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Brownies little world!

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February 10th 2008 12:39 pm
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I thought it was going to snow this morning but the sun came out and the wind was blowing. I hope i dont get blown away. I have been watching Boss and Bam Bam chase each other . Bam Bam took his bone and Boss was chasing him around it was so funny. I love those doggies.




February 8th 2008 11:03 am
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Hi i just found out that Happy was picked for one of the diary of the day doggies on Way to go Happy . I am proud of you too.


Little Brownie
Mixed Breed from Kentucky


Thats fine!!!

February 7th 2008 10:47 am
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Hi i dont mind if my human family puts doggie clothes on me. I love getting all that attention. When i was a little bitty puppy my human mom put a doggie outfit on me . I loved it. So if they want to get me doggie clothes bring them on human family. I love you.


Little Brownie



February 2nd 2008 12:05 pm
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Well me and Rusty had some visitors early this morning we seen birds eating our dog food when we came out of our doggie boxes. They were eating away i dont know how those little bitty birds eat dog food like that they must just swallow it whole. We had some crows steal some of our doggie food over the summer they would take a piece of dog food and go to the creek and dip it in the water thats no kidding they really would. They are smart to do that. They know if they keep dipping the food it will get soft and they can eat it better. Too bad i dont want to eat a crow cause if i did id just dip out of my dog box and grab one and eat it when i catch them stealing my food. But i dont want to kill a crow . Im a good little doggie.



February 1st 2008 12:15 pm
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Hi im Brownie and i am some kind of dog im mixed up . But mom and dad love me anyway . I am very special to them too. Im the first doggie my human Mom and Dad got first. So i am the leader of the pack as Ceaser always says. I run the pack but im not mean . I am a good little doggie. I never take food away from the others and im always hangin with the gang. Im little but i get around . My boxer family are so much bigger than me . But they still like me. I really like them too. Its always nice to add another one to the addition. Im proud to have Boxer and Boston terriers in my family although they dont know what kind of dog i am i have a good heart and im barker friendly. So if you see me barking you know im just barking to say hello. I love to BOL if we dont BOL nobody will know what we want. So i hope you have a great day i will try and write again sometimes. I have to share this computer with 9 other dogs in my family so its hard for me the little one to get to type in an entry. Oh well ill bark at ya later. Have a good one and may the good lord be with all you doggies.

Your friend,

Little Brownie,

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