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The Life & Times Of Four Cute Lap Dogs

Spread the word! Fliers & posters that can be printed!!

June 10th 2011 12:54 pm
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Because many states allow only assistance dogs to be brought into stores or malls, some people take their dogs along on errands but leave them in the car. This can be deadly.

A little heat outside a car can quickly make it very hot inside. On a summer's day of only 85 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, even keeping the windows slightly open won't stop the inside temperature from climbing to 102 degrees in 10 minutes, and to 120 degrees in 20 minutes. A dog whose body temperature rises to 107-108 degrees will within a very short time suffer irreparable brain damage — or even death.

UAN's "Don't Leave Me in Here — It's Hot!" flier has saved countless animals' lives over the years. With its tips on prevention and treatment, the flier has proven to be a painless reminder that alerts someone of the dangers of leaving animals in the car while he or she is shopping. Whenever you see a parked car with animals inside, place the "Don't Leave Me in Here — It's Hot!" flier under the windshield wiper. (If you see an animal in imminent danger or a child left unattended inside a car, see the store manager or contact the police.)

You can download the fliers & posters at this site - It could help save a dog's life!! Please feel free to share and pass on this info. ♥


Hello Dogster furiends!

May 4th 2011 3:25 pm
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We hope this finds you all doing well! ♥ We wanted to let you know that we have our very own Facebook page now! Mom has had one for a while, but we have one now too. We think it's about time! BOL!! We've already sent out quite a few furiend requests, but if you'd like to be FB pals with us.... send us a pmail and we'll make sure it happens!

Much love to all of our sweet pals. We love you! ♥
Sugar, Nutty, Bambi & May ♥


It's not goodbye....

September 19th 2009 3:25 pm
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Hey ya, Dogster pals! We started a thread in Plus Fun yesterday. We wanted to let all of our pals know that we probably won't be around as much anymore. We're cutting back our time on Dogster due to several reasons, to which we won't get into. We then got many pmails, asking us if something is wrong, etc. So, we just want to reassure everypup again that no, there isn't anything wrong. We realize that we spend a bit too much time on Dogster and other things have been put on the back burner. Well, it's time to get to those 'other things' and maybe put Dogster on the back burner for a change. Rest assured, we are not leaving Dogster! We are just cutting back our time. Of course we will still check/reply our pmails and post on occasion. It just won't be as often as we used to!

We have tried to keep the "fun" alive in Plus Fun for a long time now. Unfortunately, more and more pups are either leaving or barely have time to post. That is all understandable, life happens. ;-) We hope to see the fun continue, it's something we've always enjoyed here on Dogster.

Take care, pups! We will hopefully see you around. ((HUGS))

Sugar, P. Nutty & Bambi

p.s. - Happy "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!!



June 18th 2009 2:00 pm
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A lot of controversy has happened on Dogster (plus forums) in the last couple of days, and most of it stems from a very heated topic - backyard breeders. With that said, we wanted to emphasize that we do NOT condone backyard breeding at all. We also think it is very unnecessary and unfair to be labeled a BYB when one isn't. If you suspect that someone is a BYB here on Dogster, it's probably best to take it to pmail instead of talking about it in the forums. Otherwise, it's considered 'gossiping' and could lead to a lot of hurt feelings.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank each and every pup who has sent us sweet and supportive pmails, as well as messages in gifts on our pages. Our dear friend, Raja, has started a 'stomping' thread in Plus Friendly for us. We love all of our Dogster pals! ((HUGS)) to each one of you.

Sugar, P. Nutty & Bambi~


Thank you, Dogster pals!

December 12th 2007 4:08 pm
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We wanted to take the time to thank all of our special Dogster pals for sending us holiday cards (some with photos) and gifts in the mail! Each day, it seems as though we are surprised by something. It amazes us how thoughtful and generous so many of our pals (and their humans) are! Most of all, we are thankful for the wonderful friendships we have made here at Dogster. How blessed we are! We wish our pals and their families, a very happy holiday season!!

Sugar, Peanut & Bambi~

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