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Hound of BaskingVille(or The Idle Days of a Dog)

It was a LONG day at the Vet yesterday!

December 5th 2012 5:29 pm
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It was a LONG day at the Vet yesterday! We spent over 2 hours there!! I kept trying to leave cuz I was sick of it!:)) I kept pulling Momma to the doors trying to go home.

I was checked to see how I'm walking and I'm doing very well on the treatment of Rimadyl once a day and the Glucosamine I'm taking. My heart is doing great and then I had to have a comprehensive blood test. That part was the hardest for Mom and Dad to wait for. Well they had to take Georgie in today and they got the results of my blood test back. It is all PERFECT!!!! Yay!!! Mom was so happy to hear good news she almost cried. She said it was the best $300.00 she's spent in a LONG, LONG TIME!

Georgie was a pip though! He was being a cocky rooster and had just got done putting his nose into a plant in the waiting room that was SOAKED with male markings. He had to hike REALLY BAD to return the not finding anything else he hiked on Mom's leg!!:-O She forgot where she was and said loud..Georgie what did you DO??? That was the best part and all the office was laughing including the doc and patients AND Dad!!

The best part of today is that George's heart murmur has been downgraded from a grade two/three to a grade ONE! That means the strict diet of no salt and the Enalaprel is working!!! Mom is so happy she feels like she's floating!! It has been a very good day! xoxoxo

Love Caroline

Barked by: JAKIE, FOREVER LOVED (Dogster Member)

December 5th 2012 at 5:59 pm

WOO WHOOOO!!!!!! I bet that is the best $300 you eva spent - sooooo berry happy Caroline is doing mucho better!!!!!

Didn't realize Georgie had a murmur - glad he's doing better too!!!!!

It always makes us feel so good when our babies are doing better!!!!

Lots a love and hugs to you all!!



♥ Sweet Caroline


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