom and Step-hubby are something called retired (which is not what you do to tires when they wear out I have been told. What, I thought they were being recycled). They are wintering in Arizona as they travel and visit all the National Parks and National Monuments in the USA. There are only 400+ and they just cleared the 100+ mark. They have a blog and stuff, but it has no dogs in it so why bother sniffing around that area?

What Mom? Oh. Ok. Well in case anypup or anypup person wants to read blogs that do not involve dogs, go to here.

So Mom's Mom is all busy spending all the money (she should be saving up to buy us SNACKS) on a road trip for life. Which could explain why I have not seen any packages addressed to Queen Misty of All I Survey and bulging with tasty SNACKS.

The New Year arrived and typical for the neighborhood - we had local fireworks. Since we can also see the Seattle show and 3 other city shows around our area, we all go outside when it isn't raining and watch the pretty lights. None of us are scared of loud booms because we have a gun range at the bottom of the big hill and sound does carry up.

We woke up Mom early and she was very grouchy about her head so we all headed back to bed. We slept a really long time. Kind of like it was Scooter Time sleeping.

The tree Mom brought into the house and decorated ended up bringing gnats into the house. You should see Mom flail around in the kitchen trying to bat them out of her way and kill them without leaving smears on walls. I'm pretty sure she bought paint for the ceilings and has been mumbling to herself. Place smells like apple cider vinegar and I'm almost certain all that water she is boiling and pouring down the drains is some sort of ritual. If you ask me it's not working since she is still bobbing and weaving and flailing her arms around at things that seem invisible to us. Don't start me on the snapping the towel at the ceiling issue that has cropped up lately.


Scooter here just suggesting a visit to the V-E-T for Mom. After all it seems Mom's answer to all odd activities dogs do involves a V-E-T visit. Scooter also strongly suggests a good Butt Squeeze, nail trim and a nice public weight exam to be charted and commented on for each visit.


Other than that we only have Chinese New Year to look forward to in a week or so.

On a positive note, that dog that should not be here, Pepper has been rubbing around like a grizzly bear on their butt and moaning like a Augustus Gloop next to the chocolate waterfall. I can only hope she has a Butt Squeeze in her future. I can only hope......

Here's to a great new year Everypup.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Take it Back!!

January 5th 2012 4:41 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

Take it back Mom! I do NOT snore! After all I'm a lady and a Queen.

You on the other paw Mom, snore like a freight train!

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Thumbs Would Come in Quite Handy Right About Now.

December 28th 2011 4:43 pm
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Hey Everypup ~Misty here~

I would have stopped her if I could work this mouse thing on the laptop. After all Santa Paws is here and gone so enough with the "in the spirit of things" hoo haw.

Go ahead, take a look at the home page and tell me that background is not something that should grace a Queen's page. Really, putting the servants offspring up for the New Year photo session is not what I consider ushering in the Baby New Year.


Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Twas the Night Before Christmas. With creative license, by- Queen Misty OAISurvey.

December 4th 2011 1:55 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

During our march to Dogster HQ to deal with the local Huntsman's union on strike causing the recent shortage of Meatz™ on the gift page, I may, or may not, have tippled the eggnog and brandy in the spirit of the cause. Or something along those lines.

There were quite a few pupses from the march to HQ to discuss the lack of Meatz™ when I told this story. I know my bark carries, but for those of you toward the back who were probably stopping to smell the "roses" (code for potty break) I barktated this to Mom and believe me when I was as upset as the next pup to wake up and realize there was still 3 weeks to go.

***************************************************** ***
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through our house
Not a creature was scurrying, not even HEY IS THAT A SQUIRREL?
The stockings were hung by the food bowls with care,
In hopes that Santa Paws would get his a@@ there.

The doglets were nestled all snug in Mom’s bed,
While visions of SNACKS™ danced in their heads.
And Mom in her sweatshirt, and baseball cap,
Had been settled on the couch for her afternoon nap.

When from the backyard sounded a clatter,
We woke up Mom to have here see what was the matter.
Away to the window we followed and watched,
Looked out the curtains and we all sipped on scotch.

The moon on the back deck glistening off the rain
Giving reflection to things up by the roof drain.
When, what to our 8 dog eyes did appear,
But a helicopter up above, getting oh so near.

With a little old pilot, with powerful, striking jaws,
I knew right away it was Santa Paws.
Faster than Demon Flash Bandit they all came,
Santa Paws whistled, he shouted, he called them by name!

"Now Scooby! now, Pluto! now, Astro and Marmaduke!
On, Pongo! On, Goofy! On, Snoopy and Huckleberry Hound
head for the couch! to the top by the wall!
Now snooze away! Snooze away! Snooze away all!"

