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Scooter -- the little Munchkin!

May 5th 2008 8:39 am
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Today, May 5, is Scooter's second birthday. We celebrated it on Saturday with all his friends at playdate. What a fun time for all.! All the humans sang happy birthday to Scooter. The doggies enjoyed Carrot cake from Three Dog Bakery and also little goodie bags for all Scooter's friends to take home. Scooter got a big cookie and a chew from his best buddy at playdate, Bezo.

After I get home from work this evening, we will walk to Scooter's best friend in the world, Riley Ray's home, to hang out and enjoy some more treats. (There is a picture of Riley Ray playing with Scooter)

Scooter is loved by so many people and furry friends! We all LOVE you Scooter Pooter!!


2013 already?!

February 18th 2013 12:51 pm
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Yikes...the years have been flying by. Scooter will be 7 this May. Can't believe it. He is still such a puppy at heart. Loves all his Squeaky toys! Scooter loves his daily walks. We go for an hour walk on the week days (when I get home from work) and a lot longer on weekends. For being a small dog he can walk very long distances. He still loves his tummy rubs. That's all you have to say is 'let me see your tummy' and he is on his back waiting to have his tummy rubbed.
Scooter loves kitties! When he was a puppy I had him sit every time we would see a kitty. He never barks at them or chases them. Just sits and stares. Once a kitty feels safe they will come up to Scooter (who continues to just sit) and they will give each other kisses. I know it is hard to believe unless you are there...but it's oh so true.
Scooter still has lots of friends in the neighborhood. One very good friend, Cole a Yorkie, just moved away. Sad day. They had been friends since puppies.
Every night before the lights go out, Scooter will come up to me in bed and stare at me. I will then say "Let's talk". I will then have to say the names of all his friends and also talk about our walk. He just loves it!
Scooter has been such a wonderful companion and family member. I love him very much!


Scooter turns 8!! May 5, 2014!!

May 7th 2014 11:22 am
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Wow! Eight years old!! Did that time go by super fast. Now we are both seniors! :) Scooter still loves all squeakies and also his daily walks. He has slowed down some, but that's okay because so have I!:) One of Scooter's really good friends, Cole, moved away last year. We walk by his old house every day and Scooter still pulls on his leash to go up the driveway to visit. He also misses his good friend from puppyhood, Bezo. We don't live that close to each other and with work and just life getting in the way we haven't had many visits over the past few years. Scooter is still a very happy little guy and has many friends. He loves kitties!! There are a few in the neighborhood that will come up to him and roll around and rub on Scooter and then they will kiss. It is so cute to see! My sister came out to visit us October, 2013 and got to meet Scooter for the first time. Even though she is a kitty person, she fell in love with little Scooter Pooter and he loves his Auntie very much too! I am looking forward to spending many more years with Scooter! He has such a very special place in my heart and home!

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