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Hound of BaskingVille(or The Idle Days of a Dog)


September 22nd 2007 1:11 am
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Woofs to all my beloved furrryiends. I hope all is well with you. All is with me, except my Mommie has been having a hard time getting me to go outside after dark. You see for days Mommie couldn't think what happened...did someone throw something at me? Did someone yell at me? What happened? No matter how hard I tried to tell her she just couldn't understand, so she goes out with me so I won't be afraid.
I even was causing Georgie to be afraid....not that he understood of what, but I guess he figures if I am as big as I am and afraid, he better be too! Now Mommie really was mad......did someone hurt me?
She tried to bribe me with treats in her pocket.....she even carried me out so I could go to the bathroom. She praised me like a puppy.....NOTHING WORKED!
Well, finally she figured it out. Daddy put a fly zapper right outside the backdoor and everytime a bug would fly into it, it buzzed. It scared me to death. I tried to tell her.
Mommie had it unplugged, and now I can go out during the daytime alone, or with Georgie, but night? No way, I am too used to her going with me now. She has to go too.
Now Mommie is wondering what is going to happen when it starts raining....BOL!


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