As dreams of tasty Meatz™ bones go past our eyes,
We continue to lick and lick the wonderful prize.
Up on the roof and next to the chimney flue,
With copter full of SNACKS™, and Santa Paws too.

And there is that tinkling I hear on the roof
The squatting and hiking up legs, hey what the woof.
As we threw back our heads ready to bay like a hound,
Here comes Santa Paws down the chimney with a bound.

He was dressed like a fool, but pulled it off like the Dude,
his clothes were kind of scruffy, but smelled of great food.
A bundle of SNACKS™ he had in his backpack,
he looked like a dog trainer, ready to walk the pack.

His eyes-how they knew! he knew who had poo’d!
His nose wrinkled up, to which we claimed, “untrue”!
He looked over his brow, and pointed toward his toe
We all looked at the cat, who meowed out a “Yo”!

The bones he handed out that we gnawed with our teeth,
Were tasty and meaty, smelled of delicious tasty Meatz™.
We gave him beer and cookies to fill up his belly,
Scooter started laughing, they both shook like bowlfuls of jelly!

He was chubby and plump, like Scooter unconcerned with his health,
We laughed when we saw them, try to suck their guts in with stealth!
A wink of his eye he asked Scooter if he had a paw to lend,
Scooter sighed, said sure, got up and broke wind.

They giggled a bit, bent over the backpack,
And filled all the stockings to the brim with wonderful SNACKS™.
Then giving us all scritches on the nose,
We gave him a nod, up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his copter, turned to the co-pilot,
Who had a tattoo on his arm of a little baby eaglet.
We heard over the whirring blades , as the lifted into flight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"
********************************************** *******

Sniff at ya later ~Queen Misty of All I Survey"


Spa Bed

November 30th 2011 10:00 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

The most wonderful thing has happened in this house. Mom has a new space heater she turns on when she's hanging out at the table puzzling or surfing the net. I love to lay in front of it and warm up. If I get too hot I can always just head to my dog bed by Mom's feet. If I get super hot I head to my dog bed under the pinball machine. Too hot there? I'm off to Mom's bed.

Right now I'm crashed by the heater and soaking it in through my ears.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Hoarding; or Just Planning for the Future?

November 24th 2011 10:09 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

I was not "hoarding" the turkey bone (with skin attached) on Mom's pillow. I am planning for the possibility I may have to wait another full year for turkeyfestexravaganzapalooza.

Great, now I'm in trouble just for having the dang thing. She just tossed it in the garbage after all.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

PS - that bone was tasty and greasy and Mom has to wash her favorite pillow case and change pillows out. I gots good bone breath too.


What is?

November 20th 2011 3:38 pm
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Hey everypup ~Misty here~

What is good about a bath?


Sniff at ya later, I'm kind of pissed off right now ~Misty~


The Royal We is NOT Happy.

November 11th 2011 9:40 pm
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Hey everypup ~Queen Misty here~

We are not happy lately. We would think We would have a say in how things are run in Her Royal Household. We would insist on it being so. We would be very disappointed if it was not so, would We not? Of course We would.

We should not have to point this out. So, Sultan of All His Sister Isn't Looking At, Scooter, (and what a ridiculous title that is in One's opinion) will have to be sent back to finishing school.

Let's discuss the Royal Sleeping Arrangement. Lately Mr. Cutter has been usurping Her Royal Bed Pillows. No amount of growling moves that vagabond. We are this close to banishing him from the continent.

Some other pup has been playing with The Royal Teddy Bear. We know because We are here, and it is squeaking way over there. There is dog slobber all over it, and only We can violate Teddy Bear that way. This pup will be caught and sent to live with the 7 Dwarves. If the Royal Huntsman doesn't do his job he is paid to do first.

BOL - wouldn't that just cheer up the day, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, never mind, last time We asked you, you showed me an image of Oneself with bed head. Not funny Mirror Mirror - Off with your, err, Handle(???).

The free flow food trough has not been as free flowing as We demands. In fact when We do Demand a refill We are ignored, and lately told to "Stuff it". That is no way to speak or treat Oneself. At first We were told it was because of Scooter Squarepants, now We being told it's just to piss Oneself off! Rude!

Ones constitutional morning and night must now be completed in the dark. While this is nice to keep prying eyes away from Ones absolution it also hinders any good solitude outside. This does not allow Oneself enough time to observe/critique the landscaping and gardening skills of the staff.

The so called "work" Mom is doing is no longer to be allowed by Royal Decree. We really don't believe that paper shuffling up on the table is any different than just sitting around on the couch. We have sniffed those papers, and no rocket science going on there. BOL.

We must now go retire in front of the space heater.

Sniff at ya later ~Queen Misty, of ALL She Surveys~

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